'From The Sky Down' - BLU-RAY/DVD

28 Nov 201136
'Quite simply, ' reported Entertainment Weekly, 'It's, one of the most transcendent close-up looks at the process of creating rock & roll I’ve ever seen.'

Screened in the UK as part of the BBC’s Imagine Series, From The Sky Down was the first ever documentary film to open the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival.   Now Davis Guggenheim's film about the making of  Achtung Baby is set for release worldwide on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 12th December, with US release set for January 24th.

The Blu-ray and DVD release includes bonus footage of So Cruel, Love Is Blindness, and The Fly shot last May during the band’s visit to Hansa Studios to mark the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby. It also includes a Q&A with Bono, The Edge and Davis Guggenheim filmed at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

'Twenty years after the release of U2’s Achtung Baby (1991), Davis Guggenheim charts the path toward this groundbreaking album. Guggenheim uses animation and unseen footage from Berlin and Dublin alongside conversation to reveal what is now a key chapter in U2’s career. '

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Awesome!, I bought the Super Deluxe Edition of Achtung Baby!, and I saw the documental movie, I'm so glad and impressed that during that moment back in the early 90's U2 redefined themselves and overcome all adversity. SalU2 from Monterrey, Mexico.
I've followed U2 since I've heard "with or without you" (I'm not so old! :D)... I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING THEY DO!! ... And from the sky down was really exiting!! Great film, excelent job!! :)
Love,love,loved this Docu. I was intrigued from beginning to end.Such an insight into U2 at that time and why they chose a this creative direction.Also a great look back at the way the world was at in 1991.Our opinions,our thoughts and our dreams.Awesome guys!
Fascinada..... los amo, los amo, los amo!!!! y claro, al Achtunb Baby!!!!
DVD editions question
Hey guys, is the version being sold separately in Blu-Ray the same as the version that came with the Super Deluxe Achtung Baby box? Thanks.
Tracy M
Loved it
Great addition to my U2 collection. I so appreciate the honesty and reflection.
A Documentary
When I saw this DVD at the music shop was not very interested but I recognize the ambience as similar from ONE video and pick it and find out was about U2 as the cover does not say it, it is really a very good documentary that shows how this extraordinary band is dedicated to Music and inspiration sometimes creates powerfull Music as Achtung Baby, greately recomended for all U2 Fans (is a must have!), thanks
On screen in Helsinki
To everyone in Finland: In case you haven't noticed Docpoint (Helsinki Documentary Film Festival) has 2 screenings of the film on a proper movie theatre next week. I know I'll be there! Have it on DVD though but will look good on a big screen...
I'm writing a book ...
I am writing a book ... a dream ... and Larry had a dream, a goal, I have my ... the book is called "FANS WITHOUT LIMITS," This book is about my love for U2 and how it started, all the craziness already made, the trip to Ireland (which will be in January 2013). This book has one main goal: "Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, you need to know what a fan feels like to see them, how can we forget those who did not get a good spot on the show, but we look forward to a smile from Bono ! "And so many other things ... This book is the last page in particular to be signed ... "Paul David Hewson," and I'm sure you'll find you ... and deliver a copy in your hands! Melissa Mel - Brazil
Everything you do is a beautiful surprise. This film is amazing. Thanks. natasa
Paul, tanks you save my live.
I got it for Christmas, and i saw it the following day. It's just great, awesome, i mean i love it and a will watch it a hundred times.
Was able to catch it at TIFF Toronto International Film Festival. Loved it! Loved the honesty and humour to it. Cant wait to see it again.
The Unforgettable Fire
I just received "Achtung baby" Uber deluxe box. Simply the best. Unforgettable Fire is in my hearth, the evolution of mind. Thank you for exist, Larry, Adam, Edge, Bono, Daniel and Brian.
So excited....
I want it now & not January please!!!
Full version, please
I downloaded the BBC airing of this and watched it even after I got my 20th Anniversary collections (don't worry Mr. McGuniness, even though I downloaded it, I spent nearly $700 to buy every edition of the 20th Anniversary Acthung Baby). I finally popped in the DVD and was disappointed that some things were cut. I was only 5 minutes of content, but it was some really good things, like hearing the DAT of Skinny Puppy recorded in May 1990 in Dublin with present-day Bono's commenting on it or seeing 1987 Bono & Edge performing "Improvisational Blues" with Stevie Ray Vaughan and T-Bone Burnett. I really hope the version I saw is the director's cut.
Journey to a spiritual identity
