The editors of SPIN have ranked the most influential releases since the magazine's 1985 beginnings - and Achtung Baby comes in at No.1.

'U2's most immediately dynamic music since 1982's War, and its most emotionally frank songs to date, capturing that particular early-'90s rub of boundless possibility and worn-down despair...

'One' became an indelible anthem because it admitted 'we're not the same' but urged that we've gotta 'carry each other' nonetheless. The squalling swagger of 'The Fly' resonated due to the rock star at its center confessing he's a liar and a thief. And for 'Mysterious Ways,' the Edge somehow concocted a jubilantly snarling riff that transformed Bono's gospel come-on...'

Here's what Spin says.

So what's so special about Achtung Baby ?


23 April, 2010
So did Larry say about the title of the very best album of all. How to know that it's the very best album? Because you allways return to this album after having listened to other albums - this album has everything. There's a song for every mood and every day. And a new experience of each song depending on you listening to the guitar, the drums, the bass og the magnificent voice of BONO. GO CRAZY
23 April, 2010
Best musical journey
This album deserves it. It's one of the album I've ever heard and it means a lot to me. There's all about genius, atmosphere. It's like trip from Zoo station, full of play, where you're ready for everything, to the place where You're standing and see that your Love is blindness. Time just stops.
23 April, 2010
I love everything about Achtung Baby, it's one of my favorite albums of all time. I love the sound of the guitar, and I love the almost industrial sound of Zoo Station, which is definitely my favorite song of the CD. Acrobat and Love is Blindness are two incredible songs that don't get nearly enough credit for the quality of their sound. This album is overall amazing.
23 April, 2010
That song is truly is a gift from God.
23 April, 2010
Switched On
This albumn turned me on to music and changed my life!!!!!!
23 April, 2010
It's different- and it saved U2
This album is dramatically different to any preceding album. What's more, without it, U2 would be gone, they would have split up. That's why this album is so good.
23 April, 2010
After 20 years still great riffs, great lyrics. All songs are outstanding, although my favorite is "Until the end of the world"
23 April, 2010
Edmonton to Vancouver
I love that article in Spin. I think I love what AB means to me most because it reminds me of my 1992 adventure through the Rockies to see U2 in concert for the first time. I can't listen to that album without feeling the way I felt then. One-- the epic breakup song...Is there anyone that doesn't struggle to find the words to express how much that song means to each of us? It is bound by our humanity and AB puts to music the feelings we all find so hard to express; Pure Joy and happiness to complete heart searing angst. I love the way AB can make me smile and dance and think and cry.
23 April, 2010
Cheers Baby
I love all of U2's albums...Actung Baby is real songs, great songs by a real band of rockers. Easily could have repeated an album just like Joshua Tree to be safe, but forged ahead instead of being stuck in the past, but that is what sets U2 apart in a league of their own.
23 April, 2010
whats NOT special?
what's special? for one thing- THE COVER!! the whole album has a haunting darkness to it combined with joy- it explores in depth a subject U2 didnt much prior to it- LOVE. YOU CAN DANCE TO IT !!! I love the fact that One is the song that kept the band going The sound of a band reinventing itself. ULTRAVIOLET!!!!! ZOOTV!!!!! I LOVE THE WHOLE DAMN THING
23 April, 2010
Switched On
This albumn turned me on to music and changed my life!!!!!!
23 April, 2010
a creative "ONE" with special songs :)
23 April, 2010
The greatest ever...
The greatest album ever, by the greatest band ever... FACT.
23 April, 2010
U2's best album
My favorite album and my favorite concert (ZOO TV). Every single song was like a anthem to the 90s. To quote VH-1's Behind the Music, "The hottest band of the 80s became the coolest band of the 90s." That sums it up perfectly for me. I feel lucky to have been young when this album came out.
23 April, 2010
the incredible album!!!!
the album that changed the next generation of music of the 90 !!!!!
23 April, 2010
I love everything !
From the beginning to the ultimate sound of the album, it always sounds perfect. One may be the best song of all time, but i have a special feeling with ultraviolet and "wild horses" ! The greatest album with The Joshua tree" ! Thank you guys !
23 April, 2010
Lady with the spinning head
Extended dance mix. Not on the album but a killer b-side. Also, Acrobat, unsung hero of a tune.
Renas menas
23 April, 2010
Love that BABY
