Last week, on a rooftop in New York City, the band recorded an acoustic performance of  'Sunday Bloody Sunday' - and dedicated it to democracy in Iran.

The track is part of ONE's campaign to harness the power of protest songs to demand action against extreme poverty at the G8 summit.

Remember the amazing reaction to Sunday Bloody Sunday on the 360 tour?  Every night it went out in support of the Green Movement that sprang from the 2009/10 Iran elections. The response from across the world - including in Iran - was phenomenal.

As the 2013 elections approached, the band were asked by Iranian human rights activists to contribute their music again.  As Bono says, at the beginning of the performance, 'Greetings from New York City to the good people of Iran...'


25 October, 2013
Simply amazing
U2: first of all, you guys ROCK! This was just amazing to watch. I can feel the emotion and the anger against violence all at once. Amazing...
19 October, 2013
The next generation of Iran will appreci
I am Farhad From Tehran and I would like thank you for your good deeds.
09 October, 2013
LOVE IT the Whole Agit8 thing!
My boys WHY were invited to be in it too! VIDEO: Exclusive WHY Featuring FLO performance of iconic #protestsongs for @ONECampaign #agit8
29 August, 2013
rooftop prophets they are......
what amazes me is how timeless the Truth really is......the message stays fresh....crossing generations and cultures
24 August, 2013
fuck the war
This world must licent your words! You, U2, can show match more. Go on. We need you! Where are you? And your new songs? Let's go. We can wait anymore? God bless you.
16 July, 2013
Even better than the real thing. So very touching!
11 July, 2013
Stirs the soul
Still, after 30 years since my 1st U2 concert, this stirs my soul.
29 June, 2013
So pure and powerful. Wow. Wish they had recorded an entire acoustic album on that roof.
25 June, 2013
Very powerful and emotion provoking version. Thanks for sharing.
25 June, 2013
By keeping it this simple the power of it is overwhelming.
24 June, 2013
Prachtige uitvoering van een meesterwerk. Wat een band. Tom
20 June, 2013
I'm so proud and honoured to be a U2 fan. It's a privilege. Thank you U2 for taking me higher!!
18 June, 2013
oh my God i couldn't be more proud of U2.. this song is so powerful! it has a major impact on people. :') i just hope they will never stop doing this kinda thing... no matter what happen! long live U2!!!!!
17 June, 2013
Everylasting LOVE
There is no god. There is LOVE. And we SHOULD be as one on this. We CAN be as one, on this. I hope. Someday. Someday soon. I have always loved U2 and always will. Peace, joy and love you all.
17 June, 2013
Where can we buy this?
Anyone know where we can get a copy of this? Thanks
17 June, 2013
Always strong - even with an old song - Incredible!
17 June, 2013
More Power, Less Volume
Relaxed, assured - looking on top form and ready to go. Great reworking of the timeless classic - understated yet with more power than the original. One of the best acoustic versions I've heard from U2. Ever. Love the reworked lyrics near the end. This bodes well for the forthcoming record - here's hoping!
17 June, 2013
Great acoustic version of "Sunday"
That's the greatest acoustic version of an U2 song that I heard a long time ago!!!
17 June, 2013
Acoustic album for U2 members?
This version was the best acoustic version of an U2 song that I heard a long time ago. I think an acoustic album of "All Time U2 hits" could be a good idea for a gift for U2 members, or?
17 June, 2013
Neil Sortino
One word...GOOSEBUMPS. U2 never seem to disappoint,keep the great music coming lads from the land down under,Thank-You
16 June, 2013
Acoustic is good.
Mis chicos.
16 June, 2013
That is 'Bad'! Thanks U2 - one and all!!!
16 June, 2013
Haunting and emotional
Brilliant performance for a good cause! Once again, U2 try to contribute to a better and more human world with their music. Unfortunately, the theme of injustice and violence is still omnipresent in these days and Sunday Bloody Sunday is a timeless classic that expresses a whole spectrum of emotions like rage, sadness and love. The sound of this acoustic version turns the song´s original energetic drive into a haunting lament touching our hearts through its urgency and beauty.
16 June, 2013
Thank You !!
Love to see a performance like that somewhere in Amsterdam :-)
15 June, 2013
excellent version lads
a shout out from Wales
15 June, 2013
El poder de la voz
Me parece la mejor forma de manifestarse en contra de algo, gracias por compartir ese momento.
15 June, 2013
Haunting Version of a Classic
Good work fellas - acoustic album must be time for one surely!
15 June, 2013
Shout it From the Rooftop
U2 is so Bad A-- March Straight to the Rooftop ..... Have a Sunday Bloody Sunday Throwdown..... Walk Away Loud and Clear
15 June, 2013
MY Laptop Shut Itself Down
I clicked on 1080p as an option when viewing this clip on Youtube and my laptop overheated and shut itself down...I managed to see 90% of the video...It is great !!! And the malfunction of the laptop: A small price for my love for U2 !!!
15 June, 2013
That makes the good see them all together. Magnificent,great
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