When was the first time you saw Larry, Edge, Adam and Bono play live ? How old were you ? Was it last year on the 360� Tour or was it in another millennium way back when ?

'A hot summer day in Paris at the Vincennes Hippodrome.' remembers Dom from France. 'I was 23 year old (and) when the band finally arrived, the sunset was behind the stage and I felt like in a dream. The first song they played was Exodus from Bob Marley...'

'I was a highschool senior,' says someone else. 'And still look back at this concert at the Rosemont Horizon as my greatest moment with U2.'

'On the Vertigo Tour in Brussels, Larry puts his drums right in front of me...'

'Yale University in New Haven: epic, unforgettable show with Bono climbing anywhere he could....'

You've been posting some extraordinary memories of the first time you saw the band play live - unforgettable nights on every tour they've ever played. And not just the show - sometimes unlikely encounters with the band.

'I was 11, I lived across the road from Croke Park. That evening (of the show) our street football match had play stopped by a white Mercedes and out of the car jumps Bono in a white suit. He said hello, gave my mum a hug, shook my hand, jumped back in the car.....'

What about you ? How did you end up at your first U2 show ? Does the venue still exist ? Who did you go with ? Was there a moment you'll never forget ? One of the band do something that's stuck in your mind? A song that changed everything?

Google your memories and tell us below about the first time you saw the band live. Don't forget to add in your name and city/country at the end of the post so we know where you're from.

(Incidentally, keep a copy of your post� once you've added it below. Then post it again in our� tour section - on the night and on the tour of the show you're writing about. If you've got a photo - the band, you and your mates, the ticket stub - the tour pages are where you can upload it. The more reviews you add, the more encyclopaedic an archive of the band's touring history we'll create. Thanks.)


