California, US U2 have confirmed via video blog that their sold-out concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl in California, this Sunday, 25th October, will be streamed free, in full and live on YouTube. It's the first time a show of this size will be streamed live.

The Rose Bowl show is the penultimate U2 show this year - with more to come in 2010 - and already is set to host the venue's biggest ever audience of over 96,000 fans. The 360° Tour, which has been critically acclaimed and 're-invents rock'n'roll' (Rolling Stone Magazine), will now boast unique access for fans worldwide - as fans in territories yet to be visited by the tour, or not at all, will be able to enjoy the whole show online.

Managed in partnership with Live Nation, this sell-out tour has broken attendance records in most venues it has visited - its success due in part to increased capacity coupled with a lower ticket price and great sight lines afforded by the stunning in-the-round stage set.

U2 manager Paul McGuinness said, 'The band has wanted to do something like this for a long time. As we're filming the LA show, it's the perfect opportunity to extend the party beyond the stadium. Fans often travel long distances to come to see U2 - this time U2 can go to them, globally.'

YouTube will be streaming live across five continents. The show will be available in the usual You Tube way, as video-on-demand, following two full replays - after the live stream - on both and You Tube.

'YouTube is thrilled to be able to provide our global audience with a live streaming performance from one of the world's greatest bands,' said Chris Maxcy, Director of YouTube Partner Development. 'We are always looking for new ways to connect fans around the world with their favourite artists, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.'

For more information stay tuned or visit You Tube .

Update : We've just heard you'll be able to watch U2's live stream on YouTube where ever you are. Enjoy the show.


26 October, 2009
Shine n
From Wales to tje world....Shine On
25 October, 2009
Always U2!
Come back to Toronto Soon!
25 October, 2009
Greatings from Peru!!
25 October, 2009
DejaVu Sunday!
This exact time last week I was Oklahoma and the band had just taken the stage! I was in a dizzy awe from the first strains of "Space Oddity" to the last bits of "Rocket Man" and I now I get to relive it again! Come back to USA!!!!!
25 October, 2009
so great to know that the show will be available to everyone!! thanks so much :-)
25 October, 2009
Unforgettable (fire)
Thank you for this expierence U2. I was at twice to youre concerts in Amsterdam and Gelsenkirchen it was awsem. Tonight my room will be blow up the roof ( lol). And next year i see you in Brussel and Frankfurt. But thank you for tonight that i be a part of youre concert!! *** Thank you ***
24 October, 2009
Amor y Paz
Love and Peace ... U2morrow willbe awesome!
24 October, 2009
don't crash
Get your friends to watch it together so You Tube doesn't get overloaded and then no one would be able to see it.
24 October, 2009
More DVDs, Please!
It's fantastic to make a DVD of the Rose Bowl, but PLEASE, PLEASE make a DVD of the Croke Park gigs for those of use who traveled so far to see you in your hometown!! There are 250,000 or more of us that will buy it!!! Or maybe a DVD with each song from a different city on the tour... Thank you in advance. Love you guys and can't wait to hear about more dates in the U.S. for 2010.
24 October, 2009
Live on youtube this Sunday
Excellent idea!! This is an opportunity for the worldwide fans to see a live show. And I'm looking forward to the DVD release!
24 October, 2009
highly Monday has 04:30( france ) to see you bigggg kisses
23 October, 2009
U2 will lord over thee airwaves Saw them a month ago for the 1st time Now my first computer concert my first cyber-tailgating Only U2 with thee Spirit could do this
23 October, 2009
Can't wait for it my dear lads!.
What a great opportunity to every U2 fan to watch this huge and massive gig with one of the most hardcore audiences ever! I wanna thank U2 and the YouTube personnel who have worked hard enough to bring us this fantastic show streamed live from the Rose Bowl.
23 October, 2009
Somebody told me that for some reason (IP Adresses), in Lima, Peru we could not see this event. I am buying a bigger LCD to connect it in my laptop, but please tell me if we could see this magnificent event. Cheers, Guillermo Stucchi Lima, Peru
22 October, 2009
This is another reason U2 is awesome
How cool is this? I can't wait! They are always thinking of new or unique ways of doing things. Thank you U2! I've been a fan since 1992 and it just gets better and better as time goes on! :)
22 October, 2009
Two shows in ONE week
Looking forward to watching the show on U2ube and then going to the show in Vancouver on Wednesday following! Cheapest way to see 2 shows in one week!
22 October, 2009
Wow U2:))
I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow ( yeah),but I will be sitting in a front of my laptop on Sunday for this experience on Sunday as well. Great idea. I am sure it will be memorable as always U2 shows are. Lots of love
22 October, 2009
Going to be SOOOOO Cool!!!
I Can't wait for sunday!! This will bring back all the memories from the Chicago 1st concert! (Which was amazing by the way!) I am so looking forward to this coming out on DVD so I'll be able to show my friends how amazing the shows are!! God BLESS U2!!!
22 October, 2009
can't wait!
As a 25-year U2 fan who ended up not being able to make the TX shows due to work (boo hiss!), I'm thrilled you all are doing this. So much so that a friend and I have organized a party to watch the show on his 60" HD screen, hooked up to a killer sound system. I'd been moping around for days thinking this was the 1st U2 tour ever that I was going to miss; so thank you!!! That distant roar you'll be hearing emanating from points east is us over here in Austin. Cheers.
22 October, 2009
I'll set the alarm clock very very early on monday morning here in italy!!!
22 October, 2009
Can't wait to get the DVD. Hope they add "Bad" and "The Fly"... those are excellent live.
22 October, 2009
the world meets u2
is there any stopping them...well done U2 for yet another brain storming idea! late night...opps morning, for me and the family and the neighbours who will be hearing you loud and clear!!
22 October, 2009
Sunday Happy Sunday
This was the best news that the Brazilian fans could receive, but unfortunately it is difficult to go from one place to another to see a U2 concert! * We want the U2 in Brazil in 2010! *
22 October, 2009
STILL trying to get someone to work for me the last 4 hours of my shift at the hospital so I can watch this awesomeness live....arrrgh...praying....praying..was in Chicago 1 and 2 and just saw em in Oklahoma-really want to see you on Sunday////Please Play Bad for the DVD!
22 October, 2009
Please allow other countries to see the gig too, don't leave us behind!
21 October, 2009
Buddy Holly would be proud!
I had a ticket to see U2 in Pheonix, but couldn't make it due to financial emergencies. I am so heart broken over this. I last saw the band in Salt Lake City in 1997 on their POPMART tour and before that on the WAR tour. It is easy to say that they are my favorite band. What I want to know is why they never play in Lubbock Texas! C'mon, the hometown of Buddy Holly. I figured this would be one town they would never miss. Just a thought!! Oh and it's also where I was born.
21 October, 2009
Just I hope to their come to Chile
Just magnificent i'm gonne watch, i want to be sunday now!
21 October, 2009
u tube concert
why was croke park not live on u-tube i was there in '85, and every U2 concert after that . i grew up with u2. i was 18 in 85 and the jacks were back
21 October, 2009
I think its great news, but why isnt it available to everyone? I live in Argentina, and It will not be available in my country. U2 have come to my country only twice, it would have been nice if we could at least be able to be part of this fantastic world wide event. Apart from this, I still think its an amazing news :-)
21 October, 2009
oh no. i have a slowly bandwidth in our smal town. this is not possible for me :-( hope to get a dvd someday please u2 & put this on dvd or blu ray.
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