A pretty special release arrives for Record Store Day on April 18th: the Deluxe version of Songs of Innocence - on double black vinyl.

The two 12" 180g black vinyl discs come inside the 'white label' sleeve.

Disc One features Songs Of Innocence while Disc Two features the bonus tracks from the Deluxe CD release -  'Lucifer's Hands', 'The Crystal Ballroom', 'The Troubles (Alternative Version)', 'Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake)',  'Invisible' - plus the Acoustic Sessions.

It's a strictly limited edition - each copy is numbered - and when you get yours, you're also supporting your local participating indie store.  


02 May, 2015
#2035 Vienna
02 May, 2015
Yes. Found one
Picked up my copy in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. Was the first in line at 07:15 my local record store. Only two copies. Had to wait until 9:00 but worth the wait. number 4981 is mine :-)
27 April, 2015
Alex (alx69me)
Got my copy @ Amoeba. Hollywood, Ca. Best record store in the United States!
25 April, 2015
i got my copy too, #1973 of 5000, thanks to my local record story Ray's Music in Eindhoven
25 April, 2015
Picked mine up today(4/25) there were two left on the shelf, now there's #608 @ Creep Records. Philly !!
25 April, 2015
3672/5000 in Atlanta area. Got a late start and didn't get to the store until after 11am, it was there the only one they got.
25 April, 2015
Yes !
1419/5000 In Paris !
25 April, 2015
#3542 in Newport News, Virginia!
David Kim
24 April, 2015
Got copy 2551/5000 in Seattle. Now, ready to head up to Vancouver for the first week of the tour!
24 April, 2015
I'm very happy!!!!
I have number 4508/5000!!!! It's really beautiful release!!!!! From Santa Maria di licodia (Sicily).
23 April, 2015
YES, I got my copy!
I got it! And very happy white it!!!! Thanks to my record store!
23 April, 2015
Santa Barbara
Found #508 in Santa Barbara!
22 April, 2015
4185 in cuneo italy
21 April, 2015
Thank you Brother
I was in North Wales for my holidays, went to Chester, but there was no decent recordshop participating. Thanks to my brother( back in Holland) I got one, no. 1444/5000 He's not a U2 fan at all, but thought of me... Thanks bro!
21 April, 2015
Oui n° 2758 / 5000 in Strasbourg (France)
eric naulaerts1
21 April, 2015
No luck
There's not even a decent record store in my city since years.
20 April, 2015
Got mine after a 8 hr wait very cold wait but turned into a very cool piece to have in my hand i was 1st in the line thx you The Vault in christchurch dorset england love RSD
20 April, 2015
Well worth the wait!
I was the first in line to grab a copy of this great vinyl album. #374 in Seattle, WA!!!! Love it!!!
20 April, 2015
U2 and Tool.
Got #0189 of 5000! Hope I also got the bonus "Tool" EP that was mistakenly put inside - talk about a bonus. 2 fav. rock bands in one sleeve!
20 April, 2015
No realease in Brazil!! Tried it up and down with no sucess. Sad for not being able to buy a copy.
20 April, 2015
Again, no luck. The shops over here only get a few copies .If they get any copies at all. On the internet the prices immediately sky rocketed after the release. Just like with the ''Ordinary Love" and "Wide Awake in Europe" release. Many (most?) of the records don't go to the fans but to internet-traders. Stop Records Store Day to avid more gaps in my collection.
20 April, 2015
Songs of innocence RSD
i got my copy I was second in line at frank Harvey hfi Coventry I'm so happy thank you U2 for this and supporting RSD shame people were putting straight on eBay I'm keeping my copy forever love this lip.
20 April, 2015
005/5000 I have 4 LP
19 April, 2015
I got both white label and with Bono on it!!
19 April, 2015
Record Store Day items
Picked up my copy of Songs of Innocence Limited LP and Daughters and Sons early demos LP at Head record store in Bristol
18 April, 2015
A Vision in White
I bought it today!
18 April, 2015
Great day!got my copy!now waiting for the 11/11 show in Paris!
18 April, 2015
Very Happy With the Product
After searching the internet after it was sold out in Dublin, I finally found it in a small music store in Co. Carlow, Ireland. Very happy with the final product and glad I stuck at finding it.
18 April, 2015
Can't find the album
I would've loved to have supported my local Indie store, had they gotten any of the albums they ordered!
18 April, 2015
After standing in line several hours, I was happy to get the one copy that was shipped to my store. Looks like in the US 5,000 copies made. Not very many at each location though. I am thrilled to have a copy.
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