The photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine with Anton Corbijn took place in Dublin's docklands, where the band are based, and this is how it happened.


24 March, 2009
Mr. Clayton, you're hot! We are waiting for you in Brasil.
24 March, 2009
Great !
Great team, great photo shoot, great music.... The title of the song speaks for itself: MAGNIFICENT!!!
17 March, 2009
bono's eyelids
I don't know, I didn't like Bono's make up.
17 March, 2009
KinoFlo's All The Way!
KinoFlos are easily one of my favourite types of lights! Nice to see them being used to great effect here! Nice job Anton!
16 March, 2009
Come to New Orleans, guys. We miss yall down here. 
16 March, 2009
I'm pretty sure Larry is able to sleep through all these photo shoots! Good for him :)
13 March, 2009
No graffiti
How did you find a building at the docklands with no graffiti on it? Must have driven for hours for that.
12 March, 2009
It's always a delight to see 4 very important saints of the new revolution, in any light!
12 March, 2009
Photo shoot
Its so cool to see the making of the photo shoot thank you After an awful day, this video is a treat
12 March, 2009
Light Sabre!
That was so interesting to see the florescent tube! I had assumed it was a graphic element added to the photo by a RS designer and it was great to see that it was Anton's idea and that he shot it as a live element.
12 March, 2009
e rock
What the bloody hell was that? A light saber perhaps? Where is Darth Vader?
12 March, 2009
The best with the best
The best band in the world with the best photographer in the world...what more can we ask??! Really beatiful video..thanks
12 March, 2009
Great photographer
I like the dutch flavour :) Thanks Anton!
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