Fifteen live tracks from U2360° on one CD.
Recorded in 12 cities over two years.
Curated by The Edge.
Only available with From The Ground Music Edition.

Here's the track-listing. In the comments below, tell us what you think will be the stand-out tracks. (And wander through our new gallery of images from the book.)

1. Breathe
Recorded at Stadio San Siro, Milan, 8th July 2009
2. I Will Follow
Recorded at Stade Roi Baudouin, Brussels, 22nd September 2010
3. Get On Your Boots
Recorded at Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, 20th September 2009
4. New Year's Day
Recorded at Croke Park, Dublin, 27th July 2009
5. Electrical Storm
Recorded at Stadio San Siro, Milan, 8th July 2009
6. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Recorded at Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, 11th May 2011
7. Your Blue Room
Recorded at Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, 23rd September 2009
8. Vertigo
Recorded at Subiaco Oval, Perth, 18th December 2010
9. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Recorded at Stade de France, Paris, 11th July 2009
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
Recorded at Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, 2nd July 2011
11. Scarlet
Recorded at Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, 2nd July 2011
12. In A Little While
Recorded at Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 9th April 2011
13. Miss Sarajevo
Recorded at Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 9th April 2011
14. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Recorded at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, 25th March 2011
15. "40"
Recorded at Magnetic Hill Music Festival, Moncton, 30th July 2011


