'Live At The Rose Bowl' Now Released

5 Jun 201044
'U2360° Live At The Rose Bowl is now released on DVD and Blu-ray in North America.

If you saw the show in 2009 you need no reminder that experiencing the band in 360 makes for an unforgettable night.

Check out City of Blinding Lights from the Rose Bowl below. Use the links to order your own copy.

US - Available Now
UK - Available Now
Ireland - Available Now

US iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert
US iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert and bonus material

Canadian iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert and bonus material
Canadian iTunes video: U2360° AT THE ROSE BOWL - Concert

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Three Things I need you to know
1/ The concert DVD is brilliant 2/ The 360 Documentary is fantastic 3/ Ultra Violet (Light My Way) live is perfect.
U2360 DVD is Amazing
I got the U2360 Deluxe DVD package for my birthday. So cool that they shipped it the day it was released. I've watched the entire concert DVD and the entire extra DVD and can't get enough of either. I keep watching them. I love having the Deluxe DVD package with "Breathe" on the extra DVD. It's like reliving Tampa on 9 October 2010 at Raymond James Stadium. Hope you're resting easy, Bono. You're in our prayers.
Sonia d
I just got the Blue Ray version and it won't play in doby digital or DTS-HD! I didn't finish watching the rest of the DVD because of it. Does anyone else have this problem? From what I watched I enjoyed and wish to go to another concert soon! Bono get well soon!! Love ya!
Best Live DVD Ever
Absolutely flawless. Having seen 5 U2 360 shows last year I was desperate to see the live DVD version. Watching it makes me think I am in the red zone again. No band performs better live than U2. Looking forward to seeing the boys live in the US and Australia next year.
well i have watched the dvd !!!!
part 2 of me comment that i left saying my U2 dvd had arrived ...................... ive watched it 3 times and its awesome,awesome,awesome new songs and old all brilliant, magical when Bono sings MLK, The Unforgettable Fire is an awesome track live......love it.Great to see Ultra Violet back, great track and im loving Edges backing vocals as always, Bono in great form, Edge guitar superb as always, Adams awesome Bass lines fab, Larry's drumming brilliant............love it guys just wish i ad got to see you in the flesh .......one of those things i guess
Why messing up the line up?
High expectations are not being fulfilled! Can't believe it, there is messed up with the line up! Disappointment because the opening track "Breathe" is left out the DVD. Can't believe that the members of U2 give there approval for this???
I just want to say how blessed I am every time I am at a U2 concert. It's a magnificent experience. My heart was fulfilled and overwhelmed with joy for a whole week after the 360 concert at the Rose Bowl, and now I get to experience it at home. Truly blessed fan forever!
See 360 right in front of me
What an amazing DVD! The quality of sound and picture is excellent and the superb camera work enables me to watch the concert from different angles of vision. Like U23D this film allows me to be part of an adventure and some shots give me the great feeling to stand right beside the band members. When the crowds of people sing along I am deeply moved by the strong connection between band and audience. As for the songs, I find many personal highlights, I can only name a few here: "I,ll Go Crazy..." is a very intense and experimental piece that proves the great musicianship of Larry Mullen Jnr. The acoustic version of "Stuck In A Moment..." creates an intimate atmosphere, "Vertigo" rocks hard and I particularly love the "Spanish lessons with an Irish accent". The shimmering lights emphasize the pure beauty of "The Unforgettable Fire" and "Moment Of Surrender" finally shows me why every U2 concert is so special: Bonos strong and soulful vocals, deep emotions, great intensity, a sea of lights illuminating the darkness. Bono, get well soon! I am looking forward to seeing U2 again in my country Austria!
love it
As soon as I turned it on my eyes lit up and was so excited to watch this video of the 360 tour I was lucky to attend in Washington, I couldnt help trying to jump out of my seat , singing , dancing and reliving the greatest concert I have been to ever. Looking forward to Philly when they reschedule. Bono Feel Better ! Dont over do it. I have cronic back pain myself but I am dedicated to see you all again Philly GA ..I know I'm crazy to do that but I love your music so much, Countdown till the day ,,, Enjoy this dvd its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get Well Soon
whooooo hooooo
the moment has just arrived via our postie, my eyes av lit up ............. my 360 dvd deluxe edition..........thts me on the sofa all afternoon with a cuppa 2 watch the best band perform , its special for me as i av missed the tour cos of a bad back and im bored so this has come at a great time when im resting up again !!!! i did watch this live on you tube but it kept freezing grrrrrrr so off i go to watch U2 rock the Rose Bowl !!!!! But will see Bono and think Hope Ya Get Well Soon xxxx
