'The Irish Have Landed...'
The cranes are in the house and the stage is rising from the floor. 
#U2TheJoshuaTree2017 opens at the end of next week in Vancouver. Pin back your ears and concentrate and you might be able to hear the band rehearsing. 
Check out the first of the photos we sneaked out…(more coming).


Renato Vox
12 May, 2017
From Portugal ...
... to L.A. Rose Bowl 21.05 to live another privileged night. I will be aware of that when my hair starts to shiver & my voice runs out..
12 May, 2017
I look forward to ROME on 16/07/2017
12 May, 2017
Much luck!
I wish U2 much luck, success and joy for today´s opening night and all shows of this tour. The opportunity to hear the entire Joshua Tree album and a few other songs will be amazing. I´m excited and look forward to attending a concert in Berlin. Also happy belated birthday, Bono!
11 May, 2017
I would love to see WAR , BOY, OCTOBER a
Like a song, New Years Day twilight A sort of homecoming Pride (of course) Gloria. See you in MIA.
10 May, 2017
For my son Bobby
I am going to Pittsburgh to see U2 for the very first time. It will be a tough day because it is the first year anniversary of the death of my son Bobby. I graduated high school in 1987 when this album came out and I need the band to make June 7th something special because it won't be easy for me and my family who will all be there. So Adam, Larry, Edge, and Bono please remember my son Bobby when you play. He is now in heaven watching over us all and will be there with us in spirit. If at all possible could you please dedicate a song in Bobby's honor. Thank you and God Bless U2
10 May, 2017
Just an opinion
I really like the 20 songs that the band has been rehearsing, but I think they could play at least 23 or 24 tracks, at the Paris concert they played almost 30 songs !!. I'll go from South America to Tampa with my wife and 3 children, and we would also like to hear other greatest hits besides The Joshua Tree songs, a song that we really like is Stuck in a Moment. Also, I think the setlist might have a little more force in the last part .. See you in Tampa!
10 May, 2017
5 Songs I Would love to Hear
1. Kite 2. The Refugee 3. Hawkmoon 269 4. October 5. Wake Up Dead Man
09 May, 2017
Boston Special
Would love to hear a special Van Diemen's land for Boston in June ... since John Boyle O'Reilly actually ended up it Boston :)
09 May, 2017
Seattle going up!
Wheels down in Vancouver tomorrow -- (happy birthday to Bono, and me!) Couple helicopter shots from CenturyLink in Seattle of the stage build starting today! Bring the thunder, bring the light. God bless.
08 May, 2017
U2 weekend coming right up!
Friday in Vancouver and Sunday in Seattle. Am I going to have a good weekend, you ask? Why yes, I am!
08 May, 2017
Can't wait for Croke Park show in July-have been at every Irish tour concert since THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE in June 1985. Bringing my 9 year old daughter for her very first concert. She loves EVERY BREAKING WAVE. Any chance of adding it to the playlist??
07 May, 2017
Getting really exceited!! Band looks good , theme is awesome and the set can only be amazing ...time to time warp backbut make new memories
07 May, 2017
5 Songs
Long-time U2 fan, 1st time commenting on here. I have tickets for 3 shows and thought this would be an interesting question for U2 fans: List 5 songs you have not heard U2 play live that you hope they sing this tour. Looking forward to responses. I will start with my #1 hope: KITE
06 May, 2017
Can Not Wait Til U2 Play @ The Rose Bowl
Sooooon! May 20th. Pasadena, CA. So excited for that day as i spend an unforgettable evening with the boys from Dublin with my family! Priceless!!! Alex Pee Wee
06 May, 2017
Please Please Please U2
I just learned of the threat brexit poses to the good friday peace accord and troubled borders for the sake of a damned map. Please no. Good people need to speak up now before this madness returns to the past troubles. Dont allow a new line of grace. If ever the words need to be spoken or shouted its now. Before its too late.
05 May, 2017
driving to seattle next week!
cant wait til seattle!
05 May, 2017
Happy 30th Annivesary!
The first time I ever saw u2 was the Joshua Tree tour in Las Cruces, New Mexico! Since then, I've seen your Rattle & Hum in Tempe, Arizona, Zoo TV in Irving, Texas, PopMart, Elevatioin, Vertigo in Dallas, Texas, and U2 360 in Arlington, Texas. I have been a fan since the song "I Will Follow." I cannot wait for this 2017 tour to come back to Texas! I would cook a Mexican meal for you guys! LOL See you in three weeks!!!!!!!!
05 May, 2017
Please play Joshua back to back, tampa, thanks
05 May, 2017
...there you go again....
I so hope we hear Red Hill Mining Town or pieces of Springhill Mining Disaster. Will see you in San Jose!
04 May, 2017
30 Years Ago
30 years ago I was listening to the Joshua Tree as we were expecting our first baby. On May 20th, I will be in Pasadena celebrating 30 years of the Joshua Tree with that baby, Nich, and his brother, Ethan! I cannot wait!
04 May, 2017
Opening night and before.
Will we get to see the band before opening Night? Really excited to see u Guys!
04 May, 2017
Cann't wait to see & hear U2 again!
I can not wait to hear and see U2 live again! Hopefully the end of July comes quickly! I'll be in Amsterdam listening to U2 then!
04 May, 2017
Nice to have you kick things off in Vanc
Welcome to your home away from home, boys! Next Friday is going to be a hoot - hard to believe its been 30 years! The old BC Place dome has had an upgrade and new hole in the roof but its still got the good memories from November 1987. Too bad you couldn't dig up The Bodeans and Los Lobos to open... perhaps you can play that little Beatles ditty before the lights go down??
04 May, 2017
BC Place
Only one more week before opening night in Vancouver! Driving up from Seattle with my baby.
04 May, 2017
Seattle Loves U2
I am so excited to see you in Seattle to celebrate a 30+ history of following the band!
04 May, 2017
I wonder why?
mmm ... i'm not very interested on U2 fo the last 17 years... I wonder why?
03 May, 2017
I am listening to How to dismantle an atomic bomb - I can hardly wait to see YOU live in FLA and NU "I miss you when you're not around"
03 May, 2017
getting excited
OPENING NIGHT next friday this is going to be awesome. going with a bunch of family and friends, #U2isfamily
03 May, 2017
Every breaking wave
Are you looking for an original version of the song "Every Breaking Wave"?
03 May, 2017
Bought tickets right when they were first available...been counting chills as the bursts of light seared my eyes with their shadows in Tempe, Az when I was only 15....I get goosebumps still just o.k. anticipation.....Houston here we come!!
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