Check out this extraordinary 360° image taken at Sunday night's show in Soccer City Jo'burg.

Sunday night's show in Jo'burg broke all records for a sporting or entertainment event in South Africa - and most of the 95,000 fans were captured on a groundbreaking 5billion pixel camera, creating an stunning interactive image of the night.

Were you at the show ? Know someone else who was?

Check out FANCAM at Soccer City Jo'burg:

Explore every corner of the stadium - zoom in and tag yourself or your friends.

Share the image with others on Facebook or Twitter or email it to your mates - let them know you were there on an unforgettable night with 95,000 other U2 fans.

Tell us what you think in the comments box below.

(The FANCAM, in beta-mode with right now, is flash-based and may not be available on all devices.)


10 March, 2011
Amazing, I can't wait to March 25. U2 Santiago 2011.
26 February, 2011
Please do it on next Argentina show at Estadio Unico de La Plata. I will be there!!!!!!!
23 February, 2011
Unreal, Do it in Denver, PLEASE. See you at a mile High.
22 February, 2011
well done
it was brilliant in JHB.
18 February, 2011
Five Billion Pixels .... and not me
No explaination, but i am not where i was. Can see all my friends but I am not on the photo ...:-( But what an excellent memory.
18 February, 2011
FANCAM in Argentina, plese!
Awesome! It's really amazing! Please may you publish one of these images on the March 30th, Argentina's show of the 360° tour ? Might be great. Thanks and congrats for your job
18 February, 2011
I hope you have this in July!
18 February, 2011
See everyone right in front of me
What an incredible technology!!! It is so thrilling to get to close to individual persons of the audience. Moving right and left allows me to see the stadium from different angles of view and when I zoom to Larry;s drums I feel as if I stood on the stage myself. I hope that will be done at every show!
17 February, 2011
So awesome!!
this is the greatest thing I´ve seen this day, I hope you could do this in every show, or at least once in a wile, because is so awesome!! See you soon here in Mexico! :D
17 February, 2011
You continue to amaze me with everything you do. I'm still on a high since your New Zealand shows in November. See you next time!!!!
17 February, 2011
Where is Captain Kirk !
Future guy on the Bridge ! (2 years) lol Too much fun going on here - soo cool !
17 February, 2011
This is amazing guys! Thanks for this :D
17 February, 2011
I hope you guys keep doing this for all the shows. That is really cool!
17 February, 2011
Wow !!!
This is amazing !! :D Looking forward for the shows here in São Paulo- Brazil!!!
17 February, 2011
I hope it come to Brasil. This is the future! take a picture during the show could be nice too. U2 is for sure the biggest band in the world, none other has ever done such thing. Brasil waits for you
17 February, 2011
What a thrill to see yourself and your friends. Amazing, hope it's repeated for other shows.
17 February, 2011
That was incredible! I would love to see this done at all the shows.
17 February, 2011
Awesome stuff
Looks great!- Trust U2 to go one better!
17 February, 2011
17 February, 2011
Half a head
When you look at the front row. There's a girl with a yellow top and long blond hair. When you look closely she has half a head.haha funny. Must be distorted
17 February, 2011
zoomropa baby
this should be done at every show, this is amazing technlogy... i spent 1hr just looking around the stage at larry sticks, stuck-up setlists the claw etc...
17 February, 2011
check out the feet without a body on the
Zoom into the left bridge on the stage and you will see shoes walking without a body, ooh spooky. it's great how you can see all the faces even toward the back, but next time make sure you guys take the shot with nobody on stage, LOL.
16 February, 2011
WOWWW thats so freaking awesome!!! hope that u can take some pics 4 the rest of the tour... :) more than 1 per show it would be nice!!! salU2 de Mexico!!
16 February, 2011
Just when I thought the experience from Sunday night couldn't get any better you top it with this! Wow! Just incredible technology and so cool to be able to spot people in the crowd.
16 February, 2011
Brilliant !
Awesome - whoever thought of this is a keeper ! Super cool - whoever you are ! Now - how do you top that ? lol
16 February, 2011
you're the best! rules! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16 February, 2011
Never did I think this technology would be part of our future! In College I wrote programs via a keypunch at the computer center! Amazing - Hope you can take a shot at every show in the future!
16 February, 2011
We Want More!
Do this every show! Greetz from Holland
16 February, 2011
Amazing tech
Cool view.... Gives a fan like me a good view and a bit of the feeling I think it must be to be on that stage
16 February, 2011
This is simply amazing, and should be done at every show for the rest of the tour. It would be so much fun to find myself and others at the shows. PLEASE consider this, it would make everyone happy. :-)
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