On November 14, HBO debuts 'U2: iNNOCENCE & eXPERIENCE, Live In Paris'

'On Nov. 14, HBO debuts U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris. The special shows U2 playing the Bercy Arena in Paris on their current tour, showcasing the inventive set that allows the band to explore the concepts of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE via a performance that literally moves throughout the venue via multiple stages, a one-of-a-kind interactive floor-to-ceiling arena-length LED screen, and a radical new approach to surround sound.

The iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE setlists span the band's entire career, from its 1980 debut album, "Boy," to its most recent release, "Songs of Innocence." The concepts of innocence and experience are explored in vivid musical and visual detail, progressing from songs inspired by the band members' earliest influences and formative life experiences through decades' worth of indelible anthems from the group that has won more Grammys than any other living rock band...'


13 November, 2015
Horrible events in Paris!
Prayers to all the victims and their families. Hope the band and crew is o.k.
09 November, 2015
I will be in Bercy for 2 dates with U2!!!
05 November, 2015
Red Zone View
It was the best experience i've ever had in Los Angeles and Koln. Brazil is missing you!!!!
01 November, 2015
Live In Paris in Toronto!
Awaiting so much for this HBO show in Toronto. Brazilian fan living far from home, but never forgetting how U2 is awesome and important to me. #longliveU2.
31 October, 2015
Hi Adam, Larry, Bono and The Edge, I have a request for you. Try to meet at least, once in your life, Vandana Shiva, a great writer and ecologist from india.
26 October, 2015
Superb last night
I was at the O2 for the opening night.....awesome!
25 October, 2015
We will be there !
13 October, 2015
I rather seee...
U2 live in Amsterdam on blu ray dvd
12 October, 2015
Hoping for a DVD...
Popmart in Mexico City was an HBO special too...but it was eventually released on video, then DVD. Let's hope this will be too...
12 October, 2015
From the Cutting Room NYC........ MSG, to HBO, then on to the 3Arena!!!!!
12 October, 2015
Good news
Je serais présent ce soir là... It's going to be great, I can't wait !!!
12 October, 2015
I Love U2
Please come back to the USA!!! I hope I can catch this special!
12 October, 2015
so will HbO show in the UK ? also is the Documentary on the making of SOI also going to be shown ?
09 October, 2015
Love our boys!
I am only keeping my HBO subscription to watch this show! Seen them here in LA and am going to DUBLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give them all my money.
09 October, 2015
Bring on the 14th of November.......
How fascinating the producer of some of the most interesting innocence and experience shows (Silicon Valley, Girls, Six Feet Under and the rather ubiquitous Sex in the City) is going to broadcasting our favourite band! Expectations are going to be high, but, I will bet on U2 on being able to deliver, Uno Dos Tres , Catorce……Looking forward to London 29th Oct 2015.
09 October, 2015
This is one of the few channels I do get. I couldn't make it to Paris so thank you U2 for bringing Paris to me! So looking forward to this! Now the question remains....will the stars shine that night? ;-) Love ya U2!
08 October, 2015
So lucky I will be there...Seen them in Amsterdam and Barcelona twice so far and can't wait.Hope they play BAD as not heard them play that yet...
08 October, 2015
please release it on DVD!
I do not have access to HBO, but I would love to buy this film on DVD. Please tell me you will make it available to those who cannot get HBO!
07 October, 2015
On HBO Nordic??
Can we get a world wide release of this concert? Maybe by fan-access or through HBO Nordic at least? Or maybe even better - a bluray release!
07 October, 2015
Hope Songs of Experience Album
understood concept Innocence+Experience but hope new Album will be on the way A bientot pour le show
07 October, 2015
Should have done a Youtube thing like with the 360....Not everyone has HBO !!!
07 October, 2015
Is it possible for free or paying for one view? If yes, how?
07 October, 2015
Not for everyone?
Will not air on HBO Nordic...why? Shouldn't an HBO exclusive be available to HBO worldwide? In the countries that HBO won't air the show - where can we see it?
06 October, 2015
Love it!
The only band that I will order a cable station for!!!
06 October, 2015
I m on place this night
06 October, 2015
Welcome back
French fans are ready! A bientôt! :)
05 October, 2015
HBO special
I can not wait for it !!!
05 October, 2015
Sisters are doing it for Themselves at P
Sisters Coco (electricco) Chrissie and Sev Erin -with kids jake (13) and Kim (8)- are doing it for Themselves at Paris Bercy ; ) Just can't Wait to See U2 Back in Bercy ; ) 1989 x 2' 1992' 2001 x 2 '
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