Starting with U2;s arrival at Glastonbury Festival, this movie connects sequences of the band;s recent concert history with earlier stages of their incredible career, beautifully shining a light on the making of Achtung Baby. This great documentary gives some memorable insights into their working process including rehearsals and the deep friendship and chemistry between the bandmembers is sensible in every second. The footage of their stay in Berlin when working on Achtung Baby combined with new material lets us step inside the grand rooms that provided some inspiring surroundings for an album that was the exceptional result of their intense search for a new identity. Some moving memories of the bandmembers and amazing sequences of short animated films create a very personal relationship to U2;s long history, going back to their earliest days documented in black and white photographs. After watching some stunning images of the Joshua Tree Tour I had tears in my eyes when I heard Bono talk about his physical exhaustion and inner need for a radical reorientation after Rattle And Hum. Acoustic versions of masterpieces such as So Cruel, The Fly and Love Is Blindness reveal how the mood of the music can change through a different kind of instrumentation and the extensive footage about One tells a haunting story about a song that liberated the band from every creative blockade. The film closes its beautiful circle when it makes us return to U2;s ecstatic performance at Glastonbury Festival.
The documentary is fantastic. Very good to watch, very exciting and the idea of ​​recording U2 in yellow cart, I cried. nice to see them 20 years ago and now together in the same way.
Need one for chrismas
Hello I want to offre thé DVD From thé sky down to my husband for. Christmas Willis be release on Canada before ? Or CAN I order it ?
great film i just wish the blu-ray had been in the achtung baby uber edition i will get it on blu -ray
A Must Have!!!!!
I am jumoing with joy!!! A must have, and going have a proud place on the DVD shelf!!!!!
Musical Buddhas
I've been a fan all my life(and I'm old!) so it was nice to be taken back in time. I've always felt U2 has been the perfect sound track for my life so there's not much I've missed over the years, however; always hearing that One was the song that kept my "Musical Buddhas" together meant something so different from what I'd always thought but should have known. It wasn't the song that kept them together, it was the music that created the song, that kept them together. The film captures a side usually only witnessed by avid fans, it was nice to see it shared with those not always as aware! Another profoundly inspiring moment is the part that captures the guys embracing before walking out on stage. Very cool.
Awe inspiring!
I recorded it when it came out on HBO and can't tell you how many times I have watched it! Beautifully filmed, revealing creative process (love Bongolese!) and simply and awe inspiring look at "the boys" U2 is and continues to be...Magnificent! Can't wait to own my very own copy! A treasure!
Loved it !
Since I have been following U2 since 1981, I was excited to see the "From the Sky Down" documentary. It was great to see what really happens behind the scenes. I loved that album "Achtung Baby" and have fond memories of my then 2 year old daughter singing every word to Mysterious Ways. By day I am a mild mannered Housewife and Mother, behind the scenes I am a U2 freak. I have seen 30 shows in 30 years in Several Cities and 3 countries!
Love it !
I received my Deluxe Edition last week on my 51st birthday & the 1st dvd I watched was the movie ! Davis Guggenheim picked 4 interesting men to portray, who already have a strong following. WinWin . I was surprised to learn that Bono has been truly following his heart & he knew at a early age he had this energy in him, now we know why he is the natural heart of the band - who wouldn't follow that essence no matter what his career choice . They are all like a very fine wine - always getting better with age !
Directors Cut
I was excited to see that this is the directors cut as the existing doco leaves sooo much off the creative process for the album. The One insight is amazing but some more footage of them at the Dublin location discussing tracks would be great. Bono mentioned that he begged Davis to reduce the films length. Does this cut add those scenes back in? Or were the cut aspects the interviews and extra footage of the band playing in 2011?. Love it but left wanting a little more! Jason
The Real Thing!
This documentary was incredible! I loved every minute of it. I thought it was cool that the band overlooked their career so that their performance at Glastonbury would be something really special.
I'm love with U2 xDD
I think it's amazing and thank you gabyr83 for your comment about hoping that this edition will be sell in Argentina because I'm from Argentina and I want to get it!!!
Avion Espia
As a fan, I loved it. It is a very emotional musical journey to the heart of the band and one of their most astonishing an crucial moments. It´s a hole experience, wathching the movie and hearing "The Alternate Achtung Baby", B-sides and remixes. It´s like getting the ultimate Achtung baby puzzle together. But, as a documentary, it lacks the criticism of Guggenheim´s last works. It is too condescendent, too flat, too redundant. It would be nice to include the reactions from othes bands and personalities, who´s works were contemporary to U2´s Achtung Baby. It´s a must for all the fans, but it will not trascend any further. Cheers!
You (U2) are the real thing... Even better than the real thing..... Specially My Idol - Sir. Bono from - Bangladesh - +8801912085292
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