'U2 by U2' has just been published in a new trade paperback edition in the US.

'In 1975, four teenagers from Mount Temple School in Dublin gathered in a crowded kitchen to discuss forming a band. The drum kit just about fit into the room, the lead guitarist was playing a homemade guitar, the bassist could barely play at all and nobody wanted to sing. Over thirty years later, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr are still together, bound by intense loyalty, passionate idealism and a relentless belief in the power of rock and roll to change the world....'

Browse inside 'U2 by U2' here and order it from Amazon in the US or Barnes and Noble

Guessing lots of you have read it... add your own short review below.


10 January, 2010
I'm a bit confused here. I'm from The Philippines and I just bought the U2 BY U2 book. The version that i bought was the big 12"x10" release but it is not hardbound. I searched through the net about the [big 12"x10"] release and it was always specified as hardbound. How many versions are there?
04 January, 2010
Keep your ipod next to you
Great read - not only is it well written, but easy to put down and pick back up. Keeping the music is a must - I needed to hear the songs as I was reading about them. Once again, they are in my mind - can't wait to see them in Montreal!
03 January, 2010
This is my favourite book of all time, I just love it :)
03 January, 2010
5 out of 5
I started reading this for a week ago. And I can't stop. I just want to lie in my bed all day long, reading about these amazing men and this amazing band. I absolutely love it, the pictures, the words, the stories, everything. Read it!
30 December, 2009
Great resource
This is a great book! I find myself going back and looking up information about a song that I might be listening to at the time. I also cross reference other artist using the index. Great on your coffee table!
30 December, 2009
My Christmas present!
Got the huge hardcover edition for Christmas :-)
30 December, 2009
It's amazing book! So many things in one not-so-tiny book;) I just love reading it.
30 December, 2009
Great book..
There are many books about U2 out there. Some of them are good and many are not. This one is at the top of the list. For me this is one of the U2 books that every fan should own. Others? "At The End Of The World" - by: Bill Flanagan "U2 & i" - by: Anton Corbijn
30 December, 2009
This book is awesome and unbelievebly funny. Those four guys with a dream. when you read it, you even understand the music much better. After reading, then listen to the music in chronological order, you can hear the development. growing into the music
29 December, 2009
So far So Good
I too got this book for Christmas and have begun reading it. It is difficult to put down! They are a fascinating bunch.
29 December, 2009
Finished it! :)
Amazing book...very intimate. It's just like sitting down with them, and they-- are telling you the stories of their lives! I enjoyed it very much!
29 December, 2009
u2 by u2
I have the original hardcover book from 2006 when it came out and it is a very good book to read. Every U2 fan should get a copy of it.
29 December, 2009
Will be using my B&N gift card to purcha
I think a trip to the bookstore is in order for tomorrow.
29 December, 2009
Best Book Ever!!!!
If you love U2 but haven't read this book, you NEED TO!!!! It is insightful, inspiring, more than entertainning, and hilarious!! The best little story (and the weirdest) is on p.256, Bono's big paragraph. To all my fellow U2 fans who also commented, you said it!!!! I agree all the way.
29 December, 2009
The Truth Is Marching On...
Merry Christmas U2 all the best on your new book, hope i get a chance to read it. Continue to lead with excellence in this global village of ours. Well done..
29 December, 2009
U2 by U2
i just turned 16 and this was my favorite birthday present that i got!! i'm such a huge fan and i love the book! it's great to hear from the whole band including larry and adam, since they don't do as many interviews as bono and edge. the breakdowns of all their songs and albums up to that point are awesome too. definitely buy and read it if you're a fan! the pictures are a great addition too
29 December, 2009
Ordered a copy... This is like a U2 by U2 book club...
29 December, 2009
a must have!
I loved each and every line of it. The emotions, the anectodetes, the humour, the loyalty, the bond they have. . . it is a truly inspiring book, either you're a massieve fan, or simply a music lover. It just BLEW ME AWAY. Reading their story in their own words and memories is just unique...!
29 December, 2009
Love this Book !!!
Read it from cover to cover, and the pictures are great. Especially love reading stories from the guys own words. A must read for any die hard U2 fan. M & J & L (Adam's girls)
29 December, 2009
Love it!
I took my hard cover copy with me when we went to see the 360 Tour in Dublin this past July and it made the hours in the airports and on the planes fly by. A must have for any U2 Fan!
29 December, 2009
I hate reading. HATE IT. I am only 14 and I just dont read. I read this book in 3 days :) Its so amazing, especially cause every word comes out of their mouth/. Its so interesting and is filled with lots of interesting facts I never knew. Any U2 fan would love this book.
29 December, 2009
Fantastic book with fantastic information and pictures. As close to an autobiography of U2 as we'll ever get.
All I Want Is You 2
29 December, 2009
U2 by U2
The book is incredible. I wish they came to Chicago so I could of had my copy signed. Do you think they will do another book signing tour now that the paperback edition is available? Probably not with the tour about to kick off again.
29 December, 2009
Next to "Bono: In Conversation" and Bill Flanagan's "U2 at the End of the World," this is the most valuable and insightful book on the band, their process, and the ways they have successfully navigated and conquered the record industry, not just from a creative standpoint, but also a business. Herein are the dirty little secrets, the whispered rumors, the confirmed falsehoods, and everything inbetween. Well worth it.
29 December, 2009
I got this version for Christmas!! I just started reading it, it's amazing! If you're a fan of U2, then you'd absolutely love this book!!!!
29 December, 2009
Great Reading!!
This is a book you enjoy either if you are a huge fan of U2 or if you just like reading about 4 guys who had a dream and fought for it. The book is at times highly amusing (especially the anecdotes of those bygone years...) and also touching. The accompanying pictures are great, especially when you remember those hairstyles or shirts in the flesh!!! it´s more than a holiday reading, but you can take advantage of the not so busy days for diving into it. You won´t regret it!! Pat
29 December, 2009
U2 by U2
Awesome reading! I love U2 even more!
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