It's Tuesday night and in three days time Turin gets to see the return of U2 360.

Rehearsals are underway at the Stadio Olimpico... and Larry Mullen Jr. is on the drums.

Take a look at all the 2010 Tour Countdown Clips and in Zootopia check out videos and photos that fans are sharing ahead of the first show.


22 November, 2011
One of my PRIZED possessions is an autograph (now framed) from Larry that a friend got for me (with my name) while she (and he) were flying first class to Dublin. When I evacuated from Katrina, it's one of the things I took with me ...
13 August, 2010
Thank you Larry, for starting it all! The 4 of you and your amazing music brightens up my life every day. You are AWESOME!!!!!
08 August, 2010
U2;s big energy is partly rooted in Larry;s powerful work as a drummer. NLOTH (the album;s title track) contains very hypnotizing grooves and when I listen to "Hawkmoon 269" I am always fascinated by the strong rhythms. Larry is U2;s security man and he looks incredibly young. 14 ALWAYS FOREVER NOW!
06 August, 2010
Super Sexy
Not only the best drummer on the planet, not too bad on the eyes either. I love you Larry Mullen Jr. Keep banging it out! See you in 2011 in the states. *Muah*
05 August, 2010
U2 3D
Can recommend going to watch U2 3D (again!) - makes the wait for the concerts slightly more bearable. I'm thankful the first concert for me this year is only 10 nights away. All the best till then.
04 August, 2010
Larry Mullen
has arrived in Turin, creating an eletrical storm for the masses!
04 August, 2010
04 August, 2010
I'm going crazy.....!
ah, my dream guy! Larry, as usual, looking great! wish you all the best with this year tour and hope you'll come back to Zagreb soon!!!!!!!!! much love and kisses! Larryanne :)
04 August, 2010
Larry Mullen:
All I Want Is You 2
04 August, 2010
Countdown Day 3
Drummers bang the best! I love Larry!
04 August, 2010
You Look great! and I can't waite to see you 4 in Chicago next summer. I have all your concerts on DVD and all your music CD and I am reading U2 by U2 and I will be seeing you for MY FIRST TIME LIVE in concert next summer. I CAN'T WAITE!!!! (is it here yet 7/5/11)? :)
04 August, 2010
If I had to pick a summer job for you...
I'd say this was a good match. It's wonderful to see people enjoying what they do -- even when at times the scope and challenge of carrying the drums has to weigh heavy. These clips are a wonderful way of helping the audiences connect with the "music makers". Thanks.
04 August, 2010
Larry you look so beautiful!
I'm happy to see you until 2 days..... Thank you very much for come back in Italy. I love you!!!!
04 August, 2010
I trust you never walk the colored line
04 August, 2010
Larry is a great drummer.
Larry is a great drummer I feel he does not get the recognition he deserves.also he has a very cool look to hin that 50's style james dean look.see you in Montreal and Denver in 2011.Mark Souce Winnipeg Canada's biggest U2 fan.
04 August, 2010
all together
Hello,i'm on the way for departing from China for come to see your show in TURIN ,i can't miss the great concert in my country ,ITALY, i hope to see a unforgettable concert and listen Bono with a powerful voice, i hope Larry can play with his unusual power ,Adam and edge release all the magic skills from the hand's for bring all the hart's of Turin city in to the sky for one night
04 August, 2010
Dear U2
Dear U2, My family cannot wait to see you guys in Chicago next summer! I have been a long time fan and this is the first time that I am bringing all four of my kids to the show. My youngest son is 9 years old and he is very excited after staying up with me to watch the U2ube event! I know all of what you put into touring has to be a strain at times but the effort is so appreciated! Thanks for all you do!
04 August, 2010
3-2-1-Blast Off
Blast off begins with the beat.... I hope this next leg of the tour begins with Larry's solo beat - as did the last did with Breathe. my heart is beating faster now just thinking of the sound of it. Let me in the sound..LuvUdo..U2...;D-USA
04 August, 2010
I'll go crazy...
I loved Larry on the drums on I'll go crazy remix, it was so cool!! Mostly at the Rose Bowl! U2 for ever!!! Love from France, Abby-Gaƫlle
03 August, 2010
We're so much waiting for the boys to come to ATHENS!! We love U2!!! (...and I love Larry!!)
03 August, 2010
unchained melody
@Bono: Please sing my wedding-song "unchained melody" (snippet -version) in Hannover next week. My wife is pregnant and my unborn child will go "Crazy Tonight" on the Concert. Thanks
03 August, 2010
Larry rocks
Larry rocks the Rockabilly man the James Dean of U2 cheers mate see you in Denver and Montreal in 2011.from the Biggest U2 fan in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.Mark Souce.
03 August, 2010
Sexy and hot
Larry you don't age at all. Still looking hot and sexy! Can't wait to see you guys 2011!
03 August, 2010
love and peace
I got excited when i heard that song with the video. That live performance was a highlight of his career and the Vertigo tour.
03 August, 2010
Larry Larry Larry
Luscious Larry!!!
03 August, 2010
The wife loves Larry!
Boy, my wife is so crazy for Larry! Her screen saver is a huge picture of him! She can't wait to see him in East Lansing next year! Should I be jealous? NAH!
03 August, 2010
Oh so fine!!
Larry's looking amazing, as usual. I cannot wait to see him next year here in the US...ok, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them, too...but Larry's just oh so HOT!!!!
03 August, 2010
sexy larry
Larry is looking so sexy
03 August, 2010
And when Larry hits a djembe everyone goes crazy...
03 August, 2010
Hi Larry;)
welcome back! You are awesome! It was really incredible to see you right in front of me in vegas as you were playing the bongo. I hope you guys continue to do that song and maybe even do Love and Peace like that. anyways can't wait to see you guys in denver and salt Lake City in 2011. <3
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