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November 2005 News

30 November, 2005
Edge was recently down in New Orleans, listening to the experiences of local musicians.
30 November, 2005
Is 'Vertigo 05' your 'tour of the year' ? If you think so you can vote for it in the ...
29 November, 2005
Second night in Montreal and Arcade Fire are back on stage at the end of U2's set for an amazing ...
27 November, 2005
Daniel Lanois joins the band on stage for Bad to cap a great night in Montreal. And in a neat ...
26 November, 2005
It's been the opening music right before U2 arrive on stage in show after show, but tonight Wake Up was ...
26 November, 2005
It was always going to be a special couple of nights when Patti Smith played with U2 at Madison Square ...
26 November, 2005
Bono was the talking point of the Canadian Press today, visiting the Capital on the eve of a national election.
24 November, 2005
World Premiere: Take a look at the stunning new video for Original of the Species.
24 November, 2005
World Premiere: Take a look at the stunning new video for Original of the Species.
23 November, 2005
Edge has launched 'Music Rising', a fundraising campaign to replace instruments lost by musicians following the Gulf Coast hurricanes.
22 November, 2005
The band played their eighth show of the year at Madison Square Garden tonight and, with Patti Smith in support, ...
22 November, 2005
Patti Smith opened the night with a song of hers that U2 once covered (Dancing Barefoot) and U2 closed the show by inviting her on stage for Instant Karma and then getting everyone to sing her song People Have The Power.
21 November, 2005
Bono's tribute to the British politician Mo Mowlam was delivered at a memorial event in London's West End last night. ...
20 November, 2005
Original of the Species, Until the End of the World, Stuck in a Moment and Bad feature in a powerful ...
19 November, 2005
Eight years after they last played Australia, U2 are taking the Vertigo Tour to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney in ...
18 November, 2005
Mysterious Ways, Original of the Species and The Fly in the mix for the first night of two in Atlanta, ...
18 November, 2005
"I need the music more than I need politics or the activism, I can assure you of that.' Bono, Adam, ...
18 November, 2005
Edge has visited with musicians in New Orleans in support of the Music Rising initiative.

At Guitar Centre in the city ...
17 November, 2005
U2 appeared in last night's CBS tribute to Johnny Cash. The band performed 'The Wanderer' a song they originally wrote ...
16 November, 2005
As the shows fly by with another hot night in Tampa, Original of the Species, The First Time and Stuck ...
16 November, 2005
The Edge visited New Orleans today.

Edge attended a meeting at the Guitar Centre where a number of local musicians were ...
15 November, 2005
Original of the Species, Bad, Until the End of the World and Walk On all in the set as the ...
15 November, 2005
Edge and Bono were caught on camera in Miami yesterday afternoon and evening. Guitarist and singer were spotted ...
14 November, 2005
Exclusive! Full-length video clip of All Because of You from the new DVD.
14 November, 2005
'Lucky for me, lucky for Miami, lucky for me, lucky for us,' says Bono as City of Blinding Lights comes ...

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16 January, 2020
What a night!
As a longtime fan, who fell in love with U2 at 13 and now is 44, I couldn't miss this show... 
13 January, 2020
joshua tree
I would really like a dvd of the 30th anniversary tour of the Joshua Tree but that doesn't... 
10 January, 2020
4 Seasons, BOSTON, MARCH 92'
When I was 17 and my world was made complete!!!