22 August, 2010
The springs
The first time I seen them was Western springs, Auckland. So Awesome!!! opened with "streets have no name" I have seen each Tour from then on and will be going to 360 when comes down here. U2 are freakin amazing and are the best and biggest band in the world!!!!!!!!!!
22 August, 2010
The first time I saw U2 was Sept 1984 @ the Perth Entertainment Center. I went with my sister & it was the first overseas act we had ever seen. To this day it's still one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I remember them singing "40" at the end and everyone joining in. It was awesome.
22 August, 2010
Thank you!
I didn't succes to get a ticket to 1997 concert, so the 360 degrees show in Helsinki was the first time I saw the band live on stage (both nights), although I have been fan from the very beginning. I am "quite an old lady" :-), but the moment was so special that I still burst into tears! I was also very moved when I saw Ireland's and Finland's flags on the Olympic Stadium and they looked so beautiful side by side. They reminded me that we have, in both countries, much more better living conditions than many million others. Thank you Bono, the Edge, Larry and Adam, for giving me so good memories through your music! Your songs have saved me many times; your song "Beautiful day" is my "survival song". Your charity work is also very important! I wish your all good health and stregth to continue your enermously important work! With best regards, Sari Männikkö, Oulu, Finland
22 August, 2010
I met very early U2 when I was only seven years, influenced by my father who has always liked and still likes U2.I never went to a tour of the band because it was always too young, now 13 years.I hope my father and my mom let me go. I like it so much I cry every time I see the DVD U2 360, and hopefully I can go to the show in Brazil in 2011. Thank You Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam for making me even happier : ) !
22 August, 2010
First U2
My first U2 vertego tour was at the Tokyo in 2006. I was 28 years old with friends. I remember that absolutely amazing performance,Fabulous U2 show! Magnificent! Beautiful night! Also I'll never forget for U2 vertego tour. Please Please come back Japan!
22 August, 2010
Great great shows in Helsinki
Thank you for great and very special show in Helsinki! Bono, thank you for signing my poster at the lobby ;-)
22 August, 2010
Vincennes Hippodrome - Best time of my l
I went to Paris show at the Vincennes Hippodrome - I remember it as if it were yesterday as I turned 36 years old. I had come out of hospital 3 days before and still really sick but I could not miss this concert as had booked to go to Dublin but was unable to get there on my own. A friend took me to Paris instead and I was on the first floor and felt like if I leant out a little I could have touched you Bono. And you sang to me on several occasions. You and all the band were and always will be the best band of all time.
22 August, 2010
cardiff arms park 1985?
I was on the pitch for this concert and can remember the crowd nearly falling backwards when the lights came on for Streets Have No Name. Also Bono stopped singing during Running To Stand Still and the audience completely took over. Very emotional. Looking forward to San Sebastian 2010
22 August, 2010
Forever U2
I was 15 and really only knew the song Gloria. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I have not missed a single concert yet. I have always said to my friends, you have never been to a concert until you have been to a U2 concert! Cant wait for the next one.
22 August, 2010
I first saw U2 in Melbourne in 1989. They toured with BB King, I was 17 years old and I went with my 35 year old sister. I became a major fan when The Joshua Tree came out but I'd known of them since I was about 8 or 9. I remember 'Gloria' was always being shown on t.v. between shows, and I once said "Oh, not them again". I just couldn't believe that they were there, right in front of me. Seeing U2 live, then and since is amongst the happiest and exciting moments of my life.
22 August, 2010
Melbourne 1989
I remember waiting in line at 4.00am to buy the tickets for the Lovetown tour. Then when they arrived in town taking the day of work to hang out at their hotel hoping for a glimpse. Which paid off, as Bono had the driver stop the car and he jumped out to sign an autograph and photo except my sister's camera decided not to work!!! But still have his autograph. The concert was out of this world. BB King was great but U2 rocked that night. Have seen every tour to Australia since and over the moon that dates have just been announced for Melbourne. I am 40 now and trying to convince my 9 yr old daughter to come and see the greatest rock band in the world!!! Rock on U2!!!!
21 August, 2010
June 13, 1986 Rosemont Horizon Chicago
Not that I was supposed to officially be there, but we managed to sneak down to front and center between Bryan Adams/Robin Williams and U2, after leaving our seats which were MUCH farther away from the stage. Bono pulled me onstage, which was lots of fun but rather overwhelming for one who doesn't like facing more than a dozen people at a time, preferably in a darkened room.... A very special night anyway! Then I caught them in Chicago again during the JT tour, St Louis also on the JT tour, and (unfortunately) a long hiatus until last October when my sister and I travelled nearly 7 hours and took 3 days off from our families to attend the 360 show in Norman, OK on the 18th. Excellent shows, all! Thank you, U2, for many years of unforgettable, inspiring music!
21 August, 2010
I saw U2 for the first time on the Joshua tour in Aukland - it rocked, loved every minute. At the time I was friends with Greg Carol family who were in disputes with Del Vinious, he was trying to use Greg's name and link with U2 to promote his band. U2 are my hero's as they steeped in and saved Greg's name from illegal use by others. xxxxxx Will never forget what they did for Greg's family. Kia Kaha to all.
21 August, 2010
After many years
I have been U2 fan many many years allready, but the fist time when i saw the band was yesterday, on 20.08 in Helsinki. I was realy amazed and happy dears were falling over my face... :) never forget it!
20 August, 2010
ils ont changé ma vie ...
au stade de France , le 11 juillet 2005 , extraordinaire , fantastique , fan depuis toujours , j'en suis ressortie différente à jamais .Mon souvenir ineffaçable : le rire de Larry quand Bono s'est moitié flanqué par terre au début du concert , çà vaut de l'or !
20 August, 2010
A magic night in August
Horsens, Denmark 15/08-10 U2 came, saw and completely gained the hearts and souls of the Danish audience on this magic night, where band and audience melted to ONE. Best songs that night were Magnificient and Miss Sarajevo. A moment to remember was also when the audience wouldn't stop singing I still havn't found what I am looking for. Looking so much forward to the next show. Best Regards Helle/Denmark
20 August, 2010
Green Point - Cape Town
