People across the continent of Africa are listening in to a live audio stream of the show - and on we're hosting the audio for our subscribers across the world.

Click the player below to begin the stream - there will be a slight pause when the player loads but there is no need for you to refresh the page.

Listen to a loop of U2 tracks until the start of the show.

Once you're listening to the player, scroll down the page to see live updates from fans at the show - and others listening in around the world.


Tell us what's happening. Add your comments. Live, interactive stream from Cape Town.

Then add your comments below. Have a great show!


17 March, 2011
Please, come to korea and sing for korea peaced. lots, lots, lots of people are waiting for you in here!!
25 February, 2011
Stand by me
Thank you so much to put it on your site. It's a really fantastic !
24 February, 2011
a big idea!
I loved this idea of the concert's stream! And i cried a lot during i still haven't foound+stand by me...thank you u2 for these feelings!
23 February, 2011
so incredible
thank you so much for this great event, and "Stand by me" was so so good.
23 February, 2011
Only got one word to sum it up........... GREAT!
21 February, 2011
Perfect show! Greetings from Holland!
20 February, 2011
Thanks for this. Great way to start the day in NZ!! How about a download of "Stand By Me" - it was fantastic!!!!
20 February, 2011
i wanna thank U2 for the broadcast on the internet ... it was one great event for all U2 fans around the world
19 February, 2011
I heard in Lisbon.
Thanks for the audio broadcast of the concert, but they should repeat more often.
19 February, 2011
Free at last
This unforgettable concert was such a perfect occasion to honour two legends. Listening to a very strong version of "Pride" I was truly touched by Bono;s sensitive way to dedicate very special lyrics to Nelson Mandela. And "Scarlet" was a wonderful piece to send the joyous message of Aung San Suu Kyi;s freedom to the world. WALK ON WITH PRIDE!
19 February, 2011
Thank you U2
The show in Cape Town was abosultely mind blowing!!! Amazing! I just can't believe it's over. U2, you are honestly the greatest band in the world! Thank you for a wonderful performance - you guys rock! :) Please come back to Cape Town soon
19 February, 2011
Thgank you U2
Lastnight i really did feel part of one big community. I was getting texts from Belgium, England and Ireland all saying the same. U2 & Cape town made us feel ONE.
19 February, 2011
Thank you! thanks alot for the amazing stream!! All worked well here in MALTA!! FORZA U2!!
18 February, 2011
Thanks !
Thanks for this broadcast ! worth the $40 membership. I hope we will get some other live streams !
18 February, 2011
I cant believe i was literally @ the other side of the world feeling part of that magical moment and wanting more than evet to watch u2 live . may 15th is the day i just hope it will be such a wonderful night as it was tonight/ today.
18 February, 2011
That was a really great show on the radio! Even my big brother was impressed! Although, I have to say, my big brother is a little bit cynical about chatting and free speech. I think, it is because my big brother lives at the beach and he does not like a big wave. Cheers.
18 February, 2011
Thank You So Much . To Let me enjoy and see the shows all over again in Paris & Brussels Thx . This Was even Biggger Than The World
18 February, 2011
Live feed....
You don't know how beautiful you are! Tonight was epic...shared the experience with some fab zootops and we want MORE!! PLEASE! :)
18 February, 2011
Thank you very much for the live stream guys. You gave me a wonderful Friday night. I enjoyed the concert as much as I did the others in 2009 and 2010. Greetings from the small country where all the steel and the technology is coming from to built the CLAW.
18 February, 2011
Thank you so much for giving us the chance to listen to this concert in real time!!! Sitting in front of my computer I could sense the electric energy and magic of a U2 show in my own living room, I truly felt part of something bigger. Listening to the shimmering opening notes of "Beautiful Day" I was moved by the crystal clear sound and an overwhelming crowd reaction was audible. Having mentioned Kairo before "Magnificent", Bono created a very emotional moment by referring to current news. When the band delivered a very mesmerizing and ecstatic climax of "Until The End Of The World" I could see Bono and The Edge trying to touch each other;s hand in my imagination. With the audience singing the whole first verse, "I Still Haven;t Found..." offered another memorable moment. After a striking duet with an incredible guest singer (unfortunately I don;t know her name) U2 created an overwhelmingly beautiful segue into "Stand By Me". A snippet of "Fez-Being Born" mixed with the intro sounds of "Zooropa" provided an extraordinary interlude and Bono reacted on current news again by dedicating "Sunday..." "to our brothers and sisters in Lybia". And when U2 finished the show with a grand version of "Moment Of Surrender" I could see the Milky Way in my imagination. U2 ELEVATE MY SOUL! IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT! I feel proud to be a subscriber of your very site!-With much love from Austria
18 February, 2011
How amazing
Thank you, thank you. Love your work. I was at the unforgettable Jhb concert and listening completed a very successful U2 360 tour for me as a proud South Africa. How awesome was Yvonne Chaka Chaka!!! Pllllllllleasssssss come again soon. We love you U2.
18 February, 2011
I'm so bummed, I totally missed it!!!! Any chance of getting a replay? I watched the Rose Bowl show live and it was absolutely one of the coolest things you guys did for us fans! Thank youfor everything, keep it going.
18 February, 2011
Txs a lot
Thank you for the live audio. This made a good Friday into a beautiful Friday.
18 February, 2011
Lads u did it again,pure gold.Was at the Melbourne and Sydney shows,tonight's show was brilliant ...thanks u2 and all crew. Neil S from melbourne
18 February, 2011
Thank you
Thanks for the live stream. That was awesome! Great concert. Crystal clear sound. Would love to listen to each and every concert in the future.
18 February, 2011
live feed
Thank you so much for this!! I never heard the sound so crealy WOUW!! I can't belileve I heard a piece of Fezz live, they should do the whole song! Hopefully there will be some official news for some European dates really soon! Thank you U2, your amazing!
Celine Valentine
18 February, 2011
18 February, 2011
Thnx !!!
Oh,oh,oh ooooh, ooooh ooooh. Thanks for this great show !! Amazing to enjoy a show from Cape Town SA in Maarssen NL'. Grtz. and hope to see you soon in Europe!
18 February, 2011
Miss Z
Best birthday present I could get! Thank you!
18 February, 2011
Thank you
I was at the JHB concert and it was amazing. Tonight I listened to the CT concert and relived every single second of the JHB concert. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I hope this bonus will be repeated soon! Thank you for the most breathless concert ever U2. You guys are just MAGICAL!
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