Twenty Three Live
Anyone predict The Troubles? Or The Crystal Ballroom? 

Bet you didn't...but here it is, the complete tracklisting for our subscribers-only double CD 'U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE'.

A live album of innocence and a live album of experience. 

It's now mixed, mastered and making its way through the pressing plant.

And here's the first selection of previously unseen images from the beautiful photographic collection, that comes with this special release. 

More details on the way. Become a Subscriber.

'U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE'.

U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE

  1. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) - Live from Madison Square Garden, New York, 27th July 2015
  2. Iris (Hold Me Close) - Live from Bell Centre, Montreal, 6th June 2018
  3. Cedarwood Road - Live from AccorHotels Arena, Paris, 7th December 2015
  4. Song For Someone - Live from TD Garden, Boston, 14 July 2015
  5. Raised By Wolvess - Live from The Globe, Stockholm, 22nd September 2015
  6. Invisible - Live from Air Canada Centre, Toronto, 6th July 2015
  7. The Troubles - Live from Rogers Arena, Vancouver, 14th May 2015
  8. California - Live from United Centre, Chicago, 2nd July 2015
  9. Every Breaking Wave - Live from United Centre, Chicago, 28th June 2015
  10. The Crystal Ballroom - Live from TD Garden, Boston, 14th July 2015
  11. Volcano - Live from 02 Arena, London, 2nd November 2015

U2 Live Songs of eXPERIENCE

  1. Love Is All We Have Left - Live from NYCB Live, Uniondale, 9th June 2018
  2. The Blackout - Live from SSE Arena, Belfast, 28th October 2018
  3. Lights Of Home - Live from Royal Arena, Copenhagen, 30 September 2018
  4. Landlady - Live from Mediolanum Forum, Milan, 12th October 2018
  5. Red Flag Day - Live from Lanxess Arena, Cologne, 4th September 2018
  6. Get Out Of Your Own Way - Live from Madison Square Garden, NY, 1st July 2018
  7. American Soul - Live from T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, 12th May 2018
  8. Summer Of Love - Live from Barclaycard Arena, Hamburg, 4th October 2018
  9. You're The Best Thing About Me - Live from The Forum, Inglewood, 16th May 2018
  10. The Little Things That Give You Away - Live from Olympic Stadium, Rome, 15 July 2017
  11. Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way - Live from Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, 3 July 2018
  12. 13 (There Is A Light) - Live from Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, 8th October 2018


