Edge has been talking to Rolling Stone about the decade passing... and the one arriving while the magazine has made No Line on the Horizon their 'Album of the Year' and Moment of Surrender their 'Song of the Year'.

Here's some highlights of what Edge had to say.

What do you foresee for U2 in the next decade?
I can't think that things will change radically for us, because we are already enjoying being in the band. It matters to us that we still make music that connects, and we are still capable of potentially doing our best-ever album. It's not a foregone conclusion that our best work is behind us. That still makes it really exciting.

It also makes you unique at this juncture in your career.
We get that. Sometimes I think, 'Why has it been so difficult for people in the past to maintain that?' We're still learning. We're still ambitious creatively, in terms of where we can take the band. There's an awful lot there for us.

Is that belief true for all four of you?
We all genuinely believe it. It's not arrogance. It's because we are still hungry. There's no reason why we can't do this. You think about other art forms and artists - filmmakers, painters, sculptors. It doesn't follow that your best work is done in your late twenties, early thirties, and then it's downhill. Unfortunately, that's the way rock & roll has panned out. But we don't buy that. Our only limitation is our ability to apply ourselves, to be hard-minded on our work. We push and push until we get to those special pieces of music, those lyrics. And it doesn't arrive on call. You can't turn it on. It needs time spent and time spent in the right frame of mind.
There is no short cut. We end up, at a certain point, at the same place - the band in the room, trying to make something happen. And when it does, it's a magic thing. There is no denying it.

Read the whole interview here.


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