Friday 6th November 2009. Berlin. Day off.

As has been the pattern since leaving New York, I go to bed about 5am, regaining consciousness at around 1.30pm with that curious sense of freedom that you used to have on the first morning of the summer holidays.

I staggered into some clothes and headed down to the lobby to see if I could locate anything resembling breakfast. The elevator descended precisely one floor when the doors opened and in got Bono, Edge and a couple more of our tour personnel. 'Come to lunch!' they cried and within minutes I was downing a glass of a particularly pleasant Sancerre on a completely empty stomach (pillow to pissed in thirty minutes or less has to be a personal record).

It was a great lunch and served as that most rare of opportunities - a post-tour debrief. Usually, the end of a tour is much akin to driving a tank off a cliff - a final cataclysmic event that scatters the component parts of what used to be a unit into the far corners of the globe. The chance to say any sort of meaningful farewell is usually erased by the necessities of packing flight cases and doing runners to airports. This time though, with last night's post-show dinner and today's lunch, we have had a good chunk of easy, calm time to look back at the thing we made this year.

To be honest, we're all still rather amazed by it - it's not that we ever doubted that it would work, but all the same it did rather exceed expectations, mostly in that it proved to be such enormous fun to do shows in this configuration. That we have a chance to regroup and do it all over again next year, now knowing what we have, seems like luxury untold. I wonder what we'll do with it...

Needless to say, the rest of the day was a complete write-off, though I do seem to recall that from lunch we went to see Wim Wenders' photographic exhibition before the U2 folks headed to the airport. As for me, I'm staying another night in Berlin and then heading straight back to Los Angeles to begin production rehearsals with Lady Gaga. I know, I know.... 'out of the frying pan into the fire', p'raps, or 'from the ridiculous to the sublime' (insert the aphorism of your choice here) but whatever happens I'd say it's unlikely to be dull and either way, I'll still make it home for Christmas.


