Hand-made 360 stadiums, band portraits, fan-campaigns, we asked you what you've been building 'from the ground up' and you're posting content thick and fast.

There's five copies of the book,  signed by the band, going to the best entries and you've got until the end of March. (Don't forget to tag your image/video with #U2FTGU and mention @u2com /@u2comzoomods or @U2fTheGroundUp when you post it on twitter or youtube.)

Here's some of the entries so far, check out the gallery in Zootopia.

Baby Claw from Thomas Latour is pretty impressive.

Nine year old twins Keren & Adi worked for three days to build their own U2360 Stage.

Marcela Gonzalez in Colombia built her own  fan campaign.

BratBeef built a tower... from his personal collection of U2 releases.

TheGuitarPlayer556 was only five when he first heard Vertigo on the radio - and his clip explains why he remains a fan.


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