Print. Assemble. Dispatch. From The Ground Music Edition... is on the way.


nick\\\'s original species
22 January, 2013
My God
The best gift I've received in years. simply irresistable. Thankyou U2
17 January, 2013
Absolute Treasure!!
From The Ground Up -- so incredibly special. It arrived today via USPS/UPS Surepost. I was blown away with the brilliant photos, writting and cover art on the outside AND inside. Only other wish would have been that each photo had a simple line indicating location/date/people. I am thrilled to be the proud owner of an exclusive edition. Listened to the CD and loved the picks. Now only to wait for my second package -- the U22 collection. SO HAPPY!! Love and Peace.
13 January, 2013
Got it in Argentina
Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx!!!
08 January, 2013
Love it
MIne arrived last week, so excited that it was shipped so quickly. Live tracks are the best gift!
08 January, 2013
Out of control in Slovakia...
Just got mine copy today morning. While listening to New Year's Day, I'm thinking about what to say... ...better nothing, because nothing can describe feelings that you have while bringing back memories from live U2 gigs. This is just perfect gift from perfect band to all fans. Big THANKS to you Adam, Bono, The Edge and Larry. Looking forward to hear your new studio album this year. To be out of control again!!! ...and bring us more vinyl. :)
07 January, 2013
Mine Got shipped today
I got my shipping confirmation that it was sent out today and can't wait to get it in the mail!!
07 January, 2013
Arrived in Melbourne
Hi, my copy has arrived in Melbourne!
07 January, 2013
Still waiting in Montreal
From the comments posted thus far, it should be worth the wait.
07 January, 2013
Melbourne arrival
Hi, mine's arrived in Melbourne!
The Angry Mick
06 January, 2013
what a gift
I got ot on friday jan 4 in cleveland, oh usa. Thanks u2. I love it.
06 January, 2013
Crisis what (midlife)'s FANTA
The photobook and cd have arrived ! It's simply unbelievable and it takes me back to all of the six shows I went to in Europe. What a mindblowing cd. They are only getting better and better. Really helps me through my midlife crisis (just kidding...I think..). Favorite tracks are electrical storm an HMTMKMKM. Thank U, U2 !!
06 January, 2013
U2 Setting the standard
So many box sets and extras are released nowadays by artists that are really not worth the extra money. Therefore to receive such an amazing photo book that provides a detailed and genuinely fascinating insight into the tour, live cd and several additional live tracks is overwhelming. Together with last year's freebie, fans now have 43 different live tracks from I think about 54 played on the tour. That's unheard of and, as a fan of live music, what I dream about. U2 continue to set the standard and am greatly looking forward to the next album.
06 January, 2013
Hello Ireland
Just to say the book and cd arrived in Ireland on Thursday.Great cd as always.The book is great and the photos in it are amazing. Not sure how next years can get any better!!But hopefully we will have a new album to listen to?Please U2!
06 January, 2013
360 book
wow what a package thanks
05 January, 2013
Ready for the next tour!
Edge,Bono, Larry and Adam-damn you guys just ROCK!!!! LOVE YOU!!! Been listening to you guys since 1984 and I am just more in love with all of you now than ever! You keep getting better and better! So ready for the next tour! Can 't wait to see you guys in Texas!
05 January, 2013
HELLO HELLO ..... in PERU!!!
My sister called me on December 28th and said: "There's something for you". I thought she was trying to fool me because that day was fool's day in Peru...but then I remembered U2 likes to do things in mysterious ways:)....... THANK YOU, GUYS for letting me in the sound and colors of FROM THE GROUND UP.....GRRREAT 2013 present!!!!!
05 January, 2013
Still waiting
US friends - did you get an email telling you Edge's Picks was shipped before it came to you? Did it arrive via US postal service or UPS/FedEx or something like that? Thanks Bob
04 January, 2013
my wife and i arrived at home this afternoon, she walks in first and as i walk through the front door shes out of my sight in the kitchen. she says, "honey!? can you help me get something out of the cubboard?" i said yes, and as i walk into the kicthen she turns around and in her hands she has a box and in it was my from the ground up! best live u2 cd released yet!
04 January, 2013
Its arrived Nova Scotia, Canada
its arrived, its brill, its great, more than I expected, absolutely fantastic value, where will you ever better a deal like this, thanks U2 & Live Nation
04 January, 2013
Got it!!!!!!
Received my present today in Axel The Netherlands. I'm listening to the first song now. The book looks great. Give us a present like this every year please. Thanks U2
03 January, 2013
Still waiting here in Germany
Has anyone in Western Europe received there copy yet?
03 January, 2013
Arrived Today in Perth
Arrived today, 4th January, in Perth, Western Australia ... Thank you !!
03 January, 2013
Mine shipped on the 21st of dec and i got it on the 2nd jan
03 January, 2013
Oh Yes
From the Ground Up has just arrived, love it. What a quality gift
03 January, 2013
Who's got it then?
I had a shipping confirmation on 27th December, but not received yet :-( I'm in Germany, anyone received it here yet? Thanks!
03 January, 2013
Still waiting....
Have yet to receive package. Maybe today?
03 January, 2013
Recieved in South Wales,and very very impressed. Thanks to all at U2 & U2.Com!
03 January, 2013
Shipped !
Yeah ! Mine was just shipped out according to a today mail ! Not sure i will be able to sleep until I get it !
02 January, 2013
It arrived this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brilliant, book. Brilliant Cd!!!!! take a bow!!!!! 3 Big Cheers!!!! Thanks for this treasure.
02 January, 2013
Anyone in Australia...?
Has anyone in australia received this great present yet? Waiting patiently in Sydney....
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