It's December 31st 2009, the end of a decade which saw the band release three studio albums.

The 'noughties' for U2 started with All That You Can't Leave Behind in 2000, then came How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb in 2004 and this year came No Line on The Horizon.

Was it a single release that became a global hit or an obscure album track that you think most people still haven't discovered?

Was it a track they've yet to play live or a song that no live show can now be complete without?

Was it something they wrote which doesn't feature on one of the three studio albums? (There's a handful of tracks like this... when you come to think of it.)

Your call. Tell us what was the ONE greatest piece of work the band created during the last decade... and in a couple of sentences tell us why.


13 December, 2012
dublin calling
Best Song.... Please... just pump it up and enjoy
23 August, 2010
The song is very poignant and features great guitar riff and short but heart rendering solo. Classic U2. Runner ups include: Magnificent, Unknown Caller and Walk On.
19 April, 2010
tough choice
I would have to say City of Blinding Lights, and a song at first I didnt get and didnt like much but that has now grown on me is Elevation. I thought what is this, rhyme time? but see it live and jump up and down as a crowd and its a whole new level of entertainment and fun and just a pick me up song!
19 April, 2010
The song, "Magnificent," is the best praise & worship song ever written. In the 'Noughties,' Bono & Co. did more in three albums (plus the extras on Best Of, etc.) than more prolific writers could on ten albums. The song captures the band at their best and features sounds that seem to blend their 80's, 90's, and 'Noughties' styles. Of course, it *is* extremely hard to pick just one song, but there you have it.
18 April, 2010
Impossible to choose
But if you asked me today: 1. Stuck in A Moment You Can't Get Of 2. Elevation 3. Electrical Storm 4. In A Little While 5. Magnificent 6. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 7. Vertigo 8. Breathe 9. Kite 10. Crumbs From Your Table 11. City of Blinding Lights 12. No Line on The Horizon 13. Walk On 14.The Original of the Species 15.Get On Your Boots
31 March, 2010
great song! u2 makes me beautiful・・・
02 February, 2010
all are excellent!
my favorites though are ELECTRICAL STORM, BEAUTIFUL DAY, ELEVATION and most recently MAGNIFICENT!!
21 January, 2010
Kite / Moment of Surrender
Two of those songs which touch you deep in your soul and make you feel being closer to knowing about the true sense of life. These songs were written for eternety, and they're some of U2's best life-songs as well! Andres, Switzerland
21 January, 2010
i can't tell
I think that you have 2 best songs in this of blinding lights for melody and walk on for lyrics...2 great songs,,,but with or without you will allways be on the top
20 January, 2010
the "song"
I forgot to say that, set list doesn't matter if it's fresh! And I wish to hear "Drowning man" live, before I die..
20 January, 2010
the "song"
Breathe. strong, fresh, still classic sounding piece of music from the heart, thru thunder and hardrain.
20 January, 2010
City Of Blinding Lihghts
"How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" is their best album ever! Because it includes such wonderful songs as "City Of Blinding Lights", "Vertigo", "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own", "Miracle Drug", "Yahweh", "Origin Of The Species", and "City Of Blinding Lights" is their best song and best song i have ever listen! It's GREAT!
19 January, 2010
Fav Songs
All time '00s fav is "No Line on the Horizon", followed by "Kite" and "Beautiful Day". Other favs - "Original of the Species", "Fast Cars", "When I Look at the World", "Magnificent", "Moment of Surrender", "Unknown Caller", "In a Little While", "Are You Gonna Wait Forever".
17 January, 2010
Beautiful Day
This song gets me through the day on many days! Thanks and I loved seeing you in Tampa!
17 January, 2010
the best song?
16 January, 2010
hard to tell!
hard to tell witch one is the best,i lovee all the albums,have them all!but i loveeeee the song love and peace!i think is the best one,and give such a clear message,what we want,and we NEED to the world! Y and of couse moment of surrunder!i like all the songs,because they are not "fake" i mean,they say something is not like the songs that we hear today,under the umbrela ela ela ela eh eh is all the song,pleaseee,come on,what is the point!loveeeeee u2
16 January, 2010
total vertigo
i got into u2 around the time that they released atomic bomb. since then, they have been my life. for me, vertigo was probably a very important song in my life. just all the great guitar grooves, and being able to only listen to bass, vocals and drums through the right headphone on my ipod, really made me appreciate what this world has come to: total vertigo (chaos) thanks guys for releasing this song the way you did!
15 January, 2010
Wild Honey is it for me.
I think Wild Honey is one of their most fun songs they have written in this decade. I mean Kite has a lot of meaning and is the typical "U2" song of the decade but Wild Honey just did it for me. Not many people know of it and it took me years to actually listen to it all the way through on the CD but when I did, Wow. Wish they would play it in concert more.
15 January, 2010
Watch "Go Home"
...and be captivated by "Kite". In a word it is magnificent. Second I'd say "Walk On" or "When I Look At The World". How do you pick one when the band writes and plays to the soul?
14 January, 2010
I must say BEAUTIFUL DAY is my favourite I just never get tired of it also Miracle Drug and Electrical Storm they all have IT whatever that IT is THANK YOU U2 for making my life a whole lot brighter
13 January, 2010
sometimes you can't make it on your own
Really related to me after my dad died suddenly.Love the song!!
13 January, 2010
Can't Choose..
But there are some to never forget, like: Elevation Beautiful Day Vertigo City Of Blinding Lights Moment Of Surrender I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
12 January, 2010
Hard to pick...
There are so many godd songs but my fav 3 personally are 'Kite' 'Miracle Drug' and 'Unknown Caller'. There all so good but Miracle Drug is probably my favourite U2 song after 'Running To Stand still'
10 January, 2010
Love that song, i do have other faves from the three albums but this track is one i love, classic U2... Edge riffs are class..
10 January, 2010
Kite and Sometimes you can't make it on
Both of those songs were in honor of his father. Bob Hewson died mearly a month before my dad, both from cancer. I'm a huge fan of U2 and loved all their songs from day one but for those 2 songs, I find myself kinda "linked" to Bono's feelings. And I had the privilege to hear "Sometimes" in Montreal in 2005. I cried.
10 January, 2010
I believe Kite is the best song, lyrics are beautiful and inspiring and is one of my fave U2 songs
10 January, 2010
City of Blinding Lights and Walk On.
10 January, 2010
too hard
So many great songs, Kite, Moment of Surrender, Original Of the Species, Unknown Caller, Miracle Drug....... Other bands can only dream of writing these lyrics and backing up with Magnificant music!
10 January, 2010
Moment of Surrender
There are so many songs that could be listed here. But if there has to be made a choice, which is so difficult, it is Moment of Surrender. Magnificent Song from the best U2 album of the last decade. Just think back at the european summer 2009 and the closing song of each U2 gig. Simply unequaled .... My all-time favourites 80-89 Unforgettable Fire - 90-99 Achtung Baby 00-09 No Line on the Horizon. Thank you guys for your superb music ... hope to see you in 2010 and waiting for the albums to come
09 January, 2010
This is a tough call. 5. Beautiful Day 4. Seeing the band in St. Louis. 3. The Edge and Bono performing Sunday Boody Sunday in the rain at the Clinton Library innauguration. 2. The No Line on the Horizon video in Dublin. 1. U23D Thanks fellas.
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