'Three' at Forty for Record Store Day

Originally released in Ireland in September 1979, next month the 'Three' EP returns - now remastered as a limited edition 12" black vinyl to mark Record Store Day.

The EP features three songs recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin with producer Chas De Whalley – 'Out Of Control', 'Stories For Boys' and 'Boy-Girl'.

The A-side was chosen via a listener poll on Dave Fanning's RTÉ music show. All songs have been remastered for this reissue.

- Numbered release, limited edition of 17,000
- 12" single on 180gsm black vinyl, cut at 45 rpm
- Full colour outer sleeve featuring new artwork, with die cut hole for label
- 40th anniversary noted on discs labels and sticker

The 12" vinyl is released on 29th November 2019 via independent retailers. For details of participating record stores visit

Side A
1. Out Of Control – 2019 remaster

Side B
1. Stories For Boys – 2019 remaster 
2. Boy-Girl – 2019 remaster


04 November, 2019
Hopefully I can get one to hang on wall beside original bought in Dublin 1979.
23 October, 2019
Number #916
I have copy number # 916 of the first edition. I would love to have that same number in the reissue. It will be difficult but I will try
21 October, 2019
Why release it for record day? U2-Three is like the Holy Grail for U2 fans who want to collect music from their favourite band. Such a shame to limit our chances of purchasing. Should be available in the store. Hate to be negative, but search for it the day after and watch how much people will be charging for it.
18 October, 2019
E&I dvd/blu ray
Great all these vinyl treatments, but what about some official commercial digital releases. Where is the E&I blu-ray announcement tot example? It looks like the whole musicworld is releasing lots material (Stones, Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds and even REM) except u2....
18 October, 2019
It's called Record STORE Day....
....the clue is in the name! There’s no point appealing to to save copies for subscribers or release digital versions, that totally defeats the purpose of RSD. We already receive plenty of great stuff from so don’t expect everything on a plate, go to the stores and hunt for it. If you want it badly enough you’ll get it. Good luck.
15 October, 2019
absolutely must have
how to get it ? order from Poland ?
12 October, 2019
order Europe
Hi, is it possible to order from Europe - Belgium ?! Thx in advance for helping ;-)
12 October, 2019
A nice surprise for us , it will look good beside the original 1979 release, which I was lucky to get one...along with the subscribers cd, it should be a nice xmas for U2 fans..
11 October, 2019
Looking forward to get it
11 October, 2019
How can it be attained by a dutchman?
11 October, 2019
The sleeve is pretty similar to the original - I still have mine.
11 October, 2019
Special Release
So Exciting cant wait, Subscribers should get early access.
11 October, 2019
superb stuff
Been on to my independent record store and he may be able to sort one for me. Yipeeeeeee
11 October, 2019
AMAZIN G. .. ... ....
V-Hunter. Miss you sugar.
10 October, 2019
Rsd black friday
Great news. Special releases should be made available for subscibers. Luis
10 October, 2019
Digital Issue
I applaud encouraging people to buy vinyl, but as someone who doesn't have a record player, I feel I am missing out on lots of rare material only issued on vinyl over the last few years. Wouldn't if be fairer if U2 issued on vinyl initially then waited 6month to a year then issued it digitally?
10 October, 2019
I hope to find one copy
10 October, 2019
Larry we need your help..............
Dear Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge and These special record store day / black friday releases by U2 should be made available to their true fans. So by offering a selection to members makes it fair. Record Store Day and Black Friday events are great for independent record stores but the flip side of that is that the true fans miss out on their favourite releases. I have been to quite a few of these record store day events and the first 20 people at the front of the queue are record traders that buy the most sort-after releases and then 20 minutes later put them on eBay at double, treble the retail price. If i was to queue at my local record store i would have to set my alarm at 4am, join the queue and still not be guaranteed a copy of this release! I have participated in these events twice now and on both occasions the U2 release has sold out. So i appeal to you guys at help and hold a selection of these records back so that true fans of U2 can purchase a copy. Larry we need you.............if you are reading this.......please makes guys are the band we love. These records and your music means so much to us. These special records should be made available to true fans!!!!!!!
09 October, 2019
Absolute STUNNING!!!!!!!!! Hope to grab one!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
09 October, 2019 Members!!!
This vinyl should be available to u2 subscribers, please.
09 October, 2019
It looks great. I am very happy with this initiative. Excellent.
08 October, 2019 Members + release digitally - PLE
Amazing! A selection should be made available to members. Also release this digitally!!
08 October, 2019
my first single
out of control memories " Rock Torhout"
08 October, 2019
Some for members ???
A selection should be made available to members.
08 October, 2019
Nice RSD item, artwork a bit weak I think.. Any news about the E&I dvd????
08 October, 2019
I should bet some money on that
08 October, 2019
Hell yeah!
Please release this digitally!!??
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