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The Edge was the surprise guest of Muse tonight, at the end of a blinding set headlining Glastonbury.

After a pulsating hour-long performance, with the massive audience crowning Muse Kings of Glasto 2010, Edge walked out on stage for the encore - and the opening chords of 'Where The Streets Have No Name'.

'I can't believe this is happening, ' said Matt Bellamy, as Muse and their guest guitarist delivered a sensational cover of the U2 standard, joined by 140,000 festivalgoers on backing vocals.
At one point Bellamy gestured with his hand in the direction of Edge, before bowing low to his pedals in tribute.

A great end to a great set - and a fantastic Glastonbury reception for Edge.


28 June, 2010
Its good but...
I like Muse and he sings this song well. But Bono does a far better job and this version shows how easy Bono makes it look. Hope his back gets better soon or in his downtime he is creating stuff!
ian mac
28 June, 2010
wow Edge
this is actually really good - Edge as awesome as ever, see you in Parisx
28 June, 2010
Muse are a fantastic live rock band ( with or without the Edge- see what i did there?- oh, please yourself). Andy Copping, get them signed up for the Download festival 2011.
28 June, 2010
Amazing stuff!
I know, I know, no-one can sing this song like Bono, but man alive, that was a ruddy fantastic version of it. Muse are a great live band, but the Edge totally stole the show. He (and they) sounded amazing, loved every second! Get well soon, Bono!
28 June, 2010
The Guitar makes the song...
What an awesome performance...I think it was pretty flawless and major credit should go to Muse for that. People on here are saying "yeah but it wasn't Bono" or "it's not the same" ... get over yourself. Some people probably whince when they hear U2 cover a song...but art is subjective, no? This was Muse's set, they didn't have to do this, but how many other bands could have done such a great job? Edge's guitar is unique and nobody else could have played it. Made my hair stand on end. I for one found it a blinding performance for what it was, on every scale. Brilliant.
27 June, 2010
great performance Thank U Edge
Mark Taylor
27 June, 2010
I'm just back from Glasto...
Amazing. Made my weekend! The daily Glastonbury newspaper rumoured it in the morning, I texted my wife at home and she said rumours were also on the web so I cancelled my plans to see Laura Marling on the Park Stage and endured Scissor Sisters to make sure I was able to get to Pyramid Stage on time. I was still a long way back but boy was it worth it! Fantastic bonus and certainly made U2 fans feel compensated in some small way...Thank you whoever made this happen!!! I had bought my ticket in the second round just to see U2 and so nearly didn't go, glad I did in the end... :)
Cam U2
27 June, 2010
Sing your heart out!
I think for every show remaining on the 360 tour everyone should be chanting Bono as loud as they can at the beginning during The Kingdom or Soon as its called, and fill the stadiums full of love and admiration for Bono. Edge you are an amazing person!!
27 June, 2010
Edge... You are the best!!! I love this song... I'm still looking for the streets that have no name though... Where are they? Can't wait until I find them...
27 June, 2010
Prolly THE MOST Brilliant and Healthy Response OF ALL TIME;from a Wounded Troupe of this Magnitude! The Presence of One was the Presence of ALL!...Gives Me Something I CAN FEEL!! ..that's what I'm talkin 'bout! ; ) Love N Peace...Dave In Dallas,Tx
All I Want Is You 2
27 June, 2010
Muse Covering Streets w/ Edge
27 June, 2010
The Edge at Last
A great and heartwarming performance from Edge - he is in fine form! It feels like everyone from U2 disappeared for a bit this year and it's lovely to see the Edge again at last. Come back to Chicago when all is well - we miss you...
27 June, 2010
A good preview of Glastonbury 2011.
27 June, 2010
This is a great performance. I love the Edge, he's amazing ! BUT-it's not quite like "OUR" four boys together!
27 June, 2010
Complete Class
To watch the Edge perform Where the Streets Have No Name just gave me the chills. What a class act by Edge and Muse. Yes, it was not U2, but seeing the Edge perform like only the Edge can perform and hearing Muse do a great job of my favorite U2 song was just electric. Looking forward to seeing U2 in 2011 with the rest of the guys and a very healthy Bono. Can't wait!!
27 June, 2010
great performance :)
but I can not wait to see that Bono is singing this song live to the audience again. :))) Hope he is feeling better... take care!
27 June, 2010
Oh yeah!
My favorite live U2 song of all time and Muse did an awesome job but it's ALL about Edge's guitar.
27 June, 2010
what a suprise, just flicking through the TV chanels and what do i hear...? the opening chords of WTSHNN and MY GOD Edge walks out on stage.....AWESOME!!!! but the REAL version is soooooo much bettter!!! get well soon Bono!!!
27 June, 2010
Emotional moment
It is great that The Edge joined Muse to perform Streets. While he was playing the intro, I could hear the enthusiasm of the crowd. After all those years this song is still one of the most gorgeous live anthems. The frontman of Muse was singing it with much passion. This performance certainly comforted all U2 fans who missed Bono and U2 at Glastonbury. But of course nobody can replace Bono!
27 June, 2010
Can't wait for 2011
27 June, 2010
that was muse's luckiest nights.
27 June, 2010
Edge still the best after all these years.
27 June, 2010
Edge is god
Streets have no name what a song only u2 can play it but muse did it well Edge is the best guitar player in world..
27 June, 2010
That was a great surprise to see him join Muse for Streets. Even better, I was able to view it all the way in the US. Great job Muse and it was absolutely fantastic to see and hear The Edge! :)
27 June, 2010
Streets - U2 only
Great to see The Edge. But, this just didn't feel right. I didn't feel anything in my soul like I do when U2 performs this song. Streets is a U2 song. Get well Bono! I am really looking forward to your return to Chicago in 2011.
27 June, 2010
Amazing the Edge...
The Edge - beautiful, amazing, fantastic as always......but I miss the sound of Bono’s magic voice, Adam’s majestic bass and Larry’s fabulous drums. :-) natasa
27 June, 2010
Totally ROCKED! Nice to Edges right-hand man, Dallas was there too!
27 June, 2010
Beautiful but bittersweet
I love Bellamy's voice (it's certainly more melodic than Bono's), but knowing that U2 aren't coming to the US this year and hearing that song sung by someone other than Bono just doesn't feel right. Nevertheless, Muse is a great band and they were an awesome opening act for U2 last year!
27 June, 2010
It was great!
I love The Edge's guitar, his sound is so personal! Muse did a great job, but Streets is a U2 song, no other band can play it like U2 does.
27 June, 2010
Just watched on iplayer... Outstanding performance from Muse and The Edge... Had a feeling he would make an appearance. Hoping they make it next year. Well done to everyone involved in making that moment... 5 minutes of pure magic
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