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03 December, 2011
A picture of St. Louis and no All I want
Pretty confusing, as far I know they didn't play All I Want in St. Louis. Why this picture, although it is a nice one. Please tell me why?
01 December, 2011
This made
MY U22 cut. It was a very hard set to make, but I got my vote in so my voice can be heard. Thanks U2 for letting us have a say in this Limited Edition Double-CD. Cheers! ~Collectoraholic <3
29 November, 2011
All I want is you...
This song reminds me of my parents splitting up, sad but so good. Almost every U2 song has an emotional memory
29 November, 2011
All I want is you
es una cancion hermosa, espero que hagan muchas mas como esta , sus fans de Arg los ama, besos (BONO TE AMO)
28 November, 2011
In my top 22!
In fact, it was even the song my husband and I danced our first dance to at our wedding eight years ago! It was great to dance with him in the rain to it at the concert in Minneapolis!
28 November, 2011
i hope just 1 in my life i can see you all
25 November, 2011
we want you
4 ever u2,,e real band in this world,,we never 4 get you...all we want is u2,,great from portugal,,keep going boys
24 November, 2011
All I Want Is You
It better make the final cut! A much loved song missing from the setlist of the last two Australian tours.
24 November, 2011
Tina marie
I wish Bono was singing all " I want is you... " To me??? What do I know anyway??? I'm just a little girl that everybody calls crazy anyway... I wish Bono could write another book about who he is singing his songs to??? So, I could get on with my life??? A book that tells nothing but the truth???
24 November, 2011
I know I want that for sure!
I'm hoping the mix will be more soundboard than crowd. And the more Edge, the better :) Awesome.
24 November, 2011
All I want is U...2
A real gem
24 November, 2011
...MORE U2!!!
24 November, 2011
All I want is you should be in U22!
24 November, 2011
I have also chosen All I Want Is You. It is just such a wonderful love song evolving from its tender beginning into a stormy climax. I hope to hear it on the cd.
24 November, 2011
14.08.2004 our wedding song! This is so beautiful!
23 November, 2011
all i want is you
it is one i ve selected too!
23 November, 2011
Happy Birthday to me .......
My favourite song played for the first time in full this tour in my home town of Sydney and on my birthday. It doesn't get much better than that. I am praying it is on the CD
23 November, 2011
i hope that u2 will tour with the u22 setlist to perform on stage.. FROM TORONTO!!
23 November, 2011
A must for certain...
Most just want to be the only one "wanted" in someone's heart and mind.
23 November, 2011
all of them
i'd really like to have all of them!
23 November, 2011
Awesome live!
It just sounds so excellent live! When you think about it though, you could put a snippit of anyone of the 46 songs here and we would listen and say, "Yes, that one definitely needs to be one of the 22! The answer may be that it should not be limited to U22...the CD should be called U2-46Live!!
23 November, 2011
This is one of the best!
I remember when Bono asked the Edge what he was going to play for us tonight? (in Salt Lake City) And Edge said All I Want Is You. And started playing the first few notes. Amazing.
23 November, 2011
Keep em' coming
I surely want more from that till' the album arrives in my hands!
23 November, 2011
Yes !!
The audience participation in Toronto for this was awesome - my first U2 experience & its was a cathedral of strangers singing so loud I couldn't hear Bono ! Happily lost in the moment - its on my list .
23 November, 2011
All I want is you...
I hope to have this amazing song on the CD. natasa
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