If you're following the tour as it moves around Europe, there's a very cool new feature on Google Earth - a model of the 360 stage, in situ, at the venue, about a week ahead of each show.

The model might be red, green or blue - corresponding to the three different steel teams who leapfrog each other from city to city to build the stage in each stadium.

We snapped Wembley Stadium, ahead of the shows this Friday and Saturday. Sheffield and Glasgow are also up, but the last European show, Cardiff, wasn't yet there when we looked.

'We thought it would be interesting to put up on Google Earth a piece of portable architecture, which is what this structure is, ' says 360 Tour Architect Mark Fisher. 'In a way it's got no practical purpose... except that it's fun!'

Log onto Google Earth, search for the city and stadium and make sure you select the '3D Buildings Layer'.


15 August, 2009
God's eye view
What a fab idea! Now God has a bird's eye view of the concert - pity the rest of us have to battle for tickets to see the musical equivalent of god on earth!!!!! Hope the rest of your shows are as magnificient as Dublin! God bless!!
14 August, 2009
The claw is there !!!
13 August, 2009
space station
what a heavenly sight roll on 22nd see you soon Cardiff so so soooooooo excited Luv you U2
13 August, 2009
If Googel Earth would only LET ME IN THE SOUND!
13 August, 2009
Equal Viewing!!!
I thought the idea for the 360 was to put the claw slap bang in the middle so everyone gets an equal amount of viewing space...not just plonked at one end of the pitch!! However I will give them the benfit of doubt until I have seen Fidays concert. Can't wait....but please please please no stupid crazy tonight remix...lets have the original off the album. If its good enough for the Blackberry advert then its good enough for Wembley Stadium. Lets have a good one U2...see you tommorrow.
13 August, 2009
E X C E L L E N T ! ! ! !
We'll be there tomorrow night - have not seen U2 since The Joshua Tree tour at the old Wembley in 1987 - now I feel really old!!
13 August, 2009
Just checked this out and it made me smile! So cool to think I'll be in there tomorrow night!
13 August, 2009
magnificent idea
... now, that looks as if ISS is watching the tour from outa space... very "spacy" indeed
13 August, 2009
It looks fab, what a grweat bit of architecture. I've checked. No Cardiff yet. Soooo excited!
12 August, 2009
Is it true?
That can't be Wembley. It looks sunny. Have U2 got branded umbrellas, ellas ellas?
12 August, 2009
earth call mars
Love it. Was asking in the blog section for stage set up at Wembley this week this has topped any fan photos
12 August, 2009
Wow that is really cool! Can't wait to see Boston!
12 August, 2009
Both nights
Cool, am there for both nights...can't bloody wait
12 August, 2009
how great does that look? will have to look at sheffield. see you in 8 days guys. can't wait!! the stage and set lists look fantastic
12 August, 2009
Space station
I cant wait for the London shows.If even half as good as recent Dublin shows,we are all in for a treat.
12 August, 2009
Fanatastic, what a great view. roll on the 22nd in Cardiff!!
12 August, 2009
I hope it looks bigger at Cardiff!!!!!
12 August, 2009
Such a great idea, cannot wait until Friday!!!!
12 August, 2009
That is really cool! :) I was thinking about seeing if I could make out the top of the stage through the roof of Wembley. Will be there rockin' this weekend! Can't wait :)
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