Ahead of Walk In My Shoes day this  Friday, Hot Press have posted their recent interview with Adam.

Walk In My Shoes, an initiative of St. Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin, is all about raising funds and  awareness of mental health issues facing young Irish people.

As well as talking in depth about the taboos surrounding mental health, Adam also talks about the work he and the band are doing in the studio - and some of the music he's been listening to. He namechecks albums by The Tribes, The Vaccines, The Villagers, The Original Rudeboys and The Maccabees.

'The Tribes album, Baby, is one I keep coming back to. The Vaccines have that garage-y Ramones thing going on, which I’m a sucker for. The Villagers album is great - Conor J. O’Brien is an incredibly talented guy. I made a bit of a connection today at the Walk In My Shoes launch with The Original Rudeboys - they have a lot of energy. A band I really like and got to see in London recently are The Maccabees. They sound quite tough on record, but live are a bit… not wimpy, sensitive!'

So there's five to watch from Adam but while you wait for the next U2 album what five bands are you getting into? What album are you loving right now? Who've you caught live that blew you away? In the comments below,  spread the word on the five acts and five records you're into in 2013.


Scott Cleaver
10 April, 2013
My 5 i'm listening to...
1)Stereophonics "Graffiti on the Train"...much more mature sounding but still as full on and rocky, would love Bono and Kelly Jones to Duet...or U2 and stereo's to combine as they did with Green Day, 2)David Bowie "The Next Day"...awesome!!! 3)Amok - "Atoms for Peace"...just damn clever :) 4)Mumford and Sons - "Babel"...perfectly them, and down with such it :) 5)Depeche Mode - "Delta Machine" Just classic...and a nice re-birth for them :)
10 April, 2013
some good shit
The Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Ray Lamontagne, Bon Iver and of course U2.
10 April, 2013
About the best show of the tour 360°...
Precisely 2 years ago, we were at the Morumbi stadium - Sao Paulo, Brazil celebrating the historic achievement of 360º Tour being considered the most lucrative in the history of music ... If anyone wants to check how it happened I’ve found some links: Audio: video: An interview for a local TV: PS: I have no commercial interests only wanted to share those magical moments in Sao Paulo. Kisses for you all from U2 and for all the fans like me.
10 April, 2013
Jake, Van , Bob , Christy and Meshell.
Jake Bugg Jake Bugg, Van Morrison No Plan B,Meshell Ndegeocello a dedication to Nina Simone,Bob Dylan Tempest and Christy Moore Listen.
10 April, 2013
Rob Rock, Stryper, Chickenfood, The Cult
U2 always at the top, Rob rocks, Stryper with blackened, Chickefoot pretty tight, The Cult amazing with "for the animals" and Golden resurrection pretty amazing symphonic metal. These days I have been watching concerts in youtube of Joshua Era, pretty good concert
10 April, 2013
05 Albums
The Killers "Battleborn" , Depeche Mode "Delta Machine", Iron Maiden "Maiden England", U2 "War" + Simple Minds "5x5 Live"
10 April, 2013
Hi 5
Simple minds, Big country,Peter Gabriel,The Alarm and The Sundays.
09 April, 2013
Noise?, Sound?, Music To My Ears
1: Reign Wolf aka Jordan Cook, That guy can take a guitar and set it on fire 2:Gavin James, Kodaline & John Smith Three artists I'm clubbing together because of their links to Ireland...cheating I know but worth a listen, 3: Archive.. One of the best kept secrets of British bands, Phenomenal sound and always reinventing themselves, Do not let them pas you by 4: Brother Dege.... the way the blues should be played and finally 5: Dry The River...check out their song 'No Rest' then do yourself a favour and explore their album, There's a lot of good music out there just now if you look hard enough, Glad to see Adam name checking 'The Villagers' I could go on.... Gin Wigmore...The Silent Comedy.....Clutch...Of Monsters & Men....The Lost Brothers..Steven Wilson
09 April, 2013
very 70s 80s
