’Still haven’t found what I’m looking for…'

What a way to finish up in North America. Bruce Springsteen joining the band on stage for Friday’s final show in New York City. 

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26 August, 2015
Can you bring with you the Boss in Torino ?
17 August, 2015
Hi 4 boys !
Can you bring with you the Boss in Amsterdam ? So exiting to share with you another night ! LOVE ! RED ! Never give up ! From a french fan !
11 August, 2015
A great evening
Going to see the Lads in NYC was such a great day. They made a bad week so much better. Can't wait until the Boys come back to N America.
09 August, 2015
See U2 in Belgium
The 2 gigs in Antwerpen will be great. See you there guys
07 August, 2015
So holy, so gracious.....
I still haven't found what I am looking for. So gracious. It always fills my heart with so much of rush and adrenaline. Could there ever be any other number better than this ever? Not at all. I was a teenager and saw the official video of I still haven't found on the grammy awards for the first time back in 80s. My eyes filled with dreams, dreams to do something in life, so much inspired by U2. Thank you for creating great music!
07 August, 2015
U2 in the O2- best birthday gift ever.
When I saw this video I was so disappointed that I hadn't got tickets this time round, the one tour I would have missed, I felt sick. But my husband got me tickets for the red zone in the O2 and I don't think I could be more excited. I've loved U2 since 1991 when they did the Fly on top of the pops, I was 10 years old. I'm so exited and can't wait for October. Seeing the band live always makes me so emotional. I'm sure to enjoy it as much as they will enjoy performing. I can't think of a better birthday gift or how my husband could ever top this. One excited birthday girl!!
06 August, 2015
And now?
I've followed this first leg of the tour on official site and fan's sites, downloaded some good recordings, watched videos on youtube. Now I'm already in queue for GA for Turin next Sep. 5th and I'm wondering what show I'm going to see, what songs I'm going to hear (in every case...the most beatiful sound I've ever heard) and who's going to play on the stage. Clock is ticking, but it's too slow. See you soon guys, the show would be even better tha the real thing so TAKE ME HIGHER!!!!!
04 August, 2015
Thank you for the PURE JOY!
That's it...just thanks for the pure joy your music and performances bring into the world. The world needs more of that! Keep bringing the JOY! Peace & Love.
03 August, 2015
Feeling Elevated!
It's three days later and still feeling elevated by Friday night's show. (Is this how Bono feels all the time?) This Party Girl didn't want it to end. The perfect show. Thanks for urging people to put down their self phones and be present. I'm fine with people forgetting how to flip through a record bin, but to forget how to raise the roof on a show is unforgivable. Out of Control. Cedarwood Road. Every Breaking Wave. Raised by Wolves. Bullet the Blue Sky. (I can see those private planes...) And to end with surprise Bruce Springsteen - it was like the left and right ventricles of my heart got up to sing a Ben E. King song. Thank you! I catch my train home underneath MSG every day and this evening it was truly like the circus had left town. Yer coming back, right? P.S. - the snippet of The Divine Comedy I snatched from the air seems to have early prototype I Will Follow lyrics embedded. Curious?
03 August, 2015
I thought U2 brought it's A game to NYC! I went t 4 of the 8 shows, and none were the same! The changing of the setlist each night was epic. Rarities for sure. October. Lucifers Hand, Two Hearts Beat As One, Out of Control, & Party Girl to name a small handful. Than on the last evening, to bring up The Boss, extra special! Unreal and fitting ending too this historic run of shows, And of course ending with 40! Many Thanks to U2, Bruce, Crew, and everybody who helped bring these shows of Joy to Us. As Bruce would say, hope to see you again Further On Up The Road!
02 August, 2015
Out of control
Great opening set of songs
02 August, 2015
Bono and The Edge
Thank you for such an amazing show! Seen every tour since 1983
02 August, 2015
New Yorker now Living on Cloud Nine
I still get goosebumps watching this clip and my own. As a native New Yorker, I've been at the Garden for some very special moments and NY Ranger games. But I have never heard MSG rock so loud as this past two weeks. And on Night 8...well, I questioned whether the roof was still on! What an epic and magical run. Thank you U2, thank you NY and thank you fans: "the fifth member of the band." This has been a blast and being able to rock out with you from all over the world for 5 of 8 shows and sing our hearts out together has been truly special. Did I mention Lady Gaga and THE BOSS?! "Comfort meeeeeeeee," time flies when you're having fun.
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