14 February, 2011
can't imagine how does it feels to take a lunch with Bono & Edge..but I can dream about it ..sitting at the same table, drinking and eating, laughing and talking 'bout something..and maybe singing for a while with Bono, to realize my dream, my biggest dream.Thanks for sharing those moments.
06 May, 2010
Only in My Dreams
I can't imagine an elevator door opening and seeing Bono and Edge standing right in front of me. To make it even better..."Come to lunch." I would love to sit and listen to the comments bouncing back and forth. It amazes me to think of the pure excitement the band must feel to see their dreams fulfilled. What other band in the world still wants to give their fans the concert of their dreams? Thanks for sharing this memory with all of us.
09 February, 2010
I wonder what we'll do with it...
Well, may I suggest you bring that amazing tour downunder to Australia :D KTHNX
15 January, 2010
Willie, Where RU?
Loved all the posts of 2009. Looking forward to this year's tour! Please keep us updated. U2 fans love the insiders view! THANKS WILLIE!
23 November, 2009
Lady Gaga!
Wow - were you involved in last night's AMA's. I know you must be having a wild and interesting time with Lady Gaga - Wish you could post in your diaries some of your adventures (non U2 related)! Kathie
21 November, 2009
no tour stop on the horizone
when will u2 give cleveland,ohio a tour date
19 November, 2009
Why is it that Bono and Edge aren't ever standing there when the elevator door opens for me??!! ;) Thanks for taking the time to give us all a behind the scenes look at 360!!
manon amos
19 November, 2009
Thank You!
A candid view in the life of U2 on Tour! beautifully written! Manon Amos xxxxxxxx
19 November, 2009
Production is the best!
Thanks for your valuable insights and offerings from production-world. The great unsung (for the most part) heroes of rock and roll deserve any and all praise and rewards that come their way... as long as the rewards don't include flat meat, eh?
19 November, 2009
Thanks Willie!
As a long time subscriber and even longer time U2 fan (25 years) I wanted to say 'Thank You" for the wonderful insight into the daily grind and behind the scenes access to this truly remarkable tour. I am from Pittsburgh and although the tour has not made it here ( hopefully 2010? hint, hint guys) I was lucky enough to catch the shows in Landover, Arlington and Vegas, experiencing each one from the Red Zone. I was even lucky enough to have Bono wear my cowboy hat for a few moments during the Arlington show. A truly unforgettable moment for me. Just as the incredible 360 stage design allowed each fan to feel as one with the band in the midst of tens of thousands of fans, your diaries invited all of us subscribers to experience life on the road with the greatest band with your unique behind the scenes perspective. Looking forward to doing it all over again in 2010. You rock Willie! ps. I already got my Red Zone tickets for Toronto, Chicago and Philadelphia.
19 November, 2009
A look back...
I had the impossible, or so it seemed at times, opportunity to catch the band as they opened their North American leg of the tour in Chicago at Soldier Field on a star-filled sky night. It was a Saturday, September 12th, and I had traveled from the western end of the state of Nebraska to be at this opening night gig of their second leg of the amazing 360 tour. It took a spring and summer's worth of focus and hard work to save the funds needed to be there. So I really didn't have time to keep up on Willie's dairies...I also just became a subscriber to the site for presale tix purchases to the Denver 2010 date scheduled. Bottom line...I look forward to goin' retro to read the dairies submitted by Willie...and thanks, Willie for all you do!! THC ;-)
19 November, 2009
19 November, 2009
Yes, please!
Willie, many thanks for your 360 tour diary entries! Love all that goes into a U2 production...had the fortunate opportunity to attend the 2 foxboro show & was bown away!
19 November, 2009
Nothing like a nice sancerre to wash down the lunch . What an amazing life you lead , thank for the chance to get a glipse of it through your diaries. How about replying to some of the comments on occasion - make it even more personal. Have fun with Lady Gaga , and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
18 November, 2009
So long and thanks...
Willie thanks for the 360 Tour and for the diaries.... thanks for taking us on the ride as you get through your day job and plod through a life at Hotel(s) Fabulous! The production and the effort it takes is HIGHLY appreciated. Looking forward to 360 2010
18 November, 2009
Your Blog was worth the Subscript
During the 2009 360 I have read every passage you provided. Noticeably delayed to the event details, but that goes without saying. You provided an insight to the tribulations of touring with such an act. For that, you should consider writing a book on those experiences. Not from the band's experience, but in keeping with your own personal experiences. You have content, wit, and delivery that drew my attention to reading your blog. -Stacy
18 November, 2009
"Your Blue Room" on DVD?
Dear Mr. Williams, could you encourage the band to put "Your Blue Room" (live) onto their upcoming DVD, even if it wasn't in the LA Rosebowl performance. It was one of the best things I saw at my concert. Thanks PS Also, encouraging the band to diversify their setlists more would be great. Forget the bellweather fans; open their horizons with some great, but non-single songs: Like a Song, The Drowning Man, Exit, Tryin' to Throw Your Arms, Acrobat, Love Is Blindness, Please, etc.
18 November, 2009
A touch of God
Thank you for everything. This tour was such an inspiration for my husband and I. Can't wait for next year. We'll be taking our 5 and 7 year old to the June 6th Show. And YES, they are U2 fans already !!!!!
18 November, 2009
can't wait for next year
I can't wait for the tour to start again!!!!! Thanks very much, Willie, for co-creating that incredible stage and for your awesome diaries :) And have fun with Lady Gaga (cough, cough)...
18 November, 2009
Come to lunch, Willie !
I'm sure all members will join me in gratitude for the diaries of W.W. It has provided a unique perspective of U2360 for all us virtual roadies. Thanx 4 including us every step of the way!
18 November, 2009
360 tour IS so much fun for us too!
The 360 tou amazed us too, Willie! Boundaries were lifted. Your hard work is so appreciated! I don't get a chance to see many concerts, but will always show up for U2 again & again because all of you show up and it becomes a highlight of my year! My sincere thanks for all you do!
18 November, 2009
For Christ Sake!! Lady Gaga.
My good you're Doing Lady Gaga... But that is so.... And the songs are...., And the lady or is it half lady or haf men whatever... the Mix figure is like.... Recicled Plastic. But I see, They had to pick you so that you give some meaning to that. Marco Silva
18 November, 2009
Thanks for all the diaries Willie
Of all the elevators in the world I've been in, why oh why couldn't I have been in yours that day? :P Merry Christmas Willie :)
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