Got your #RSD2017 copy of #RedHillMiningTown? Here’s some happy people who got theirs.

Speaking to the BBC’s Chris Evans ahead of the Record Store Day release, Bono talked about Red Hill Mining Town and rehearsals for the tour, now just three weeks away.  
“I went in the other day and we sung The Joshua Tree for the very first time in 30 years. It was an overpowering experience actually.
“I was really surprised at how it sounded and how relevant, really, it still was with what’s going in on the world. There seemed to be a connection. It’s a special album of songs, for sure.”

Listen to the whole interview.


03 May, 2017
I purchased a total of 19 U2 Picture LP's to help out friends who did not get one on record store day. Happiness is knowing you can help out.
26 April, 2017
My bad
Karl20, please tell me that they only had 1 copy in the vault in Christchurch, I got there rather late in the day :-)
26 April, 2017
My day ended with a smile :)
On Record Store day, all I wanted was RHMT. Went to 2 stores in my city, but in little ole Delaware, I couldn't find one at either store! (insert sad face).....but thankfully, as usual, an amazing U2 friend came to the rescue as I posted my disappointment on Instagram. She had one for me, and my day ended with a smile! Thank you to a fellow U2 sister! U2 fan/friends are the best in the world....period.
25 April, 2017
Great anniversary present(to myself)
Got off work at 11:00p on Thursday, dropped by the house for a few minutes to say hello/goodbye to the wife(and it was our 10th wedding anniversary but she was really understanding thought she didn't understand it), got the Hog Wild Records in San Antonio and was fourth in line. A mere 10 hours later I got the only copy the got in. Can't wait for Dallas.
24 April, 2017
Happy April Birthday to me!!
Another U2 RSD limited edition record added to my collection! So lucky to have gotten mine at Amoeba in Hollywood, CA. Best record store in Southern California!! Looking forward to seeing U2 at The Rosebowl in Pasadena in May!! Especially since i get to see them with my family! Wow!! Priceless!
Serge Ambrosi
24 April, 2017
Got it!!
Got mine and it was amazing how I got it! When I saw the introduction to the Record Store Day in, I thought here is another chance of missing out on something so great. Disappointed I stopped thinking about it. On the 23rd a friend of mine said that our local town of Wollongong was celebrating Record Store Day. I didn't bother about going, thinking there was no way our town would have the single. At 4 o'clock that afternoon, I was in town and thought I'd check the store out. I walked in amongst a crowd and quietly searched through some records. I asked the owner if he had any U2 records. He told there was a picture disc in a section. I walked over to it and to my amazement I saw the record there. Not in a million years would I have thought our little town would have it! Made my day...
23 April, 2017
Driving all over Socal...
I tracked down my copy in Southern California, driving from record store to the next record store for 3-4 hours. Even managed to get a guy in line with his son to pick up a copy for 2 of my dear friends from Chili. It was hard to find, but I did finally "Find What I Was Looking For!". Cheers, Mooner... aka Mark
23 April, 2017
What a surprise!! That' me in the photo!!!!
23 April, 2017
Red hill town
Got up at 4am stood outside record shop for 3.5 hours , I'm now the proud owner of RSD vinyl. Can't wait to celebrate the trees birthday when the party roles into twickenham town.
23 April, 2017
Got mine at The Vault in Christchurch England was in the Q 8 and half hrs and was first in the door
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