If you want to know if U2 is still relevant.....watch this concertc and you can't help but say: oohw yes! It's as easy as that! :-) Thanks boys, thanks for a magic 2009. Now looking forward to seeing you back on the road with a healthy Bono.
Missing Bono
I have tickets to see them for the 4th time in Michigan and am sad that the show is being rescheduled. Wishing Bono a speedy recovery and am anxiously awaiting news about the new dates. Am absolutely LOVING the Blu-Ray concert and it is filling the void until next year. What an amazing show. Can't wait to see it live!! Love U2 now and forever.
Big mistake leaving breathe out of the line-up. It was a great start to the show. Big slip-up there production people!!
Oh my God, i can't believe that one of the bigest songs of NHOTH is left out!! I love this album and this is one of my favourites songs. It should be the first single...
Just Amazing!!!
I`ve got Limited Edition Box...its a dream!3 pics for guitar(really cool to play with them,i tried=) a lot of fotos and giant poster from the Claw) and really cool bonus material...but i don`t understand why Breathe is a bonus track there...i love that moment when Edge talks about their show on Youtube and start to panic like" I´m U2!Do You understand???"=)))))LOVE U GUYS!!!
Ah... The Memories
Just watched the show and it brought back some fantastic memories of Cardiff last August. Cant wait to see the boys again in Athens/Rome this year. Hope Bono's back is better by then. (So glad I missied out on Glasto tickets now. I was gutted at the time!!!)
360 rose bowl
cant wait to get home just had message theat my super deluxe box set has arrived!!!! sorry neighbours but ur gonna be blasted with u2 tonight lol!!!!!!!!!!
Such a great band, great music, great crew, but why in the world is Breathe not a part of the concert track listing? Saw the show in Dallas, Vegas, and Rose Bowl and the opening was truly a highlight of the show with Larry's intro and everything else. C'mon guys, Boots should have been the one kicked off.
360 WOW!!!
What an amazing concert DVD!! Australia has not seen this concert yet and after watching the DVD, I can't wait!!City of Blinding Lights just amazing.Another mind blowing concert by the best live band ever.Looking forward to the Super Deluxe Edition to add to the collection.
360 Blue-Ray
The blue-ray does a great job of capruring the enormity of the show yet makes it feel intamate. Great audio and video. Once again a great home concert production. Many camera angles that look great.
Still the best
DVD brings back great memories of Wembley and Sheffield in summer 2009. Speedy recovery Bono, hope U2 can perform at Glastonbury in 2011.
MIssing opener
Where is Breathe???? Why was it not included as the opener? This is such a great song & the show seems to be missing something without it. Otherwise... great show. Love the camera work. Sound is amazing.
Looking forward to the DVD
I hope that the DVD will arrive tomorrow. Last year it was a great thing to be able to watch it on "U2ube". As an Austrian I got up at 4:15 am, because I wanted to follow it in real-time and not sometime later. I was really excited about the idea that millions of fans all over the world would be watching this at the same time, it was just amazing to be part of such a global event. The concert was really incredible, particularly "Ultra Violet" belonged to my personal highlights. This DVD will also revive my memories of the unforgettable Berlin concert I attended on July 18th. And I,ll be coming down with some new U2 mania, cause my pulse will be like LOOSE ELECTRICITY!
U2 Coimbra
Hope i see you well in coimbra... A.A
Great regestration of a grand show! But why is Breathe left out? It's live, such a great song, and a better opener than Get On Your Boots. The bonus track confirms...
Rose Bowl Circle
I was fortunate enough to be in the circle at this show about 7 people deep from Adam. It was truly an unforgettable night! I'm sure the blu-ray will be excellent!
Pray for Bono
Pray for Bono for a Speedy and Successful Recovery for Awesome Show for 2011. I was there at this show I got jitters watching U2 again, live that is. God Bless.
My hubby bought me the dvd, its on its way.....I cant wait, went to concert last year it was incredible.....LOVE U GUYS....BONO WISH U SPEEDY RECOVERY C U HERE NEXT YR....MUAH..
The super deluxe edition arrived three days prior to it's general release date in the UK and all I can say is amazing. The content of the box is fantastic and a great reminder of the tour. We took five shows in on the European tour and look forward to seeing the band in Austria later this year. Soon - Red Vinyl (oh yes - perfect, this is worth the money on it's own) 360 live at the Rose Bowl is without doubt the best release to date. Thank you
Two hours in Heaven
Wow, what a concert! A fantastically, amazing, superb production - there aren't enough superlatives to describe it. It certainly transported me to another time, another place! Loved the song selection, especially the combination of Ultraviolet and With or Without You at the end - probably my two favourite songs. The only disappointment was that Bono didn't take off his shirt as well at the end. :) Hope U2 bring this show to Australia so we can experience it in the flesh - we're waiting patiently here for you!
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