'The photobook and CD have arrived ! It's simply unbelievable and takes me back to the six shows I went to in Europe. What a mindblowing CD. They're only getting better ....'

A handsome parcel enclosing From The Ground Up: Music Edition is now landing, with a thud, on the doorsteps of subscribers around the world.

The lavish photobook telling the inside story of U2360°, complete with the limited-edition CD Edge's Picks, is getting rave reviews.

'My copy arrived yesterday and it made my year. The design and quality are incredible, and the music? Wow!  From the very first listen I was transported back to Croke Park on those two incredible nights...'

Great reception too for the FIVE bonus live downloads available as soon as you subscribe (or resubscribe) to - Desire, Pride, Angel of Harlem, Spanish Eyes and No Line On The Horizon.
 'An absolutely brilliant 2012 for live music from many, many thanks.'

Got your copy yet?
What's the standout track?
Best story in the book ?
How does this subscription gift compare with last year's 'U22'?
Tell us what you think and add your own review in the comments below.


12 June, 2013
From the ground up arrived in cavan today,was blown away by the quality of the book and edges picks awesome,electrical storm,scarlet,hold me thrill me kiss me kill me,your blue room all amazing.What a wonderful gift, thank you U2 for the memories and cant wait to receive U22 and zoo tv both of which are in the post.Hopefully we wont have to wait too long for the new album.
17 May, 2013
Am waiting for mine to arrive,the 5 bonus tracks are awesome,cant wait to hear the full cd going by the reviews its getting.As always you are guaranteed a great show to remember by U2
20 February, 2013
Favourite Track !
My favourite track from Edge's Picks is Electrical Storm, they totally nailed it !!!
11 February, 2013
I was getting mad.. and tired of waiting. But it was worthy. I got mine last saturday, I'm really happy, it totally rocks. Stand out track: Your Blue Room!!!!
06 February, 2013
Amazing book !!!! Amazing songs!!! Amazing quality!!! Thank you so much U2 for this amazing gift!!!
06 February, 2013
U2 love!!!!!!!!!!!
Sooooooooo cooooooooool!!!!!!!!
06 February, 2013
love, voice, peace, hope,,, All is thank you!
04 February, 2013
With the Rose Bowl DVD, the U22 set, and Edge's Picks, I feel that I have a fairly complete song list from the 360 tour, including the songs performed at Mile High in Denver. The sound quality is excellent too.
03 February, 2013
Lavish !!!
Lavish Baby !!!
01 February, 2013
one of the best Christmas presents ever
Just love the book, lithographs, bookmarks, cd's = 360 U22, Zoo tv, Edge's pick. Each part is a fabulous collection piece but together wow. I'm more of a U2 fan than before.
31 January, 2013
Thanks U2
Big THANKS! to U2 and everyone involved in getting this music edition to us subscribers. U2 always set the standard when it comes to live shows, and in how they treat they're fans. Well done on this latest offering, simply fantastic.
31 January, 2013
Just arrived!
Amazing book! Love it!
31 January, 2013
Salvo2905, I agree with you!!!
I'm from sicily too and had my copy today. Had not yet time to hear it all, but Your Blue Room is OUTSTANDING!!!! for sure. Thanks Edge to put together this CD; I'm without BREATHE for the astonishing book, felt taken in an ELECTRICAL STORM (missed it in Milan, I was at the previuos show) and suddenly went CRAZY!! Thanks U2 for taking me again at those wonderful evenings (Milano and Roma) when you took us to the sky, without falling down...
31 January, 2013
From the ground up book Just arrived At my home here in Sicily!!!!Great book and nice tracklist on Edge picks cd!!!!!!Your Blue Room is fantastic!!!!!! Now Mothers of disappeared download please!!!!!!!
31 January, 2013
Simply Unbelievable !
It's simply unbelievable that I Haven't been able to listen to the cd or read the fantastic book because of my exams...but at least I took a quick look at it !!!
30 January, 2013
Simply amazing!!! You guys are always raising the bar!!!! Wonderful material and CD.
28 January, 2013
Just came in!!
Just wanted to say that my copy of the Ground up came in today and it is simply unbeleiveable and I can't wait to read it all and thanks U2 for choosing 40 that was played in my backyard in Moncton NB and show number 2 that I was.. Thanks and hope to see you again on tour..
