'Cautious Joy'

13 Nov 201020
U2 have responded to the news of Aung San Suu Kyi's release today.

'There is a cautious joy amongst the campaigners for Aung San Suu Kyi's release. Over the years we have feared for her life, and until Burma's leadership better reflects its people, we should continue to be vigilant in our concern.

'For a life denied the basic freedoms, she has lived so vividly in the minds of her people and supporters and accomplished so much.  By putting the people of Burma's interests above her own, she has lived in stark contrast with her oppressors.  Her struggle has become a symbol for all humanity, of what we are capable of - best and worst.  Her very grace so infuriating to the bully government whose brutish gorging of the country's rich resources have left the people of Burma poor and hungry.

We can only pray that those in the junta who decided on her release will start to see sense and seize this opportunity to begin a genuine dialogue towards democracy. We will know they are serious when they release the other 2,202 prisoners denied a life for the crime of wanting to believe an election result.'
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Stay Safe Tonight
Once again, so proud to be a member of the U2 tribe. I fully believe the release was facilitated by the relentless awareness generated by U2 for years now. I thank U2 for making it possible for us to feel that we too had a big part in this triumph. Now, continued prayers for Suu Kyi's safety. <3, kd birdsong
My Prayers for the people.
The people of Burma will soon have the hunger of free life and freedom fed to them....release of the prisoners seen to happen , a life of joy.....A new start for Burma to come.
Thank you U2
U2, Thank you for your voice and objective view of the events in Burma! Aung San's values seem to be as strong as they were years ago...We are with you in your Walk Aung San!
Thank you U2
U2, Thank you for your voice and objective view of the events in Burma! Aung San's values seem to be as strong as they were years ago...We are with you in your Walk Aung San!
What a great day...
This is absolutely wonderful news! The first step is always the hardest, so I'm hoping that this will help towards the release of everybody else.
Caution yes!
Yes caution is good, but also be grateful with one step at a time. We as people who feel each others suffering can not push hard and produce more fear, hatred; but invite the "enemy" close to us, like a young innocent child, because that is what is inside each of us. all of it, all ONE. prayers to all!!!
finnaly free
At last it happend - what a joy!!! I remember her going to house arrest - and my heart was full of hope and joy when i finnaly heard the news - that she was released. Now we "only" have too Walk On for the ones whos left.
U2 thank you for your reaction to the release of "Aung San Suu Kyi"! It is true that we must be careful .... and continue the fight for freedom continues to be strong ... We think of you Aung San Suu Kyi we walk with you ........ Kisses See you soon loveandpeace83
At last
Finally the change is starting... all the effort is now being more visible (vision over visibility). :)))))
Help giive her, her life & country back
We can all help give her a piece of the time she willingly gave despite the huge personal price, by utilizing the 'social networks' and keeping her and what she steadfast stands for, in the news. This will help to ensure her well being and the well being of the people of Burma. Step into her corner, lift her up and don't let her go.
Thank you U2
Well said guys and let us not forget the role that you have played, after all many of us would have been completely ignorant of her plight if you had not informed us in the first place. Keep up the gold work. :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxxxxx
Aung San Suu Kyi
You Inspire Me... Be Free Everyday : ). Hugs and Love....
A Singing Bird...
Aung Sun Suu Kyi, a singing bird in an open cage who will only fly.....for freedom. Hopefully this will finally be an opportunity for democratic dialogue because so much could be achieved....... J & M & L (Adam's Girls)
Fly for freedom
This is a very joyous day!!! I hope that Aung San Suu Kyi will be free forever. It is so remarkable that U2 supported her over the years. They raised so much awareness of her courageous and uncompromising fight for democracy in her home country Burma. Having played songs like "Walk On" and "Mothers Of The Disappeared" for her during the 360 Tour, they sent some moving messages to Burma. The response to the news of Aung San Suu Kyi;s release today proves U2;s absolute commitment and humanity once again. They truly make a difference. Hopefully Burma will achieve its democracy soon.
'Cautious Joy'
I'm happy!
WALK ON A.S.S.K !! You´ll never walk alone, your name means FREADOM and HOPE ! Gracias U2 J.C.P.Berrio, Albacete, Spain
it was a great day today, finally freedom for this woman, but we have to fight for the others now, it's a long way to go, so please..STAND BY
...We walked ( on ) with you for San Suu Kyi...in Rome and Turin .Thanks a lot Ale e Vale from Italy ( WE DIDN'T VOTE FOR bERLUSCONI...!!!!)
Walk On BURMA !
Walkin’ in the Free World… WALK ON !
Is a promising step towards democracy in Burma....Walk on Aung San Sui Kyi - the free world is behind you!
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