14 September, 2019
Is a collection of SOI and SOE song ! obvious that there cannot be Acrobat.
13 September, 2019
You can dream, so dream out loud..
Where the "fook" is Acrobat?
05 September, 2019
Acrobat? Why not?
28 August, 2019
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Berlin, final show) Acrobat Dirty Day Gloria
16 August, 2019
What a gift!
Thank you, thank you. Love them all! Can't wait to have the complete set at home to admire it. Hope it will be before my birthday in November...
14 August, 2019
i and e
Invisible is my ring tone.
05 August, 2019
Thanks :-)
I’m very fortunate to have attended the July 14th (and 15th) Boston shows as well as the Uniondale 2018 show... so this is a real sentimental gift for me, like having “out of control” from the Montreal 20111 show I attended on U22. Just lucky I guess. Would have liked more of the older tunes but you can only fit so much on two CDs right? How about a bonus digital download of the Paris 2015 show? I’m thinking the gift for next year will be a Joshua tree 2017 concert. Hopefully Minneapolis? ;-) thanks U2, I’ll have fun listening to this and building custom playlists :-))
01 August, 2019
Great selection!
Been a fan for many years and their new body of work is incredible. To those people who have posted they would like songs from eras gone by then you clearly cannot read. It is songs from the Innocence and Experience albums and tour. Comprehende?
31 July, 2019
Lucifer's Hands
Come on, you're so close to releasing something "complete"! Download-only bonus??
30 July, 2019
El amor es todo lo que nos queda
Adoro la selección y aguardo el material con ansias. Gran reconocimiento para los fans al incluir únicamente canciones de los últimos dos discos. En el mejor de los recuerdos y oficializado en este material, voy a poder regodearme con revivir la mejor experiencia al ir entrando al recinto en Uniondale y poder escuchar que el amor es todo lo que nos queda....
30 July, 2019
Pair up new songs with e/i tour classics
Very excited to get official recordings of the i/e songs. Looking forward to a follow-up release akin to From the Ground Up after U22 with the classic cuts like Electric Co, Acrobat, Staring at the Sun, All I Want is You, even Lucifer’s Hands. U22/ Ground Up were the best fan club releases yet. This would rival that if the tour gets a fuller release of songs. And don’t forget the Apollo show!!
29 July, 2019
Excellent but good be better ter
Where's acrobat?? Dirty DAY?? Gloria? Electric Co? Amazing to have Landlady, but looking forward for the CD, but hopefully the bluray release will have better selection Thank you U2
29 July, 2019
Love the tracklisting
U2 thank you again for a great fan club gift. So looking forward to hearing Crystal Ballroom, The Troubles (which I was lucky to hear/see in NYC/MSG), California, and Landlady since most of those songs I didn't hear live. Overall I can't wait to hear it all, again. I saw both legs of the tour a total of 8 times (4 shows of each tour). I can't wait to hear what you guys do next. You're my favorite band since I was 15 and now I'm 49. Keep rockin guys.
28 July, 2019
The Miracle of U2
I love that this album is only focused on the new songs. This two album experiment was a massive success and I can’t wait to hear these songs coming alive. Good job. I can’t wait to see what U2 comes at us with next. Until then.
26 July, 2019
missing achtung/zooropa live tracks in 2
thanks for releasing so many great live tracks from the past few tours. just like the e/i tour was for your long suffering fans, these two discs are for them as well. hoping to hear some of these tracks in asia later this year! putting on the radar the idea of the achtung and zooropa live tracks during these tours be put on the 2021 gift for the 30th anni. especially acrobat and the reworked dirty day. guessing some of these will be available with the e/i video release. anticipating your generosity with bonus downloads like with u22 for lucifer's hands and ordinary love! :T thanks, friends.
26 July, 2019
Special live moments
With so many songs from U2´s past two albums, the track list of this upcoming double CD is great. I always love reviving concert memories and the magic of U2´s shows by listening to the sound of the music and the crowd. Live recordings capture special moments and the atmosphere of shows from different places. I´m glad to find some of my favourites and rarities like The Crystal Ballroom. The band put a lot of emotion, heart and soul in their recent material. The beauty and energy of those songs will bring me much joy and I look forward to receiving the double CD.
26 July, 2019
Excited but disappointed
I’ve to admit that was completely surprised when the songs and venues were released for this live CD. I was expecting something like U22 ( "Best songs from the tour" ). It’s just a different approach :) Regarding the venues that were selected for this Live CD, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed... It’s always hard to please everyone, but 3 songs from different shows in NYC, 2 songs from the same show in Boston, 2 songs from Chicago, etc… Why not trying to have 1 song from each City or Country?? Now it’s time to enjoy the songs that were chosen and wait for the release of the JT Tour and EI Tour Video Concert.
25 July, 2019
We wait for many time?
Great songs....Great Tracklist.... I Hope to listen dirty day Acrobat and the Electric special download ....
25 July, 2019
Holy @#$&&*
Nice work lads on the selection of those tracks can’t wait to give it a Iisten
25 July, 2019
Great track list
Happy to hear the track list. I was afraid that it would not include songs that were played only a couple of times. But why excluding Lucifer's Hands? Please offer it's a bonus download.
25 July, 2019
Michael roe
Great song list .cant wait to here it
24 July, 2019
No Acrobat?
24 July, 2019
Bold move!
A bold move to keep to the new songs and I'm glad they have! Can't wait
24 July, 2019
Digital downloads?
Can't wait to get the CD in the mail, but wanted to know if you guys are planning on digital downloads too.
24 July, 2019
after under a blood red sky, the joshua tree live paris 87, and madison square garden, rattle and hum and many others live. finally a double live cd with a track list that is already history. while I wait for the dvd / bluray of the joshua tree tour 2017 and the experience + innocence tour 2018. thanks again for this fantastic gift !! excellent choice of songs! thanks U2. Stefano "goliath" Maioli From Modena
24 July, 2019
Aw yeah!
I can’t wait to get the physical copy of this!
24 July, 2019 the download please
It's time to enjoy....please
23 July, 2019
Grateful.....but want More
Hopefully the missing songs( especially Acrobat) from the Experience tour will make it onto the dvd / blu ray to be released sometime this year?? (Please???)
23 July, 2019
Just in time
The CD incoming just in time..I saw IE Tour in July and the EI tour in June. I have been reminiscing of the tours in my head recently. I am looking forward to hearing the live tracks on my speakers.
23 July, 2019
What fantastic selection!!!
However it would be nice to have the Actung Baby tracks from last years tour as bonus tracks for download maybe???
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