That was 'U2 At The BBC…'

'Class act'. 'Absolutely brilliant'. 'Masterclass'

The one hour special 'U2 At The BBC' aired in the UK last night and an extended edition goes out December 28th… including more conversation, Every Breaking Wave and 13 (There Is A Light).

Did you catch it? Add your reactions in the comments below.

Meantime, broadcast times are being confirmed around the world including:
Spain: Movistar+ Movistar + Estrenos, Premium Channel  31/12/17 11.10pm 
Australia: Nine  31/12/17, New Year's Eve, 9.20pm.  
France: NRJ Hits,  01/01/08, 8pm
Ireland: RTE  26/12 11.10pm, RTE1 repeated on 2/18, 11.15pm 
Canada: Bell CTV, aired last Sunday, now on demand

And plans are being lined up for broadcast next year in Japan, the US, Belgium, Brazil, Italy and Germany and we'll bring you news when we get it.
If you have access to the BBC's iPlayer, watch the whole show again

Or check out some of the highlights online. 

With Or Without You

Beautiful Day  
Get Out Of Your Own Way

Behind the scenes with the band in Brazil


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