29 December, 2012
Colours that have never been seen
With its moving combination of energy and atmosphere, Electrical Storm will belong to my personal stand-out tracks. I have never heard it live in concert, so I look forward to listening to one of the most passionate rarities of U2´s catalogue. Breathe will be another highlight, with straightforward guitar riffs and drums evoking some memories of an energetic show opening.
28 December, 2012
What a gift !
in my letterbox this morning!!!! in Itunes 4 minutes later!!!! Thank you for this new treasure! A french fan!
27 December, 2012
Package arrived in The Netherlands! Thanks! Looks great, now let's listen to the CD...
25 December, 2012
i have not received edges 15 picks when will i receive them thanks
24 December, 2012
Even Better Than The U22 Thing
With 360 spanning the new, unreleased and classic Achtung Baby era, this is is a fantastic collection that counter balances last years release. Well done Edge, any chance of some high quality vinyl in 2013 to further our listening pleasure?
24 December, 2012
Thanks, Edge, for including 2 Nashville cuts. A fabulous night!
24 December, 2012
Miss Sarajevo Recorded at Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 9th April 2011. I was there. It was beautiful!
24 December, 2012
Merry Christmas!
i just want to say merry christmas to all the members, all the fans of U2 that make all of this possible because if it wasn't for all of us there would be no from the ground up or u22 or anything for that matter. yea the band has gone through some changes, pop for instance in 1997 but i think that period was what the band needed. also i want to thank the workers at who put up with all of us all of our comments and everything. and lastly, thank you to U2 i had heard a few of your songs but hadn't really thought about any of it till i was 13 and got my sister the best of 1980-1990 and i just fell in love with you guys, i'll be 27 in a month and a half and still love all of your material. merry christmas to everyone be safe and have a happy holiday!
24 December, 2012
It arrived!
Thank you so much! This is an amazing set - and it arrived on Christmas Eve! Truly magical. Thank you and have a very merry Christmas!
23 December, 2012
Angel of Harlem
Just became available as bonus download! Thanks U2. What a wonderful Christmas it has been.
23 December, 2012
karl 20
thank you for the angel of harlem/ man in the mirror version from nou camp 2009 i really wanted this one saw MJ 3 times merry christmas
22 December, 2012
Not to sound smittened, but
ALL OF EM!!!! Ok, Smittened, I am. :)
21 December, 2012
Thanks! And Special For Us Members
Great job on these subscription gifts! Could you please do a Bonus Download of the Really rare songs performed on 360? Every Breaking Wave, Boy Falls From the Sky, North Star, Mercy, Glastonbury, Return of the Stingray Guitar. Thank you!
21 December, 2012
Crazy and I will Follow
Great Crazy from paris and I Will Follow from Brussels on the Cd I was there! Can't wait to get my copy. Hopefully before Christmas.
21 December, 2012
Really disappointed Mercy is missing from the list again!
20 December, 2012
Great list. But...
I'm excited for this. But there are 2 tracks I would have loved to have. 1. I'll Go Crazy with Discotheque. I fear that the version here will be too similar to the version at Croke Park released on Artificial Horizon. 2. I would have loved to have Magnificent. The version with Desmond Tutu that they played on the final leg of the tour.
20 December, 2012
Miss Sarajevo frm Brasil?
Ain't that track recorded from March 30th at Buenos Aires ??? Thats what i was told to long time ago!
20 December, 2012
Just Arrived in La Grande Oregon
I am sitting in my office at work and I just got a call from my hot, sexy wife who said that it arrived today. Thanks U2! You guys totally rock:)
20 December, 2012
Just arrived in Seattle!!!
I was so exicted to see this heavy box sitting on my doorstep today, just in time for the holidays!!! I wrapped it up as a present for my husband and now it's sitting under our Christmas tree. Can't wait until Christmas morning for him to open it. We were at Giant's Stadium and Croke Park so it will mean even more to hear those 2 songs from those shows. Now I know what we'll be listening to on Christmas. Thanks U2!!!
20 December, 2012
crazy from barcelona
Hey, what about crazy from barcelona as a bonus track ?????
19 December, 2012
New Year's Day
New Year's Day is.. and will always be a standout above the rest.. my favorite U2 creation..
19 December, 2012
Great Set List
Can't Wait for the New CD ! Glad to see CRAZY Paris On the list ; ) et Blue Room - Electrical Storm - Scarlet ............... finally !!!!!!!!
19 December, 2012
Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU
Edge and guys that you for another great CD and extra songs. Your music brings me and my family so much joy. Thanks for sharing your amazing musical talents with the world. My you and your families be blessed this season. Merry Christmas!
19 December, 2012
Jack + Ann
Looks a great selection personaly cant wait to hear Eletrical Storm never heard it LIVE! before .....Im sure it will be just as brilliant as the rest WOOOOOooooooo!!!!!!!U2...
19 December, 2012
My Christmas Gift!
I really loved this tracklisting!!! It is my Christmas Gift to have 2 tracks From the Brazilian concerts!!! I wached all 3 concerts in Brazil!guys, It is time to comeback on the road! Opening Tour In south America??? Well, Thanks U2!! To complete the Christmas, I would love that you could gives us, fans, the oportunity to download those unreleased tracks such as Return Of The Stingray Guitar, mercy, north star and so on. Thanks Guys!! Love you all!! Have a Great Christmas!!! Love and peace!!!
19 December, 2012
Great Set List
Great set list,I'd like the song Glastonbury as bonus download.Happy Christmas to all
19 December, 2012
Bonus downloads!
The cd is just perfect! But please do Return Of The Stingray Guitar, Mothers Of The Disappeared and Angel Of Harlem as bonus downloads!!!! Please!
18 December, 2012
Nice track list. Can´t wait to get this one in my CD player. Would have loved "Crazy" in the original version from Barcelona 2009 though, but hey - the Remix rocks as well. It´s gonna be a nice U2 X-mas.
18 December, 2012
Something's Missing
Love what & U2 have done, especially Electrical Storm on this disc. But honestly, I know I and many others want to have Mercy, Every Breaking Wave, Boy Falls From the Sky, North Star Glastonbury, Stingray Guitar. Those RARE tracks made U2360 Tour UNIQUE. The tour collection is not complete without those. Please release these. Thank you!
18 December, 2012
Your blue room
the standout track will be Your blue room. Maybe there'll be competition with Electrical storm but Blue room is a showstopper here. I feel as good as I did when I saw Zooropa on U22.
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