'The photobook and CD have arrived ! It's simply unbelievable and takes me back to the six shows I went to in Europe. What a mindblowing CD. They're only getting better ....'

A handsome parcel enclosing From The Ground Up: Music Edition is now landing, with a thud, on the doorsteps of subscribers around the world.

The lavish photobook telling the inside story of U2360°, complete with the limited-edition CD Edge's Picks, is getting rave reviews.

'My copy arrived yesterday and it made my year. The design and quality are incredible, and the music? Wow!  From the very first listen I was transported back to Croke Park on those two incredible nights...'

Great reception too for the FIVE bonus live downloads available as soon as you subscribe (or resubscribe) to - Desire, Pride, Angel of Harlem, Spanish Eyes and No Line On The Horizon.
 'An absolutely brilliant 2012 for live music from many, many thanks.'

Got your copy yet?
What's the standout track?
Best story in the book ?
How does this subscription gift compare with last year's 'U22'?
Tell us what you think and add your own review in the comments below.


23 January, 2013
Just Superb! (The Netherlands)
It finally arrived, I was getting worried, haha! The live tracks are as good as always. Also a big compliment for the magnificent book! Good job guys!! Greetings from Maastricht-The Netherlands.
22 January, 2013
Arrived today in Co. Antrim. Superb quality on sound and the glossy book is well worth the reason why U2 need to release a new album and tour again! Cheers.
22 January, 2013
just got mine.....
My book just landed today, in Jardim Guanabara, Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro. It is a great work of art. Again U2 is giving their fans what they want: memories and great music. What can I say. U2 is the best rock´roll band in the world...............
22 January, 2013
This is about as good as it gets! I remember receiving the old Melon Remixes CD from Propaganda back in the day...I would have to go all the way back to then to remember the last time I was so moved by a band showing some genuine love towards it's fans. Thanks fellas!
22 January, 2013
Just go mine !!!!
And i was like a kid opening a christmas present, emotion is leaving me speachless... the best quality, the best songs, the best of the best, U2 will never stop amazing me... thanks...
22 January, 2013
Thank you very much from Spain, is a fantastic gift makes us remember happy moments in these dark times in which we live.Thanks really
21 January, 2013
I have been waiting so long and today it finally arrived here in Toronto, all the tracks sound amazing especially "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" and "Your Blue Room" THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
21 January, 2013
Absolute Quality
Just arrived in the post, From The Ground Up and once again U2 have produced another fantastic piece of merchandise for us fans. Thanx to all involved and brings the memories of the 360 tour flooding back
21 January, 2013
great live recordinds
Magnificent...Blue room!!! That's defenitly the best side of U2: live. Songs are getting better after have been playing live for a while. This should be the way to put out a new record. First sort of a demo, secondly make them grow up live and finally put these songs on an album. This should be "un album abouti"
20 January, 2013
Thanks Edge!
These recordings send shivers down my spine. Thank you U2!
Scott Cleaver
20 January, 2013
U2 Nz Fans...
Any toher u2 fans in NZ want to chat about the latest 360 Music Edition book and CD?? Thought we could get together over coffee...let me know... on here i suppose as the commuinty section is still out for now :) Scott
20 January, 2013
which one is better U22 or From the Grou
I´ve got my copy just before newyearsday. It is great. I love the book although I just watched the photographs. I haven´t got time to read it yet. I really enjoyed the music. I can´t really figure out which one I like best U22 or From the Ground Up with Edge Pick´s.
20 January, 2013
Made it to Auckland
Mine has arrived in New Zealand, love Edges picks!
19 January, 2013
I am entirely impressed with _From the Ground Up_...and I haven't even listened to the live tracks yet! The photos and insights offered in the book are astoundingly cool. Brings me right back to Chicago!
19 January, 2013
Just received in Birmingham, AL; loved everything have been a fan since I saw my 1st show at the old Omni in Atlanta back in the 80's. Thank you!!!!
19 January, 2013
how long to sing this song...
finally arrived in melbourne australia on friday, what a fantastic gift for us fans!! loving breathe, boots and 40.....
19 January, 2013
What a great gift this is, shows the respect U2 has for the fans. Thank you for sharing this with us. Love u and hope to see you again real soon. Greetz from Eveline (Rotterdam Holland)
19 January, 2013
Can't Wait!
Tomorrow I will actually get my hands on it !!!
19 January, 2013
Hard to beat (but you always do it again
I just received my FTGU in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it´s truly amazing ... No doubt a gift to treasure, and proud to say I was part of this! I think that to overcome this gift, next year there will be gift only for four fans, and you'll have to send in separate boxes to Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry. Thanks to all who made it possible
19 January, 2013
I LOVE it. The book is beautiful, obviously written, designed and printed with care. I love Edge's picks and that U2 decided to take some risks and play songs like Electrical Storm, Miss Sarajevo, and Your Blue Room. The inclusion of New Year's Day is also welcome, as it's an all-time favorite. I feel like I received a soundtrack of my life going back to when I was 13 and discovered U2 with the War album, and it's also a fantastic memento of a great tour.
19 January, 2013
can't put the book down such a great read and the live disc is absolutley superb.thank you U2 very much :D
David Kim
19 January, 2013
Well done!
Alright, this subscriber gift is the best has ever offered! A very well designed and thick book (packaged much better for shipping than U22 by the way or any of other of's past gifts). Well done!
18 January, 2013
Amazing Tracks !
I've listened to the five tracks put up for download as I haven't got my hands o FTGU yet, it's arrived at my other address. I have to say I'm a little sad that Larry's drum solo didn't make the final version of '40' but probably this is a suggestion for us to go see the Live Shows if we want the Whole Thing !!!
18 January, 2013
Brought me back to the amazing show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena! There is nobody like U2!!
18 January, 2013
even better than 22
I loved U22, but along with an amazing Book, Edge's Picks blew me away. I cant stop listening to Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill ( I loved hearing that live in person in Pittsburgh), also Your Blue room and scarlet help make this album absolutely awesome.
18 January, 2013
The amazing book is in da house. Yesterday i had a great surprise, my copy of the book, with the wonderfull of the 360º recopilation arrived. I doesnt have words, just thanks, thank you very much to the U2 Team, it's an incredible and priceless piece of collection. My best regards for all U2 Team.
18 January, 2013
Finalmente....libro di grande effetto: SPETTACOLO!!!!!
18 January, 2013
Finally the wait is over, a rekindling for my love of the band's music is in progress!!!!!!
18 January, 2013
ARRIVED !!!!!!
17 January, 2013
karl 20
got from the ground up 2day just great your blue room is amazing should have made the u22 cut thank you
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