I was there in 1997, Popmart Tour. It was absolutely magic. Things I remember: Just Jinjer warmup concert. Bono came jogging past me in a silky looking boxing robe en route to the stage. The big silver lemon that opens to reveal the guys. Larry playing an unplugged version of Sunday Bloody Sunday, which was dedicated to his dad, somewhere in the crowd. I remember the crush of people before the concert. The light rain that started to fall. And I remember very much the buzz I was on for days after. And now I hear rumours that U2 are on their way back to Cape Town. I'm almost 40, but for that night if they do come back, I'll be 21 again. OMG.....
19 August, 2010
Mikael Stockholm
1987 in Gothenburg ,Sweden its was soo good ,i tray to get tickets in Stockholm 1983 and 1985 but a dont get any ticket!I have sean every sweden gig ,now on this tour is fifth time, Sunday Bloody Sunday was my first nr 1 when i see them from Germany nightrock in the begining of 80
19 August, 2010
1987-07-11: Feyenoord Stadium - Rotterda
Like if it where yesterday. they started with a cover, stand by me. a duet between Bono and John lennon. Pure history.
19 August, 2010
Pasadena 360 tour
45,000 souls connected-no words needed-just the shared joy in watching the performance. Incredible.
19 August, 2010
The Point Dublin 1989
I am from 10 minutes away from where Bono grew up in Dublin. The first time I saw them was in Dublin on New Year's Eve 1989. It was just an awe inspiring experience. They blew me away with their power, passion, inspiration. It was more than a rock show and that's what it's been like the 5 other times I've seen them since. Slane Castle in 2001 is still the best day of my life. Walk on.
18 August, 2010
Croke Park 1985..Well the Jacks are back
dku2ireland "Well The Jacks are back and what an all-ireland we have for you tonight." The first words spoken by Bono as the band emerged onto the stage back in June 85, at the end of my o levels, (that I messed up). It was the first of 10 times seeing the band although not best concert I've seen, it was without doubt the most memorable actually seeing the fab four in the flesh for the first time. Gloria and I Will Follow the highlights with 40 the most emotional. Heading to Paris in September for another night of sheer U2 bliss!!!!!
18 August, 2010
Zooropa '93
My first time was Zooropa '93 in Cardiff and it's still my fondest memory of U2 live. I've seen all the tours since but nothing beats that Zoo Station opening for me.
18 August, 2010
Milan 08 07 2009
The first time i saw U2 was during 360°tour: it was the 2nd day they were in Milan, i was 15, and it has been the first concert i've ever seen!!! It was a fantastic experience!!!! I sang ALL the songs and I really enjoyed Bono's speech against italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, who didn't hold on to his promise to cancel debts of the poorest countries... Breathe No Line on the Horizon Get on Your Boots Magnificent Beautiful Day / Here Comes the Sun I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For / Movin’ On Up Desire (dedicated to Michael Jackson) / Billie Jean / Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of / Acustic Solo (The Edge) Electrical Storm Unknown Caller The Unforgettable Fire City Of Blinding Lights Vertigo I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight Remix Sunday Bloody Sunday with Get Up Stand Up snippet with Get Up Stand Up snippet Pride (In The Name Of Love) MLK Walk On / with You’ll Never Walk Alone Where The Streets Have No Name One Ultraviolet (Light My Way) With Or Without You Moment of Surrender
18 August, 2010
I've been a fan since early 80's, but saw them first at Gothenburg in 1987. We drove over 900 km from Norway, but it was all worth it!! Later I've seen them in Oslo (1993, 1997, 2005), Dublin (2005) and Berlin (2009), and on Friday I'll be in the Olympic stadium in Helsinki!! Can't wait to see you back in Norway again guys!!
18 August, 2010
Amazing and wonderful
First time and not the last.! Been a fan for 25 years and finally i got to see these amazing guys! What a show and what an energy!! Compleded with these fantastic songs and lyric. An experience for at lifetime!
17 August, 2010
Dortmund December 16th 1989
Lovetown Tour. After waiting for five years to be able to see U2 live, a friend and me took the train to Dortmund. B.B. King opened, but that was a blur.... I will never forget the moment when the lights went out, the stage was lit up only by red light, and I heard the start of "Where the streets have no name". I don't think I stopped crying ( from joy! ) for the entire show..... Unforgettable. Beautiful. Amazing.
17 August, 2010
A joyful noise
I feel the need to comment on the first time I heard U2. I was in Stuggart Germany. I was flipping the remote through the few TV channels there were. I heard a voice (one bellow) and I could not get back to the channel fast enough. I went beyond the right one. I finally got there. All I could do was stare and feel Bono’s voice wave through my body as if I were standing by an ocean feeling the waves. He climbed some slanted structure. The audience had to help him up so that he did not slide down. That had a big effect on me that he went to lengths to be with his audience. I did not hear what the group’s name was. All I knew was that voice soothed my soul. Saw Jethro Tull 3 times, if I had known the name I would have gone to any venue I could have attended. My first concert was on June 11, 1986 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - The Omni The Amnesty International's 'Conspiracy Of Hope' Tour. Sting reformed The Police, so they headline the show. U2's set accordingly ends with Bad. Set-list: MLK, Pride (In The Name Of Love), New Year's Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Maggie's Farm, Help, Bad, Sun City. Encore(s): I Shall Be Released. I remember Bono’s blue eyes as seen from my binoculars were a surprise for me. Sounds pretty female, that is OK as I am one. He wore a white scarf over his eyes during Sunday Bloody Sunday if my memory serves me correctly. I walked away soothed but wanting more. I have seen other U2 concert since. I just read U2byU2 (which I highly recommend) I realize in 1979 I was getting married at 17 and the band was putting themselves on the map. I would like to know how many people feel that soothing to the soul, that I get when I hear just one note of any of their songs.
17 August, 2010
The first time
I was 15yrs old when I saw U2 for the very first time.It was August '87,Cardiff arms park,UK when 2 girlfriends from school invited me to join them.I was already a fan and seeing them live was out of this world!!I have seen them on every tour except;Love town & Elevation.Every time I see them they just get better and better! Stuart Mitchell,Ottery st.mary nr.Exeter,UK
17 August, 2010
With or without you
The song that knocked me over when I was merely a teen and the song that knocked me over all over again 22 years later at my first U2 concert ever in Horsens last night. This amazing back catalogue of songs that have been the soundtrack of my life, though first loves and heartache, through study and play, through single life and family ties. This astonishing back catalogue intertwined with strong new songs blew us all away this glorious summer night in Denmark.
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