04 January, 2017
40-Years Young!
It was '85, I was 13, and my best friends older sister handed me Under a Blood Red Sky...on a cassette tape. It was instant karma, and I've been hooked ever since. Now, with more disposable income as a 'grown up', I'm an avid collector, steady subscriber, and have seen them live more than a half dozen times...twice on my actual birthday. Can't wait to see where they'll be this July! Happy New Year, and here's to 'Experience'!
25 November, 2016
Lifelong influence
At age 15 on March 14, 1982 at the Indianapolis Convention Center I went to see J. Geils and wound up hooked for life on the 4 man band from Dublin that opened up for them! Got me through high school, college, and life. Thanks for the memories guys! Can't wait to see you again soon.
27 September, 2016
Happy 40th! U2
Thank you Larry for getting together in your kitchen to Form the greatest band in the World, U2! We celebrate you- Larry, Bono Vox, The Edge & Adam! Happy 40th! You are My soundtrack in life and to Many others not just in Los Angeles but around the world! Congrats U2! Alex " Pee Wee"
25 September, 2016
Happy Birthday
Brazil loves U2 U2Fortaleza loves U2 40 Years marking our lives. Great, thanks, gooo
25 September, 2016
The Immortal Dubliners
1976, September 25: "Feedback"! On March 1977 they became "The Hype" and twelve months later U2 were born!!!
25 September, 2016
It was Fedback, then they became The Hype
24 September, 2016
I am pretty sure they were The Hype and Feedback. COME BACK TO BOSTON!!!!
23 September, 2016
Hello its me Electricco, I'm a U2 fan for 33 years ....
23 September, 2016
still relevant to music and millions of fans around the globe congratulations U2..
22 September, 2016
Dalton Brothers
I would like to see Luke, Duke, Alton, and their sister Betty again!
22 September, 2016
The band U2 Vertigo tribute to celebrate the 40 years in concert at Club Chocolate .. Santiago Chile Greetings and happy 40 years U2
22 September, 2016
a.k.a, The Larry Mullen Band/Feedback/The Hype
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