Print. Assemble. Dispatch. From The Ground Music Edition... is on the way.


19 December, 2012
Printed, and for me too ... I look forward to!
19 December, 2012
Got it!
From The Ground Up to my front door. Received my copy today. Thanks U2.
Avion Espia
19 December, 2012
Yes! Yes! Yes! =D
19 December, 2012
Faster !!!
Faster, fasteeer!!!!!!!!!
19 December, 2012
it's coming!!
19 December, 2012
...and it's here
Can't wait for the package...
19 December, 2012
1st listen
phew thats a great airy version of that lovely old track .....but to be honest it never sounds dated so brilliant ta chris prince
19 December, 2012
best releases ever!
i became a member just before ZOOtv live gave way for the cd version of u2-go home live from slane. loved those cds as well. the others in between u22 and from the ground up were alright. i loved artificial horizon because it gave us a song direct from the tour, crazy tonight. then duals. i loved that one because you always hear about u2 collaborating with different artists but yea most of the songs had been released already but the live version of sunday bloody sunday was a treat, along with ronnie drew. i love streets have no name along with amazing grace with that choir. but now u22 and from the ground up, along with another live verison of sunday bloody sunday from the tour kick ass! i still have two tickets from denver may 2011 that were originally for june 2010, but couldn't afford to go in may 2011 so when this cd comes i'm making a playlist of the songs from u22 and the ground up to make the setlist from the denver show in may since i missed that. would've been my first ever u2 concert. hopefully next one. i wonder if they'll just do a regular stage. u2 always tops the next tour though
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