'Coming home...'

Bono has confirmed that the band will be bringing the 'iNNOCENCE & eXPERIENCE' Tour to Ireland at the end of November.

'We are coming home,' he told the Irish Times, after Saturday's show in Turin. 'It was really hard to figure out a way of doing it, but we just had to make it happen.'

The challenge has been reconfiguring the scale of the current show for an Irish venue. 'We found a way to reformat the show, to literally rebuild it for the Irish shows.'

No news on cities, dates or ticketing but we're expecting it soon.

'I am so happy we are bringing this home,' added Bono. 'These Irish shows will be like an Irish wedding. It is always tricky planning a wedding – who sits besides who could ruin it!'

Full Story in The Irish Times.


10 September, 2015
John Halloran
Just wondering, do we who are fan members get a chance at tickets before they go on sale to the general public. John Halloran.
09 September, 2015
...but- ticketmaster.... and why only credit card purchase? why why why ...not creating a better more convenient system for all ...i mean really! why this ticket-mastering at all :(
09 September, 2015
It will be a dream for me to come in Dublin and offer your show to my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary. But I think it will be very difficult to have tickets.
07 September, 2015
A Sort Of Homecoming
I am so happy you guys have figured out Dublin. So important to the U2 family on both sides of the stage. Will be "peri-kating" you guys from the U S Of A as you travel across Europe. "Only to be with you..." May God be with the U2 family in Europe and bring them home like "St. Francis covered in light". "Mooner from the OC"
07 September, 2015
Irish Shows
I hope you guys play a gig at the SSE Arena in Belfast. I first saw you guys in December 1982 at The Maysfield Leisure Centre in Belfast. See you in Amsterdam on Wednesday night !!!
07 September, 2015
I take it it's official now as its posted here even though the story is from a newspaper?.
07 September, 2015
Irish Dates!
Great news, was worried it might not happen!!
07 September, 2015
Presale codes
Any news on the pre-sale codes not used for the US or Europe dates as users were saving them for the Dublin dates to come?
07 September, 2015
So happy to hear this. I can't wait. Love, Sonja
07 September, 2015
An Irish Wedding? We? Love U2-Fans In Ir
Maby, maby I Will Ireland. One's I go to Ireland but maby another time.... Love & Light my way to Dublin! DetleVertiGoHunter! Miss You Sugar. . .. ... ....
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