28 January, 2013
My from the ground up arrived today! And you guys spoiled us again with a very nice present! Other bands could take an example how to treat their fans.....
27 January, 2013
Pure Bliss in Southern MN USA
I knew when I heard the dogs barking at the mailman my package was here. And when Hubby handed me my much anticipated package I screamed like the girls did when Elvis shook his pelvis. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry your music and lyrics touch every part of my soul. No other band comes close to what you give your fans. Pure bliss!
27 January, 2013
Thank you from Germany
Absolut the highest Heartbeat when i pick up the Package ...feels so heavy in my hand. Opening and getting blast off from the visual Look.... Love the Pictures from the Chicago Skyline, Bono dancing in the Rain in Moscow, The Edge at Glastonbury with "This in no Rehersal" Letters in the Back...and being surprised to find a View from the Berlin Stage, ONE of three Concerts who i am... "My Blue Room" an Electrical Storm" never sounds better on this GREAT Edges Picks CD. To have 43 Tracks (U22+15 Edges+6 Downloads) are more than i dream of to have from this unforgettable Tour.
26 January, 2013
Perfect !
I've got my hands on it ! It's a perfect physical and spiritual manifestation of's care for the fans !
25 January, 2013
Seriously amazing gift!
Got my copy safely delivered this week and was amazed to find what was hiding inside the box. Love the CD (Your Blue Room and Electrical Storm are the standouts) but the book went way beyond my expectations. Thankyou U2, there are many reasons why U2 are the best band ever and this is one of them!
25 January, 2013
Massachusetts Boots
Finally - An official release of a song from a show I attended! Edge, excellent choices on the versions of these tunes and thank you, the band, Willie, Joe, Paul and everyone for letting us in the audience be a part of the show every night. I was at 5 of these things: Dublin 1 & 2, Foxboro 1 & 2, and New Jersey-2011. All of us are getting ready for next time. Kevin in Massachusetts
25 January, 2013
Just listening to it now
Came home from a fabulous day at work....and there it was waiting for me! I am presently listening to it for the first time and it is bringing me back to the concert! The book is incredible too! I am so impressed. I will have to hide away and spend some time reliving the moments this weekend! I am always amazed at the quality of what is sent to me....I have been a fan since my first concert in Toronto in 1985...nothing has changed...still my favourite band of all times! It is not only the music and the merchandise that impresses me; it is also their passions and convictions of making changed in this world! They speak my language!
25 January, 2013
From The Ground Up just made it to Hudson Florida! I was expecting something somewhat cheap, I was buying it for the CD anyway. But I was not prepared for what I received today, a beautiful full size hard cover book with immaculate detail! This is the best tour documenting I've ever seen! is delivering only the finest keepsakes to fans all around the world! They keep me subscribing year after year! This book and CD is just as elaborate as the 360 Tour itself! Thank you so much!!!
24 January, 2013
from the ground up arrived yesterday here in buenos aires, argentina. it''s amazing. thank you so much u2. now we need a new record and tour. god bless you
24 January, 2013
Got my copy today in Adelaide Australia and It is fantastic what a great book with great photos and the live tracks are the best. U22 was good but this takes it to a whole new level and takes me back to Suncorp Stadium what a great show Well done and Thank you. U2 do look after the fans !!
23 January, 2013
Thanks so much!
My copy arrived today. It is wonderful! The cd is again amazing. So excited to have "Electrical Storm", "Your Blue Room" and "Hold Me, Thrill Me..." The book is so nice! Great photos, can't wait to read it. Thanks!
23 January, 2013
23 January, 2013
Simply Amazing
Thank you for a quite incredible package just for the fans. Couldn't put the book down - incredibly good read. Loved the B&W photos. And as for the CD - great choices by Edge, especially Blue Room, Breathe and 40 (great Bono blessing). What do you do to top that?
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