'Iris', inspired by Bono's mother, is one of the most poignant tracks on Songs of Innocence.

Set to some stunning black and white archive footage, it's already one of the most powerful moments in the new show.

In an interview for the BBC's Front Row Bono talked about how a family friend sent him that footage... and how it helped him see his mother again.


22 May, 2015
Moving visit of the past
With the live version of "Iris" U2 take us on a moving journey to the past. Truly an emotional moment that makes me feel shivers. Bono dedicates so much love to his mother and the song´s intensity culminates in the chorus. It´s a haunting experience to watch that incredible and very personal archive footage.
18 May, 2015
I've been a U2 Fan since the early 80's & have always felt a strong connection to your music & lyrics. Many times listening to my U2 tapes gave me strength to look through tough times knowing "this too shall pass". My love of your band shall never pass & has gained more strength through the release of Songs of Innocence. I've learned that I have another connection having lost my Mom to cancer at the age of 14. It truly does leave a void. Thank you for sharing your roots with your fans. I cannot wait to see my second U2 concert on July 15 at the TD Garden (Gaden) in Boston, MA. I am hoping to see you perform "BAD" in the show as you did on your 2nd night in Vancouver. Also, what was pretty cool about this tour is that you kicked it off on my BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for always being there & being awesome!! PS was this really you in Boston on March 22, 2014??
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