07 days. Countdown to iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 #U2ieTour


09 May, 2015
"Take these shoes, click-clacking down some...." These shoes fit, guys! Fight on!
09 May, 2015
Ach! vickydelvalle is obviously right when it should have been understood in half a second that the boots might be at the same places as men on stage... Well, however still quite a long time for the Europian leg. Hope they are careful in traffic.
08 May, 2015
Get On Your Boots! Hey hey hey
I'm guessing: Bono's shoes in the front. Larry's shoes in the back. Adam's shoes on the right. The Edge's shoes on the left! The way you guys stand on stage! Can't wait to see you guys!!! MSG/NYC in July!! Whoo hoooo!
08 May, 2015
Who is opening?
Who is opening? Still haven't been able to find out.
08 May, 2015
Who's shoes?
studded ones deffo Larry & the spacey ones on the right deffo Adam. Guessing ones at the back are Bono's purely based on fact they have biggest sole and he always likes a bit of lift. Which leaves the front pair having to be Edges.
08 May, 2015
Walk In My Shoes
All Because of You, I'm a Walk In My Shoes supporter! Love the studs, Adam!
08 May, 2015
Here we go! From Brazil to San Jose, CA
I can't wait anymore! Let's rock in San Jose! Twice!
08 May, 2015
Down to earth - and go!
Boots are left Larry, back The Edge, right Adam, in the front Bono.
08 May, 2015
34 years of LIVE U2
By the time the boys get to Phoenix, I will have celebrated my 34 years on concerts since May 15, 1981. When I see the last show in NYC it will mark my 34 show in 34 years INNOCENCE to EXPERIENCE!!!!
08 May, 2015
Whose shoes??
My guess is the "sensible" ones in the back are Bono's, after all he's been through a major accident! Studded ones definitely Adam's, Front pair Edge's, which leaves the "space booties" as Larry's! Will they give us the answer? Inquiring minds want to know!!
08 May, 2015
May 14 and 15 going to both shows
Any one heard if there is going to be an opening act???
08 May, 2015
Play Gone please
I wait for the first show at the Forum, my dream is see you playing Gone
08 May, 2015
Can't wait for October and London :-)
08 May, 2015
Get on your shoes?
08 May, 2015
whos is whos
The boots on the far right are definitely Adams!
07 May, 2015
What a shoe can do....
Chadd Bryant
07 May, 2015
We need another video teaser!
I keep dreaming about opening night. It's gonna be amazing.
07 May, 2015
Whose shoes?
I'll make a guess that the shows are the very back are Bono's, the studded ones on the left are Adam's, the booties on the right are Larry's, and the black booties up front are The Edge's. Will we find out?
Scott Cleaver
07 May, 2015
Get on your Boots!!!
Don't forget to come down under....those boots are made for walking!!! And we are all waiting for you all to share our Innocence and Experience too :) God Bless
07 May, 2015
Adams shoes are on the right?
I'm going to guess that Bono's shoes are in front, Adam's on the right, Edge's in the back, and Larry's on the left?
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