My Top 5 1) U2 2) neil young 3) roger Hodgson 4) PJ 5) Muse
09 April, 2013
The Original Rudeboys
Not going to come up with five bands/albums right now, but I was lucky enough to catch The Original Rudeboys when they supported The Script in Melbourne & Sydney this past weekend, and I can't get enough of them right now, so take my (and Adam's) word for it, and check out their album 'This Life'.
09 April, 2013
my top five
here is what i have been llistening : 1) neil young; 2) morrissey; 3)ramones; 4) paul mccartney; 5) pink floyd. ps. i´m always listening to U2.
08 April, 2013
My 5 album & live picks
My 5 live picks I'm into this year: 5) Mumford & Sons - what energy for such a stripped down band. 4) Metallica - just watched Quebec Magnetic live DVD- kickin ass & taking names. 3) Rolling Stones- 50 years of the best rock n roll means something. 2) Pearl Jam- playing Wrigley Field in Chicago this year, special show. I've got my ticket! 1) Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- doing 5-night residency at Beacon Theatre in NY in May, playing lots of deep & rare cuts...U2 should take notice. I'm going for 2 of the 5 nights....Now My 5 album picks I'm into this year: 5) The Divine Fits - some cool grooves. 4) 'Babel' - Mumford & Sons. 3) 'Mojo'' Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. 2) 'Circuital' - My Morning Jacket. 1) U22 & U2360 Edge's Picks- some of the bands best cuts...Zooropa & Even Better are tight. -Kevin/ Chicago
08 April, 2013
The Cure
During these days i've been listening a lot of The Cure (because they will come to my country :D), and Depeche Mode's last album
08 April, 2013
Yoshino Blossom and Boomerang1/2
I've been listening to the instrumentals from Unforgettable Fire and they're stunning! Sound really great, as for band wise which is always U2 i'd also say:RUSH,Simple Minds,The Killers, and Foster the people.
08 April, 2013
We Are Augustines Frightened Rabbit Amanda Palmer Los Campesinos! Neko Case
08 April, 2013
My five NEW acts that are worth your tim
Wild Belle- their album "Isles" is awesome. Palma Violets-180 Great noise from England. Haim- Great band can't wait for their album whenever it comes out. Diamond Rings-love 80's techno? Check it. Gold Fields-this is what it sounds like if Duran Duran and INXS had a baby.
08 April, 2013
new album
adam said the band wants a new record out by september, october or november. I can't wait any longer!!!!
08 April, 2013
Even better than the real thing? Coming
My favourite bands at the moment are: 1. The Boxer Rebellion (should be U2's next support act! (album out may 13th) 2. The Joy Formidable (Great band from Wales, U2's second support act!) (Just released Wolfs Law) 3.Kashmir (From Denmark, moving new album EAR) 4. Editors (new album coming soon) 5. Mew (From Denmark, new album coming soon)
08 April, 2013
Right now?
Well, right now, I have going back to two of my idols obviously: The Unforgettable Fire, Side B, I keep going back to The Three Sunrises and Disappearing Act a lot, as well as "Medium, Rare and Remastered," I've been listening to those beautiful songs, I wish some of them were played live once. My third album is from Robert Downey Jr, "The Futurist," it has been my soundtrack to my reading the book "Gabriel's Rapture" by Sylvain Reynard, Downey is amazing and I wish he had done others too, he's voice is awesome and the lyricis are so powerful. The 4th is by Richie Sambora, "Aftermath of the Lowdown" his song Every Road is amazing, I like the lyrics and the rhythm. Finally, from Bon Jovi, "Lost Highway" have some significant ones, they're always very uplifting and they indeed can cheer anyone up.
Cláudio CS
08 April, 2013
Deftones, Alice In Chains, Depeche Mode,
I have been actually listening too much to the last Depeche Mode´ "Delta Machine", Deftones´ "Koi No Yokan", Soundgarden´ "King Animal", and hardly can wait for Alice In Chains´ "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here", and Rob Zombie´ "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor".
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