Below, in alphabetical order, you'll see the songs the band have been playing on the tour to date. They've regularly been playing SEVEN tracks from No Line on the Horizon - along with tracks from EIGHT different earlier albums.

This time out are they going to surprise us with another track from No Line? Or with a staple from earlier live shows which has yet to featured? Or with something completely out of the blue? You tell us.

We're looking for you to predict one track you have a hunch they will add into the set.... and one track you'd die happy if they decide to play ? One hunch and one from the heart. Here's the list to date:
Angel Of Harlem
Beautiful Day
City Of Blinding Lights
Electrical Storm
Get On Your Boots
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
In A Little While
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Moment Of Surrender
Mysterious Ways
No Line On The Horizon
New Year's Day
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Party Girl
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out of
Stay (Far Away so Close)
The Unforgettable Fire
Unknown Caller
Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
Until The End of the World
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You


14 September, 2009
Would love to hear
Gloria added to the set, also love hearing All I Want Is You and maybe even Surrender.
13 September, 2009
Until the End of the World
Until the End of the World You know I love the element of Surprise!
12 September, 2009
Hunch: Even Better Than The Real Thing Heart: I can die a happy person if they play GONE and/or ELECTRICAL STORM!!!
12 September, 2009
One I'd love to hear in person
Stay (Far Away So Close)... the song has a great memory tied to it, that would be the best surprise if they sang it in Charlottesville! Less than 1 month until the show in VA! Pumped!
12 September, 2009
would be great
to have them play 40. Saw them end the show with that in 1987, Hope to hear it in Houston.
12 September, 2009
Near perfect set
The Guys should regularly play the same set as they did on the 2nd wembley night, so songs like until the end of the world, stay and bad, but throw in New york and bullet the blue sky and you've got a near perfect set in my opinion
12 September, 2009
Need to hear....
Out of Control, Lemon, Bullet the Blue Sky,The Unforgettable Fire, and a non-acoustic version of Stay. Dublin show was Awesome, can't wait for Toronto in 4 days!!!
12 September, 2009
A Sort of Homecoming
That's my early favorite and would love to see them perform it. Fantastic song, full of hope and joy.
11 September, 2009
Beautiful Day
I so hope that they play BEAUTIFUL DAY! One of my favorite all times!! It is truly a "feel good" song!!! Every time I hear it, I get chills. Nonetheless, I guess it doesn't really matter what song U2 (one of the best groups EVER) play because they are all awesome!!! I am so excited and very privileged that I get to see U2 perform at BC is truly a dream come true for me!
11 September, 2009
Humble request...
Hunch they will add Acrobat or the Fly, but sincerely would love to hear them play I Will Follow, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Miss Sarajevo, All I Want is You but most of all - a full version of 40 (got just a taste at Dublin 1 going into the encore). Please close this leg of the tour with it, boys -I'll be there again in Vancouver!
11 September, 2009
I would die to hear them play Stay and Walk on..
11 September, 2009
the fly is my fav and my heart says love is blindness,where two roads meet or a sort of homecoming would be nice, oh ! and please bad
11 September, 2009
Go Old School
In Boston I'd love to hear "I fall Down" and "stranger in a strange land" off the October Disc and Wire off the Unforgettable Fire.
11 September, 2009
Would die happy hearing...
40, a Sort of Home Coming, All I Want is you.....Running to Stand Still.....anything from the 80's that is rarely played or well into the early 90's.....See you on the 21st in Foxboro!
11 September, 2009
Give me the funky beats of
Stand Up Comedy and wash over me with Drowning Man
11 September, 2009
A guess and a hope
For the Chicago show: So soon after September 11th and back in the USA I think they will add New York. I could die a happy happy girl if they played Gloria for me, my favorite of all time!
11 September, 2009
Counting down...
We saw Friday and Saturday in Dublin and the Friday night set was just about perfect, especially with Bad and The Auld Triangle. But "In a Little While" made me cry on Saturday...for a hunch on what they'll add, I'd have to say either (new) "Stand Up Comedy" or (old) "Forty". From the heart? I'd love to hear "Three Sunrises."
11 September, 2009
Time to bring back "In God's country"
Also "Elvis Presley And America", Please, please, pretty please!!!
11 September, 2009
I'd die happy if I heard...
One, because I know they will play it...followed by Lemon. Can't wait for the 10/9 show!!!
11 September, 2009
Coming to America
Would love to hear songs like: Crumbs from your Table, One Tree Hill, Red Hill Mining Town, Gone, A Sort of Homecoming ... Would love it if they skipped Get on your Boots and Unknown Caller
11 September, 2009
Toronto song request
I would die a happy man if they would play 2 Hearts Beat As One or 11 O'Clock Tick Tock. Toronto in 5 days!!!
11 September, 2009
Fez, Fez, Fez
Would love to hear Fez
11 September, 2009
Stand Up Comedy! This song has the most energy of all from the new album tracks and it hasn't been played yet! I bet the crowd would get into it much more than NLOTH.
11 September, 2009
It is a dream, I realize, but I have never seen Gloria live....Chicago is show 7 for me...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
11 September, 2009
Please, Please, Please
Perhaps play Please? Pretty please!!? (pleadingly).
11 September, 2009
White as snow because that's a jewel. I can't even understand why it's not there already... And then Drowning man (another treasure), Indian summer sky, Red Hill mining town and finally Discotheque (think about this one back in those days, would you have ever expected U2 to be there? I wasn't...)
11 September, 2009
My Request for Tampa
I would like to hear Stand Up Comedy, MOFO, and the ORIGINAL version of Crazy Tonight, please don`t play the remix.
11 September, 2009
New track that they will add form No Line on the Horizon will be Stand Up Comedy. I would love to see the band add a different B-Side song to each show for example Spainish Eyes, Smile songs of that nature to shake the show up a bit like they did adding Electrical Storm. From the heart it would be a great surprise to see A SORT OF HOMECOMING back in the set list after more than 20 years
11 September, 2009
Love to hear in TO
I would absolutely love to hear All I want is you, The Fly, and keep every song played on the European tour...haha. I can hope, right? :) Can't wait to see you guys live! It's been a dream for over 20yrs! Six days and counting
11 September, 2009
Another new song
White as Snow would be amazing
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