Speaking to Dave Fanning of Irelands's 2FM a few weeks back, Edge said the band had begun thinking about this year's shows. Dave mentioned that in 2009 there was always five or six songs from No Line on the Horizon: 'Would you keep that many?

'We were talking about adding more,' said Edge, in a decidedly enigmatic tone. 'Changing out some of the songs...'

And that was it, the subject was closed, he was giving nothing else away. But we can dream can't we ? So here's the thing: if you could add in a song from 'No Line' which wasn't a regular in the set last year ... what would it be?

And while you're musing on that one, what song from any earlier album, which didn't feature in 2009, would you love to hear in the mix this time around ?

Answers in the box below please. One different track from No Line, one other track from any earlier album. (And why, if you have the time...)

(If your memory needs refreshing on the songs the band were performing last year, check the 2009 dates and click on any city to see the set list.)


23 July, 2010
new songs set list
discotheque and mofo.I don´t know why POP is the forgiven disc,for me the best disc of U2.POPMART
23 July, 2010
For the oldest fans
Sort of homecoming and Surrender. Please come back to Houston guys!!!
22 July, 2010
I question why the band does not often sing the song "I'll go crazy if i do not go crazy tonight" in his normal version. Honestly, I love the original version and I regretted not listening to it, despite having had the opportunity to be in concert at Giant Stadium "Last year, in mid-September. If all goes well, and Sevilla will be in September this year 2010. I hope that there U2 touch the original version of the song. Hugs to all. See you there! Bye!
22 July, 2010
u2 in Seville
Please, I woud like to listen : Acrobat, lemon, God's country, something from U2 pop
22 July, 2010
zoo tv
I'll stay in Sevile and I'll love to listen: acrobat, lemon or who's gonna pay for your crash car. ps: I am missing something from U2 POP( I love Please )
22 July, 2010
How about PLEASE & ACROBAT...
22 July, 2010
My choice
Lemon and Silver and Gold.
22 July, 2010
Para San Sebastian me gustaría que tocaran PLEASE, una canción sobre el conflicto irlandés que bien haríamos muchos vascos en leer detenidamente su letra y que terminaran con LOVE IS BLINDNESS, mucho mejor cierre el que hacían en Zoo tv
22 July, 2010
2 tracks for COIMBRA
From No Line Album : STAND UP COMEDY. and the "classic" and so good : BAD.
22 July, 2010
Please play CRUMBS FROM YOUR TABLE, and FEZ BEING BORN It would be great
22 July, 2010
please play stand up comedy
22 July, 2010
Old Songs
Two hearts beat as one & A Sort Of Homecoming
22 July, 2010
Even Better Than The Real Thing
My choice is: Even Better Than The Real Thing and BAD I missed too much New Year´s Day in this setlist too
22 July, 2010
Fez - Being Born Mofo Bonus TRack: Kite, Please
22 July, 2010
Please, play these songs in TURIN,SAN SEBASTIAN, SEVILLA, COIMBRA 1,2., ROMA
22 July, 2010
Stand Up Comedy and Please
Stand Up Comedy - a great rock song with a great riff that would find new life as a live song Please - because it's been too long since we heard this live, and the live version is beautiful
22 July, 2010
Coimbra Portugal
My choice for Coimbra Gig is: PLEASE, Ultra Violet (Light My Way), Until the End of the World, Pride, With or Without You, New Year's Day,I Will Follow, Gloria,Bad, I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, No Line On the Horizon, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Magnificent, The Unforgettable Fire , Where the Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Mysterious Ways, One, Walk On, Angel of Harlem, Miss Sarajevo, Party Girl,
22 July, 2010
Please & discotheque
pop album was nerver play since 1997 it's sad for all of fan's
22 July, 2010
Me gustaria que en San Sebastian tocaran: 01 - Lady With The Spinning Head 02 - Lemon "medley" with or without you Nos vemos en sanse!!!!
22 July, 2010
I think POP should be great in the space
Gone + Mofo would sound epic; however, White as Snow + Acrobat would be unforgettable.
Cindy N
22 July, 2010
Teacher Fan
A favorite is Crumbs....would love to hear that!!!!
22 July, 2010
Me gustaria que en San Sebastian tocaran: 01 - Lady With The Spinning Head 02 - Lemon "medley" with or without you Nos vemos en sanse!!!!
22 July, 2010
My titles for Paris sept 2010
BAD and KITE : love them and were not played by the band in Paris in july 2009
22 July, 2010
22 July, 2010
Please / Acrobat - Alex from Paris
I love these songs because they are very beautiful !! Or any song from Achtung Baby/Pop..
22 July, 2010
White as snow & I will follow!!
Please, it would be really great to hear such a beautiful song as White as snow is!! I will follow would be incredibly an energy given to all fans around the stadiums!!! I'd love also to hear Please!!! Play something from Pop!! in this stage, it would sound great!!!
22 July, 2010
Ojalá puedan tocar Acrobat, sería un sueño, también I Will Follow, Stay, Gone, Please...
22 July, 2010
any or all!!!
i would love to hear out of control,like it was done at slane castle,and the fly....running to standstill.....too many to mention,they are all quality!!! as long as with or without you is kept and breathe is still used as the intro ever!!!!
22 July, 2010
Bad, All I Want Is You, So Cruel, Last Night On Earth,Ultraviolet (FOREVER)
22 July, 2010
2 songs for Portugal/Coimbra
My choice for Portugal: Electric´co and........ Coimbra needs MERCY, please stay MERCY. Thanks Sérgio Barbosa
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