Happy Christmas


06 January, 2017
Remember Bono I asked you in Amsterdam last year outside the Amstel Hotel when you were coming to Liverpool! Anfield Home of Liverpool Football Club is awaiting you and so am I
Al Bundy
05 January, 2017
Love to see U2 again
Laste time you did not come to Denmark and I had to travel to O2 in London. Now You have to come to me :-) Deal ?
05 January, 2017
A selfish request, please come back to Detroit, so I don't have to travel to see you in Chicago or London this time around !!! New material, new tour HNY indeed!!!
05 January, 2017
Greetings from the Pub .The picture is my thanks to U2 and can be seen from the universe. Maybe you can forward the picture to the best band in the world. Best Regards Mario Ungewiss
05 January, 2017
Tour 2017
Please come to Madrid. I have never forget Bernabéu show. 100.000 persons in the stadium. I was 15 . Thank you. Kisses from Spain.
05 January, 2017
Joshua Tree - 30 Years
Would love the band to start the tour at Tempe, Arizona again and for me to be able to afford to travel from the UK to see it. The scene in Rattle & Hum where the movie turns from black & white to vivid red as the band walk out on stage, still to this day gives me goose bumps every time I see it. First saw U2 at Gateshead Stadium on the 31st July 1982 but the last time I saw them, at the O2 in London, was the closest I have ever been, stood right next to the 'e' stage.....Roll on 2017!!
05 January, 2017
Vi aspettiamo!!!
Vi aspettiamo in Italia!!!! <3 you!!!!
04 January, 2017
Make it real
Good news for me from U2. Concerts for the 30th anniversary of TJT would be a dream. I hope if the tour dates are known, that we can sing in Germany: Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin
04 January, 2017
Relive my moment- 30 years ago
Let's make it happen U2 and Cleveland. Dream to reality. Waiting patiently for announcement.
04 January, 2017
Joy to the World!
Another reason to celebrate the season!!! Welcome back U2.... I hope you know how much joy you bring to the earth...we can't wait to see you again!!
04 January, 2017
Canada is 150 in 2017
Canada needs more U2!
04 January, 2017
Joshua Tree 30th Tour
So happy to see this! U2 live is one of my bucket list bands & JT of course is the album that propelled them to rock & roll history. Please come to North Carolina or Tennessee guys! PLEASE?
04 January, 2017
Happy Christmas & happy birthday Joshua
Saw the first leg of the tour at LA sports arena, third leg at the LA coliseum...will we be seeing JT at the Rose Bowl?!? I hope to see you guys soon. Miss you madly!!!
04 January, 2017
Volver a Sevilla os esperamos U2 forever
04 January, 2017
Joshua Is Thirty!
A momentous year for the U2 family. I eagerly await songs from the tree I have never heard live, and I am certain you will have plenty of magical surprises this "go round". I know Songs Of Experience (Are You Experienced ?) will be amazing. It is always a privilege to witness the birth of your young masterpieces. I believe some of your music has outreached the current vibrational state of many of your fans. Do not fret, this just means you are "ahead of your time", which as every breaking die hard fans knows, there will be one more. You are helping all of us raise our connections/vibrations with love. Such an honor to have met all of you on the i&e tour and to have received Bono's blessing (OK man-hug) on my marriage. Thanks for putting me on for the Chicago Show/U.S. Supreme Court Marriage Equality Decision. I am not sure this next tour of "experience" can rival that, but I have my prayers in! Break a leg! Godspeed for your Album, Tour, and Travels around the world. There is no end to Love (or beginning)!
04 January, 2017
Joshua tree
Hi guys can we have performances of red hill mining town,exit,luminous times,walk to the water as well as the usual JT songs please!! Hope some UK shows planned? For subscribers can we have another live album please the u2360 was fantastic!!!
04 January, 2017
Roundhay park!
Pls come to Roundhay Park again! The POP MART Tour was Best concert/gig i have ever been too! And still is!
04 January, 2017
I'miei waiting for U
I hope that is true that the 9th of January there will be a news about U2... Thanks so much for your wishes to us ...happy new year guys... i can't wait more....Please give Us news
04 January, 2017
Brooklyn Baby
How cool would it be to see you play this year at the Barclay's Center or the Amphitheatre at Coney Island. You do know that Brooklyn is the coolest of the 5 boroughs. Let's make it happen in 2017. FYI - Sting and Peter Gabriel played together at the Amphitheatre this past summer.
04 January, 2017
JT 30
Happy 2017 with lots of U2....30 years of Joshua Tree....congrats,can't wait to see you again guys!!!
03 January, 2017
I know you'll come to MA, but please play the garden again and not the stadium...just can't seem to get there and i NEED to see you again!!!
03 January, 2017
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!! Exciting stuff! Looking forward to the new album and tour!
03 January, 2017
Joshua tree 2017
Wow. What a message. This was my first U2 album and my only wish is PLEASE COME TO BERLIN . Love you 4 guys
02 January, 2017
Experience of great music
Beautiful video and message! It´s a great idea to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree with a tour. This was my first U2 album and from the very beginning it was special for me. The timesless beauty and intensity of those songs always move me. I look forward to a year filled with amazing music and live shows. Happy New Year!
02 January, 2017
Love your Christmas Tree
Happy Christmas, looking forward to new songs and live shows. Love your Christmas Joshua tree!
02 January, 2017
happy new year 2017
Happy 2017 year. Please return to Barcelona (Spain). Barcelona loves U2. The joshua tree. Mythical and immortal album. Make me the biggest gift of the year. Please two tickets to Barcelona ... hahaha. The last time I was without. Great U2, Great U2, Great U2 .. Thank you..... Regards...
02 January, 2017
Happy New Year. 2017
Please. Come back to Barcelona. (Spain). Mythical album. The Joshua tree. Barcelona love U2. Please, Please. Come back to Barcelona. and...Make me the biggest New Year gift. Please send me two tickets. The last time I was without. Barcelona love U2. Please, Please. Come back to Barcelona. Great U2 Great U2 Great U2 Great U2 Great U2..... Thank you.
01 January, 2017
Announce the touring dates! Happy New Year.
S French (Roko)
01 January, 2017
U2 2017 --- Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017 is going to rock! New U2, New U2, New U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :-) :-) :-) ... and LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01 January, 2017
All is quiet on New Year's Day ...
... Happy New Year to you too! Looking forward to the new album and hopefully some more 'live' dates. Hmmm The Joshua Tree revisited, I'm wondering how this will be done, as one of the things I love about U2 is the constant change and moving forward, hope you don't go backwards with this one. I too would have loved to have seen that glitterball lemon lit for the season. Pop needs rembering, still sounds bright and shiny - not dated in the slightest - love it. I lived the Joshua Tree and tour in 1987, not sure if its the right thing to do at this point, but can't wait to be proved wrong! Good luck
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