When Elbow got together as a band while they were all teenagers, U2's Rattle and Hum was what they were listening to. 'Running To Stand Still' was one of the first songs they ever performed - earlier this year they recorded a cover version of it for a 'War Child' benefit album.

We caught up with lead singer Guy Garvey backstage at Wembley Stadium this afternoon, a few hours before they play to their biggest audience yet.


16 August, 2009
This is the 3rd time I have seen elbow in the last year, cambridge corn exchange and wembley arena. Great band, lovely songs. They did a great set and their songs came over really well. Everyone should own a copy of A SELDOM SEEN KID its so beautiful. Thank you Elbow
16 August, 2009
Elbow blow me away
Having Elbow supporting U2 was the icing on the cake for me as I am a huge fan and have already seen them twice this year. They played their usual blinding set of some of the most beautiful songs ever written. Guy was his usual lovely self and so gracious about U2. Their music was more than capable of filling such a huge venue and the crowd seemed to enjoy it too. Thanks boys.
16 August, 2009
WEMBLEY FRIDAY - Go Elbow - you rock :-)
Great performance by Elbow on Friday at Wemble-eee. Such a mellow then rockin' then dreamy warm-up -- loved it!!! Purrrrrfick! I wanna know what you were all laughing at -- someone was winding up those fiddling gurlls and it looked funny! XXXX
16 August, 2009
elbow brilliant
bought their albums few month before seeing them on friday and i must say he was brilliant live .. his voice is fantastic lyrics amazing one to watch now and im seeing them again on thursday at sheffield woo hooo ,, and they did exactly what was asked of them and more they defo warmed the crowed up but on top of that they are a truly genuine quality band they sing from the heart xxx
15 August, 2009
As a fellow Manc, can I just say how proud and blown away by Guy and the lads yesterday evening. Brilliant set - and they showed they had guts by playing not only some of the less accessible songs from their magnificent "Seldom Seen Kid" but also by having a string quartet (who were all both fantastic musicians and ABSOLUTELY beautiful too!). Guy was himself - self-deprecating, down to earth and a great laff. And "One Day Like This" not only was superb in terms of how it reverbarated around the stadium but also really summed up the whole evening. For those of you new to the splendaer that is Elbow - get out there and buy Seldom Seen Hid!
15 August, 2009
Class Act
i have to say u2 certainly pick some great acts to warm up the evening and this time was no exception. the killers in Cardiff 2005 were great but i was a little annoyed at missing out on snow Patrol this time around. Having said that the professionalism and original nature of ELBOW was very appealing and i plan to check out more of their material
15 August, 2009
The Hours/Elbow
Well done guys. Loved both of you. Not heard much of the hours but I will buy your album now, Already have Elbow and they are a great band.
15 August, 2009
"Great Expectations" ;)
This title from an Elbow's song shows what I'm feeling: I'm expecting U2 to come to PORTUGAL next year, as they said during an interview. I still have hope and U2 + Elbow would be the perfect night :) Hope to see you soon...
14 August, 2009
One Day like This...
...can last a lifetime! Thanks Elbow (and the Hours) for great support, you certainly got the crowd going well. Hope to see you again sometime soon.
14 August, 2009
Throw those curtains wide . . .
Go Elbow!! Great band. Come to Nashville!!!
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