Magnificent is the second single to be released from No Line On The Horizon and subscribers are first to see the video. Enjoy.

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28 February, 2010
how beautiful, so much I dont heave words to speak about, because is very good lirics and place.!!!!! congratulationsssssssss.... yéééeéé´ssssss.....
18 November, 2009
I love the simplicity and beauty of this video. It is absolutely MAGNIFICENT. I have watched it over and over many times & never get tired of it! This song touches my soul as so many other U2 songs do and always have.
13 November, 2009
What a Great Experience
So happy you had an excellent time in Morrocco. Truly exquisite--thanks for sharing.
Åsa Röstlund
24 September, 2009
Love it!
What a beautiful video made to a GREAT song!!! I would love to see the making of this. Thanks again U2:)
23 May, 2009
White Shades of Love
Such an energy with the magic of love in misterious Maroc (that i know so well)! In the end love it is all that matters...
21 May, 2009
Beautiful song, gorgeous video!
19 May, 2009
Mexico is waiting from you Guys!
Great Video!!!
18 May, 2009
lo mejor.....
this is my favorit song from No line on the horizon, and this video is great. Hi guys, congratulation for this album. Wellcome in Colombia when ever....
18 May, 2009
Mágico !!! esto es MÁGICO
15 May, 2009
Grand applause. It is superb!
15 May, 2009
So sweet
U2 Thanks again for this great song and great development of the video. Like an alchemist ... Love turns tolovers and thus also changes the world. Thanks friends, we wait for you. (You know, see you again when the stars... in Chile)
14 May, 2009
very good
this video is real magic!
13 May, 2009
the music & lyric, the beauty of morocco, the flow of wind and body...
13 May, 2009
Sheets did they film that? Looks really cool.
12 May, 2009
Great Song...Disappointing Video
Great song...Great album. But like Boots...disappointing video.Where's the depth? Where's the passion? Don't like the concept for the 1st 2 videos. Again, this is one of their best albums. I hope the video for "I'll go crazy" will deliver for me.
12 May, 2009
I love the way the sheets are flying through the air... just beautiful. Awesome clip guys :)
12 May, 2009
words cant describe the emotions this band brings to me...this song is the new mysterious ways, the new pride in the name of love ...the new sunday bloody sunday .....U2 never dies ...just lives on and on decade after decade.......!!!! u guys rock ..u guys are rock and roll!!
12 May, 2009
Like it
Really cool video...very good song. I wonder how much of the sheets is computer trickery and how much was physical. To get the sheets moving up and around like that would have taken some very strong winds lifting up. Just curious.
12 May, 2009
Hey guys! Great job! Such a beautiful and light outcome of putting the ideas in audio and visual solutions! Truly Magnificent! Keep it up!!!!
12 May, 2009
Auburn Hamie
Alex Courtes' comments in Adam's video were meant to be taken literally then! Love the track, enjoyed the video, really looking forward to Wembley in August...
12 May, 2009
...especially when edge's guitar takes over bono's many beautifull feelings...only love...only U2 thank you so much guys...and happy birthsaturday to bono....oh yeah!!!
11 May, 2009
Drop that magnificent love on me!
OUTSTANDING!!! I feel magnificent just listening!
11 May, 2009
Talk about three sheets to the wind! Woohoo! I was mesmerized :)
11 May, 2009
Ugh! Love the song love the album LOVE this video Very spirtiual and uplifting Morracco looks Beautiful.
11 May, 2009
I was waiting for a girl's veil to be li
I mean, isn't that kind of what is being hinted at here? It would probably invoke extreme controversy, which is probably why it doesn't end that way. But it would have made the video truly magnificent and unforgettable. Of course it is still beautiful and leaves room for imagination.
11 May, 2009
I still have the BIGGEST smile watching this video. The city of Fez is over 1500 Years old!!! It's a historic city that should get more attention. Morocco is an ABSOLUTELY "Magnificent" Country; I am sure yall enjoyed it and will go back SOOOOOON!!!!!! LOVE YALL SOOOOO MUCH :) Mwahh---Bouchra
11 May, 2009
bettert than sex :0)))
Listenning to this song with the images, Bono 's voice, the edge, larry and Adam Clayton ... is better than sex I tell you !!! I am looking forward being in Paris on the 11th of July !!! It will be another great moment. I love them they make me fly...
10 May, 2009
Magnificient doesn't even cover it
Possibly the best song U2 has ever written. So much joy and so much hope. "I didn't have a choice but to lift you up". And that is what U2 does every time I hear them. I am lifted up. I am happy. Thank you Bono. Hope is NOT lost.
10 May, 2009
Nice video, a bridge between religions? The location and the lyrics... But I'm still waiting for a real Anton Corbijn U2 video... maybe a second version?
10 May, 2009
Don't you like french comments? in english better?I love the sense of spirituality,the true vision of things which is by heart ..U2 beyond ages and hearts.!... FOUR MEN WITH ONE SOUL......see the results!!!!!!
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