‘In the darkness where we learn to see…'

Tomorrow. August 30. 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST.
The Blackout, a new track from the upcoming album Songs of Experience.
Watch it here.

Next week. September 6th.
The first single, 'You’re The Best Thing About Me’.



30 August, 2017
Can I buy it yet???
I love this song, can't stop listening
30 August, 2017
Man... this song is just awesome!
30 August, 2017
Can´t wait to hear in HQ
Please, release a special fan´s download...
30 August, 2017
Different, strong, bouncy, fun.......Love it. Looking forward to seeing the band open with it on the upcoming tour.
rob lettice
30 August, 2017
The Lads are BACK!
My favourite song since 2000 and thats saying something because i love everything the band put out. Will be killer live! cant wait for the album now!
30 August, 2017
Amazing!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeese com to Portugal we all miss you guys!!!!!
30 August, 2017
it really rocks!!!
Thank you U2 for the upcoming new songs to quench my thirst! This taster really rocks, exactly what I've been waiting for so long <3 Hopefully to see you again soon touring Europe.
30 August, 2017
The Blackout rocks!
Just wow - what a rocking, energetic and amazing song! This will be a stunning live song! And that BASS!!! Thank you U2 for being innovative all these years!
30 August, 2017
Song Drop!
Happy days! #soe
30 August, 2017
The Blackout
Today's my birthday and I get The Blackout. Awesome!!
30 August, 2017
Cannot wait
For this album to be released. Already love both songs! U2 ALWAYS delivers, never disappoints!
30 August, 2017
Great song ❤️ Can't wait for SOE !!! Thank U2 Italy loves you !!! Meravigliosiiiiii siete i più grandi di tutti ❤️❤️❤️
30 August, 2017
The Blackout
Wow!!! SOE is gonna be pretty heavy!!! Loved it!!!
30 August, 2017
Wow, this songs rocks!! Earthquake alarm when it will be played live...
30 August, 2017
Above my expectations
I had given up on the idea of saying something like that, "that was the best sound I've ever heard from U2 since Achtung Baby!" Incredible song! Politicized, sarcastic and mature enough to be simple when it's meant to be serious, "the darkness where you learn to see." And those lines have combined a lot with the groovy style of this rock and roll! If it is the lead single would already do a huge damage on the quality standards of the band. It's obivious that I already consider U2 off the curve of what is normal in terms of longevity and quality, but after this sound, my goodness, did not just leave the curve, but SOE seems to have enough strength to take the place of the more challenging sound of U2 and tasty to listen to. Congratulations!
30 August, 2017
I love this new song. Can't wait for the new album. With everything going on in the world we need some happy news. U2's song's have alway's been healing!
30 August, 2017
Wow..what a difference a night makes
Amsterdam was wild.......can not wait for the next big U@ trip!!!! The J. Tree shows the next night were great...but i see where the energy was on Friday then night before........still pumping from it!
30 August, 2017
Kanske dags att lägga ner Bono & co, var tog klassikerna vägen?
30 August, 2017
This is HOT!!!
What a great kickoff to their new album! Totally looking forward to hearing the rest of the material. Hopefully we'll get to hear it when I see them in St. Louis and San Diego in September. I think the GA crowd will go nuts when they play this song.
30 August, 2017
1, 2,3, 14... U2 IS BACK
Can't wait for the new album and LIVE concert @bogota Colombia October 7........... 38 days and counting down to the GREATEST BAND to play in Colombia, we have been waiting more than 30 years to see Larry, Adam, The Edge and Bono LIVE.
30 August, 2017
Steve Boyle
Heard the chorus yesterday on instagram and wasn't sure, BUT thats hearing the song out of context. COOL Fucking SO cool . U2 U ROCK
30 August, 2017
...That feeling when it's as good as you'd hoped
30 August, 2017
Oh. My. God.
GREAT track. That intro bassline-- OH HELL YEAH ADAM!
30 August, 2017
Thank you!
Guys, you are amazing!!! Thank you for your music! Every time, you make all U2 fans happier than ever. I'll wait the album impatiently!
30 August, 2017
Holy Crap!
My Wednesday just got a whole lot better!!!
30 August, 2017
Thank you!!!
I fell in love with the first note
30 August, 2017
Best BDAY present!
This is SO GOOD! Beg to say, it's great! Thank you my birthday is complete! Can't wait to see if this is added to the shows in Sept. Bring on San Diego! #TheBlackout
30 August, 2017
The Blackout is Amazing!
This is awesome! I love how great all the guys sound. Great lyrics, great beat...I can not wait to see this live! And brilliant promoting of it too! Love you guys!
30 August, 2017
Great song guys!
30 August, 2017
I hope in the new album SOE,Because this song is a easy listening.
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