Takes several days to build the breathtaking spectacle that is the 360° touring 'Spaceship'.

But as you probably haven't got days to watch this beautiful creature emerge from the trucks onto the stadium floor, you might want to check out this clever piece of time lapse photography which captures the stage being built and performed on. And taken down again ready for the next city.


13 November, 2009
When I first saw the stage at Hapden I thought "No way could the crew of U2 build that!" but seeing this proved my statement wrong, everything about U2 amazes me =D ROCK ON U2 =D
10 November, 2009
Not that I'm trying to sound too preachy or nosey, but I wonder just how much scrap metal and waste comes out of each rebuilding of the spaceship. Please don't judge me too harshly.
10 November, 2009
That is truly an amazing spectacle. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the crew. Please come back to BOSTON next year!!
10 November, 2009
Great video, amazing production...but nothing tops Smasher's dance moves...
09 November, 2009
Without the tireless effort of the 360 crew none of this would be possible. A big thank u to all of you who help the best band in the world stage the best show in the world!
09 November, 2009
wow i would love to go and watch them set this up in person!!!! i love u2!!! thanks to the crew, and wille williams, and the other designers of the stage. im a sound/lighting engineer and from that perspective, watching this was amazing!!!!
09 November, 2009
Time lapse
What a brilliant idea. A superb take on the show and a tribute to all those hardworking and skilful people. That's got me up and running for the week ahead! Thank you all so much for the sheer joy all this endeavour produces. We loved it.
08 November, 2009
U2 Sorry for everything... I really saw a different version of the rose bowl concert... I don't get what happened??? My computer is posessed of something... The version I saw broke my heart! I just watched everything now and everything was different... It was a good show... I don't understand? Why this crazy stuff happens to me... It was a great show!!! and I want to tell ya that I love you guys... I will never leave ya's promise!!!
08 November, 2009
Wow...absolutely amazing. Very interesting to watch the whole process unfold. Much love to ALL who helped in making the dream come alive! Thank-you!
08 November, 2009
It's Berlin!!!
07 November, 2009
spotlight on
A fantastic stage that could be an added member to the band it holds such power in communication. My only problem is that it can hide band members at times depending on where it (the spaceship) is at. If it was low I couldn't see what was taking place on the other side. Oh yes, I can view it on the screen, but I enjoy seeing the live performance on stage and viewing screen images while sitting comfy on the couch at home. Nevertheless, it was an awesome stage with unbelievable feats of design and construction.
06 November, 2009
That was COOL!
Love it...I wanna help! The crew kicks ass!
06 November, 2009
It's a megla giant erector set... Those U2 Boys and their toys... : ).
06 November, 2009
This is GREAT! I wondered how that was done!
06 November, 2009
I love the, "boy am I tired..." at the end. LOL! Wicked video...really makes you appreciate what the crew does each and everyday out there, in multiple cities during the tour. Hard to believe that whole thing has to fit through those wee doors at the end of a stadium! I love watching the way the "skin" is put on it and the giant button lights...that was really cool to see in motion! The sound booth looks like mission control! LOL! To all of the crew, from the Truck drivers to the security and all those in between-- I just want to send a big thank you very much, because I have enjoyed the fruits of your labour and greatly appreciate all your hard work. hj
06 November, 2009
Having watched the band grow, from right here in dublin, from an early age, this is some set up! However they didn't just get their from no where, they spent years doing it the hard way! When you put in the effort, it pays off. and you get the money to be able to do this, and it really is for the fans! Can't wait for San Fran!
06 November, 2009
Gives a new appreciation for the hard work that goes into every show. This belongs in the special features on the DVD.
06 November, 2009
I must of seen a different version of the rose bowl either that or my computer is possessed... I love you and I was so happy about the message you came here to sing... Say a prayer for me because I need it... My prayers are with you allways!!!
06 November, 2009
Simply Amamzing
The hard work and dedication of every one of these people is an example to us all. WOW
06 November, 2009
"Große Party" at the Olympic Stadium ,
Respect for the hard workers , building such a gorgeous stage. Thank you2 for having a really "Große Party" in Berlin and for sharing the video!
06 November, 2009
rlly awesome (Y)
nat 2A
06 November, 2009
When i went to milan shows,in the afternoon i met the building team "chief" from Chicago and 4 or 5 men of the team.I told them i wanted a picture with them because without them there wouldn't be this wonderful "spaceship".they were so happy!!
06 November, 2009
This is absolutely amazing!
06 November, 2009
How about a big round of applause for the guys who are setting this stage up night after night. Without them, we wouldn't be able to see this great show. Thanks!
06 November, 2009
It looks like the birth of an alien when they;re lifting it!!!
06 November, 2009
What a great vid! Gave me goosebumps!
06 November, 2009
People dont think about the people who build this amazing stage every show all i can say is you guys ROCK.
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