Red Hill Mining Town (2017 Mix)

21 Mar 201755

Steve Lillywhite's 2017 mix of Red Hill Mining Town is set for a limited edition release on picture disc to mark Record Store Dayon April 22nd.

The 12" disc features two classic Anton Corbijn photos.

'Red Hill Mining Town', originally inspired by Bono’s reading of 'Red Hill: A Mining Community' by Tony Parker, is known as 'the single that never was'.

It was going to be the second single from The Joshua Tree but at the last minute was put to one side in favour of 'I Still Haven't Found What I’m Looking For'. The rest is history...

The vinyl will be available at all participating Record Store Day stores. More here.

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Got mine today!! I was told i can only look at it and not play it as I will scratch their faces.:(
Brilliant Version
RHMT was my favourite song of JT in 1987 and the new version is even better. Can't wait to fly out from my home town of Melbourne, Australia to see the best band in the world in San Fran and at the Rose Bowl in May.
How do I get this in the USA or Canada?
Any help to buy this either in Montreal or New York?
A beautiful blend of old and new
This is a beautiful piece of art from the disc itself, the added horns and the 2017 vocals mixed with the 1987 vocals in the chorus. It's flawless and works very well. Enjoy, it will be interesting to see how the songs sounds live now. So excited to see the Joshua Tree live in Seattle next month!
Red Hill Mining Town,
Got my copy yesterday, amazed how Bono's voice is still so strong singing this.. in an interview he says he's singing better now, as he used to "scream" songs..he had to learn to sing properly. Amazing vocals, also liking the addition of the brass band.
Red Hill Mining Town
Bought my copy today on Record Store Day!!
Got it today... Sounds very nice. See you guy's in Belgium...
Nicely Done
Love how a great tune can be tweaked to become something new and exciting without effecting its original power and the memories tied to it.
RSD - success!
Just got this at RSD in New York City! Psyched!
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better. This remix is even more effective than original mix. I can't help but get overwhelmed with emotion. Outstanding job guys. Keep up the great work. Thank you.
Got it
Landed in Kerkrade ;)
Paul Bertens
Got it!!
Recordshop Sounds in Tilburg, The Netherlands< had a copy for me. Fantastic new mix and vocals. Love it
Just bought mine!
Just bought the the last copy at Redeye Records in Sydney. It was meant to be.
Got one !
Just got my mitts on RHMT 2017 in RPM Records in Cuba St, Wellington, New Zealand. So excited to secure a copy way down here in NZ.
Favorite song off of JT
I am super excited about this! Can not wait to hear it in person
Beautiful Remix
I am dying to hear the rest and to get my hands on this song to jam it all the way through. I love the addition of the horns.
Red Hill Town <>
Just heard the entire new mix from Dave Fanning's show. I really like it! Well done boys!
I knew much more then, than I do now...
Can't believe it was 30 years ago. Bring on the tour. See you at Twickenham in July!
thank you Bono and u2 for the songs. Especially Red Hill Mining Town the song is like a lullaby exquisite and emotional. keep rocking u2. you are legends and I will be a fan forever.
I fell in love with the Joshua tree album as soon as I heard it in 1987 when I was 18. the songs are special and beautiful thank you u2 for bringing the music back and good luck with the tour. love from Cindy in Melbourne Australia
My only fear I and other fans might not get a look in ....... But hey it sounds amazing guys ...... Great job as always
I can't wait for next summer...
Just to say about it that I'm so happy to discover that Bono's voice is still so important for this song, and today like yesterday it's so emotional, maybe getting old his voice becomes more precious in my opinion. This song is for today!
Still Good
This song is still good after all these years! Remake sounds great guys! Just love hearing Bono's voice!
Super song
Just goes to show you how good they are and why they are the best band in the world as this song stood the test of time and still sounds amazing.
So good...
I'll support any version that puts a chill down my spine, as this does. With U2, the more the can bet I'll be waiting in line for this on RSD.
Great Membership Renewal Gift
With only 7000 copies being made I hope all U2 fans will be able to get a copy. It would of been a great membership renewal gift. Best of luck everyone that wants this vinyl for Record Store Day! LOVE Red Hill Mining Town!
1987...2017...still THE most beautiful s
My heart can hardly withstand the wait...see you fellas at the Rose Bowl.
Love this
I love this mix of Red Hill Mining Town. Sounds exciting.
Sir Anton Corbijn, not "Corbin" ;-)
Red Hill
Yah..I agree. The original is far better. The original had more vocal passion...I like screams.. This one is too restrained. Can't wait for the tour fellas!
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