Speaking to Dave Fanning of Irelands's 2FM a few weeks back, Edge said the band had begun thinking about this year's shows. Dave mentioned that in 2009 there was always five or six songs from No Line on the Horizon: 'Would you keep that many?

'We were talking about adding more,' said Edge, in a decidedly enigmatic tone. 'Changing out some of the songs...'

And that was it, the subject was closed, he was giving nothing else away. But we can dream can't we ? So here's the thing: if you could add in a song from 'No Line' which wasn't a regular in the set last year ... what would it be?

And while you're musing on that one, what song from any earlier album, which didn't feature in 2009, would you love to hear in the mix this time around ?

Answers in the box below please. One different track from No Line, one other track from any earlier album. (And why, if you have the time...)

(If your memory needs refreshing on the songs the band were performing last year, check the 2009 dates and click on any city to see the set list.)


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