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23 Oct 200928
We've just heard you'll be able to watch U2's live stream on YouTube where ever you are.

If you've got access to the net, if you can get YouTube, you can watch U2 live on Sunday night from the Rose Bowl.

They're billing it as the world's greatest band on the world's largest stage. That stage just got bigger.


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I'm waiting.... oh, I'm waiting... waiting... and then, big bang U2 live, and I not going to work even though it's Monday morning... can you imagine anything more optimistic than that? Wow! Neither do I!
can't wait!
i cant wait till tomorrow!im going to the rosebowl show. my dad says this'll be the best show he'll ever go to, and he's seen bands like yes, the who, steely dan, so you know this will be a great show. im so excited, U2 is one of my fav bands
can't wait!
i cant wait till tomorrow!im going to the rosebowl show. my dad says this'll be the best show he'll ever go to, and he's seen bands like yes, the who, steely dan, so you know this will be a great show. im so excited, U2 is one of my fav bands
medical emergency had to fly home
Hi, My wife & I have waited years to see our favorite band of all time. We bought tickets for the Vegas show almost 6 months ago, along with flight & room reservations. Approx. 7 weeks ago my father in law's cancer put him in the hospital. After agreeing with doctors he was close to the end, we brought him to Lake tahoe to be with us till the end. Up until Tuesday afternoon we were not sure if we could make it to the concert until the home hospice nurse cleared us to leave.We flew to Vegas wednesday & by Friday he had gotten worse. We had to check out on Friday (3 hours before the concert) to take an emergency flight home. Upon arriving home last night I am glad we did come home as we do not expect him to make it through the night. I am not sure why I am telling this. I guess I am trying to say that I wanted more than anything to see U2 just once in my life, but when it comes to family, everyone should be there for them! For all who did see them, I hope you had a great time!
thank you thank you thank you ,obregado, merci, spasiba, gracias, danke, and DAKUJEM in slovak language. This is one of the most amazing news in my life, it's unbeleavable when your dream comes true... i think there's unfinished bussiness for u2... kick off the greatest rock'n'roll show the world has ever seen... 4:30 AM Monday .. Slovakia...ready.. i'll be there..i'll be part of it... priceless... { neverending "thank you" for you guys ... " }
PErfect Combination,U2-YouTube
That is the best thing that can happen in the world!!!!!
Adam's girls will be watching...
We were in the red zone at Relaint Stadium in Houston,U2 was soooo awesome, rocked the entire place, It was a week and a half ago but we are still pumped from the concert, we can't wait to see them again on You Tube this weekend. Love you Bono and Adam and Larry and Edge ya'll rock. J & M & L San Antonio, Texas
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks
I was so disappointed as I heard that the concert won't be available in Germany. But now, I'm looking forward to this event again :)
I am so happy that the problem was solved and everyone will be able to watch the gig!!! thank you for that, you're the best!
so cool so great im exciting
so great¡¡¡ ill can see in Colombia great¡¡¡ thank for LET ME IN THE SOUND..
Great News!!
This is awsome! I went to the Chicago 1st night and that was amazing!! Can't Wait For Sunday! God Bless U2 . . . . .
Bono takes my son on stage
One of the most icredible moments for our family and especially my son as Bono reaches down and chooses to bring my son on stage in Vegas! It was unbelievable. I can't wait for the pictures although a moment we will never forget.
U2- Chlidren of a revolution :)
..and this is why U2 are a revolutionary band !! Thank you guys so much!! I'm telling you, whole Sarajevo will be awake at 2:30 am :) This is so amazing...U2 fans all around at the world united... I'm kind of speechless, and that happens almost....never :) I love you so so so so much!!
Great news :-)
In Denmark the show is early Monday morning... what an awsome way to kick off the week!!
I can't wait to see it. I saw you guys 4 days ago in Phoenix. Can't wait to see the concert on you tube. Like the other person said. Can this handle alot of people??? I hope so I have someone who wanted to go with couldnt and he wanted to see you guys.
Great news :-)
In Denmark the show is early Monday morning... what an awsome way to kick off the week!!
Thank you
Thank you, thank you! This is the best birthday gift I've ever got!
Thank You
Thank you to the whole U2 organization for making the Rose Bowl concert available for everyone to watch. Saw the show in Toronto last month, was an excellent show and I am looking forward to the simulcast this Sunday.
This is the first world pay it forward...thank you sooooooo much : ) not only pumped to watch U2 livesteam... But I'll be watching and dancing with the whole world... The planet will be vibrating.., huge XOXOs to U2..
cant wait
well im irish and have seen u2 live 3 times back home last time in slane castle it was awsume. Me and my wife were going to see u2 in vancouver and we cant wait. Will be watching u2 on Sunday on youtube for sure.
That´s Great and how bigger can it get i mean did you make a mix bewteen Zoo Tv, Popmart, And The 360 Stage so you have a 360 big screen, and 10 more little ones and a lemon that moves around the stadium, I Mean that will be an excellent idea if you think about it tell that to the band an lets see if they like the idea and mail me so i get invited to the stage designing. Than You for reading This
Im pumped
I live in Edmonton Canada (U2 PLEASE come here next year!!!) and i couldn't go to vancouver so this will be my concert for the year!
. . .and again, the greatest band on earth with another great idea.Regards from Irapuato, México, we are waiting for U2 !!!!!!!
Now I won't feel guilty about our friends that WEREN'T going to be able to share the event with us! Thanks U2ube--we can't wait! <3
Around the world
Great job guys!!! A nice big gift to all fans around the world!!! Thanks!!! Was @ Giants Stadium 9/24/09 An AWESOME show! Guys Thanks again!
Can I watch from inside the Rose Bowl?
Or would that be fruitless? ;)
Can't wait...
I can't wait to see U2 on YouTube! I saw them 22 days ago in Charlottesville, VA and they were awesome! Thanks U2... you definitly think of your fans!
I don't know how YT will be able to handle this, but it is GREAT anyway! Can't wait! :D And thanks!
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