There's been some online buzz this week about what the band have been up to in LA.

Here's the scoop.

It's all about a new song called 'Invisible', a track the band will be releasing as part of an initiative with (RED), to support the fight against AIDS.

Everybody's really excited about the song and the band have been shooting the video in LA.

That's all we can say for now... we'll keep you posted!


19 January, 2014
When we are still waiting...............
I know ASLAN because U2 covered the wonderfull song THIS IS .All fans over the world are exited these days, so I propose : Get your own live cd ASLAN 30 incuding THIS IS. I'm sure that waiting will be much ease. Please U2, next time in Belgium or Dublin come with your friends ASLAN if Christy is recovered well. Good Luck Christy Dignam !
17 January, 2014
2 Answers from the Paul McGuinness inter
There has to be some assessment as you step back. How do you feel about what you accomplished? Is it a sense of “job well done”? To some extent, yes. They’re doing their best work ever. I’ve heard most of the new album, and it’s absolutely amazing. They’re creatively ambitious -- they really want to have hits and a successful record. They know as well as anyone else that their tours will be successful whether they have a big record or not, but they don’t want to slip into that kind of heritage category of artist. So finding a new audience has always been very important to U2 with every record. In that way they are as driven and creative as they ever were. Unlike a lot of other artists in our business, they didn’t get fucked by bad deals -- they’re in charge of their own destiny. They have the keys, they have the car, and they’re planning to drive it forever, as far as I can tell. For a band so focused on touring, to have the most successful tour in history by every metric has to be satisfying. [U2’s last tour is the highest-grossing, most attended tour ever, according to Billboard Boxscore.] Yeah, they love performing. You’ll be amazed and impressed by the new tour, which they’ve been working on the design and concept throughout this record project. It will blow everyone away yet again. They’re on fire.
16 January, 2014
Can't wait
I'm rather excited, so please bring it on...:)
15 January, 2014
Mr. Dubs
Vivement le nouvel album.... et la tournée....
15 January, 2014
LOVE the new song Ordinary Love!
Love the new song Ordinary Love. Powerful lyrics. Looking forward to a new album and concert tour!
15 January, 2014
Que paso con ese nuevo disco ???
Sus verdaderos fans los amamos y los seguiremos siempre pero ya no nos hagan esperar mas, estamos muy emocionados y esperamos su nuevo disco, echenle ganas Muchachitos !!! Saludos desde Mexico, Viva U2 !!!
15 January, 2014
"soon" or "june" ??? ;-)
Somebody said, maybe it was later and Bono had a few martinis, so the reporter understood "june" but Bono did mean "soon"
15 January, 2014
I wish new album will come soon! I'm waiting for it :) God bless U2
13 January, 2014
so looking forward to this
I'm starting training for an AIDS Ride in April, looking forward to a new tune to inspire me!
13 January, 2014
Great!!!! Amazing 2014 with U2!!! ciao dall'italia :)
13 January, 2014
A songs great, but an album and tour will be coming right after?!?!
13 January, 2014
The new album will be out in June. That's what Bono says yesterday at golden globe night. I wish it would be out in February :-( we have to wait still.
13 January, 2014
U2 2014
13 January, 2014
I'm sure that 2014 will be unforgettalbe... new songs... new album... it's amazing!!!
12 January, 2014
2014 The Year of U2
Think this maybe there year (again)!!! Started off pretty damn good one!
12 January, 2014
Cannot wait - congrats on the Golden Globe soooo deserved!!!
12 January, 2014
Oh my!!!!! Our boys are back!!! And i can´t wait!!! I´m soooooooooo PROUD of you, guys!!!!!
12 January, 2014
I'm crazy waiting for this new album and tour. U2014 it will be a great year.
12 January, 2014
passate a roma per il vostro tour per favoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
12 January, 2014
karl 20
cant wait for this got hold of a vinyl copy of ordinary love well happy i reckon this new album will have all new songs and the songs like mercy stingway and kingdom of heaven will be lefted with the memories of 360
12 January, 2014
U2 Fan's are so patient.
Come on come on we're getting older, make 2014 the best ever,
12 January, 2014
Did they know it's my Birthday ?
Still waiting to hear "Ordinary Love" on the Radio ...nothing happens. And now there's coming a new Song soon... Feels like having Birthday on my Birthday. Thank you
12 January, 2014
Waiting impatiently
I don't know what's worse in the age of instant information. The teasing or the waiting. Finally new music, so very excited.
12 January, 2014
Great 2014
12 January, 2014
fantastico!!!!! non vedo l'ora di rivedervi dal vivo!!! GLI U2 STANNO TORNANDO RAGAZZI!!!!
12 January, 2014
Can't wait!! 2014 is going to be a memorable year! :-)
12 January, 2014
C'mon guys!!! I'm still wait a new song and new album!! Excited!!
12 January, 2014
I'm really excited about this upcoming new song!
12 January, 2014
C'est si bon de revoir nos "boys" revenir !!!
12 January, 2014
can't wait for the new song
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