There are scores of talented people heading out on the road with U2 in 2009. Carpenters, caterers, camera crews, riggers, runners, roadies...

So what do they do in this travelling circus ? Where are they during the show ? And how did they get to work with U2?

As the tour heads out from Barcelona across Europe, we figured it would be a good moment to start inviting the people in the crew to tell us what they do and how it works.

Our story of 'Life on 360' starts high above the stage.


02 August, 2009
i love seeing the behind the scenes stuff... and the real people who help make our boys look good
01 July, 2009
360 tour
working for u2 must be the best job in the world see you in sheffield....
01 July, 2009
Hello Guys and girls, I really envy you to be so close to this magnificent tour!!! And I really appriciate it if you share with us all your nice highlights of this tour!! One of the better places te be on this site!
29 June, 2009
I bet he doesn't have Vertigo! I know, Bad joke!
28 June, 2009
Only the Best
U2 band and in the business. Can't wait for Boston.
28 June, 2009
Life on 360'
Amazing what the guys work entails - looks awesome can't wait - have a fantastic time Barcelona!!!!
28 June, 2009
thank u guys, your job is great!
28 June, 2009
It's very cool show us the people behind the scenes, their work are very important , indeed! Thanks ! Best Wishes for u all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
28 June, 2009
and responsible crew! It is a voyage through 360 !
28 June, 2009
I wish I could work like him, and have that amazing view of the whole show!!!!
28 June, 2009
Remember everybody go to the bathroom before the concert. Great vid thanks.
28 June, 2009
Life on 360
big respect for the talent making 360 work! Break a leg for wembley lads!
28 June, 2009
Nice behind the scenes
Nice behind the scenes look at Edge's spot-light operator. It will be interesting to see all the behind the scenes people.
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