DAH, Amazing, great. My favorite. This is why they have lasted so long. They aren't afraid to go from Boy to Achtung Baby. Millions of miles from one another. Then their is POP. they keep on searching. U2 just gets it. If you are going to be a band then you can't make the same album over and over, some bands do, not U2. Some albums may speak to me more than others but I keep coming back. Funny thing is My first u2 Album was ATYCLB, After that I was hooked. Went and bought everything I could . I didn't get it back when I was a kid in the 80's. I lumped them with all the other new age bands, they are so not those bands. They are so much more and still have so much more in them. They still seem hungry for something. It's good it's great. I love BABY.
23 April, 2010
This album came out when I was sixteen and was the most exciting thing I'd ever heard. From the opening grind of Zoo Station to the last strains of Love is Blindness, every song is brilliant in its own way. There are classics, rockers, beautiful slow numbers and a great dance tune. Even the throwaways were brilliant! Has not been equalled by anyone, U2 included since. And what a tour! I agree with the post above that Acrobat, and until recently UV Light, are two of U2's most hard-done-by numbers. There's the bar. Don't be rushing that new album boys, leave it in there til it's a beautiful as this Baby!
23 April, 2010
Who's Gonna Ride has been played live a ton of times. I saw them play it live at least five times (one of them recently in 2005 in Boston, acoustically). And I have live versions on three CD's. Just go onto Napster. There are dozens of live versions. Anyway, I always go back and forth between Joshua Tree and Achtung and both of them are perfect from start to finish. And this week (ironically enough), Achtung is my favorite.
23 April, 2010
My favorite
Spin nailed it, this is still one of my most listened to albums. Zooropa is My favorite I'm always hoping the guys are in the studio making some good stuff like these two albums. Looking forward to the Chicago show in July
23 April, 2010
karl garwood
great album ultra violet is superb and brillant in the 360 set . Who's gonna ride your wild horses was performed i know for sure at 2nd night at twickerham in 2005 i was there cant wait for rose bowl dvd karl
23 April, 2010
One of the best U2 albums. They took a risk, made a major change in a new direction and made a brilliant album with thumping anthems. The Zoo TV tour in the indoor arenas and stadiums was one of the best U2 gigs.
23 April, 2010
Achtung Baby
Everything. The music, the videos the album art, the tour etc etc. It might be easier if you asked "What's not special about Achtung Baby? Answer: Nothing
23 April, 2010
Really Great Album
one of my favorites! love it much
23 April, 2010
Simply the best
There Can Only Be One ! [ˈaχ.tʊŋ] / When you want to reinvent yourself, listen to Achtung Baby can help you
23 April, 2010
I've often taken this album for granted but when you look back and compare it to the Rattle & Hum/Joshua Tree style they had just a few years before the contrast is massive. They went from the blues, country and folk style of America, to electronic and alternative rock, and a complete change of image in the space of three years. How many other artists would dare do something this drastic! So many great songs on the album too - One, Ultra Violet, Mysterious Ways, Even Better Than The Real Thing, The Fly, Untill The End Of The World to name a few. Almost half of this album (5 tracks) were included on the bands "Best of 1990-2000" 19 track compilation. Achtung introduced U2 to the next generation and is easily one of their most successful albums to date!
23 April, 2010
Attention Baby
Still my overall favorite album of U2's. Just listen to the last 3 songs and you'll know why this is a classic album. The Fly is still my personal favorite song.
23 April, 2010
Best of the best
U2 have never released a duff album and most of them are absolute must-own classics - but even by their own stratospheric standards Achtung Baby is incredible. Sonically and image-wise it represented a big shift in direction and they really pulled it off - brilliantly. I love all U2's long-players but this has always been my favourite and its the one I return to the most. Dark and atmospheric, even twenty years on it still throws up treasures with each listen. Every song is wonderful - literally all killer and no filler from start to finish. Lyrically it is magnificent. As well as One (surely one of the best songs ever released by anyone) it also spawned some cracking singles and for me the closing three songs represent U2 at their very, very best. For me, it is U2's masterpiece - perfect. Acrobat is just superb - surely their most underrated song, and if they brought it into the live set for the upcoming 360 shows I would die happy!
23 April, 2010
My favourite too
It's like choosing your favourite out of your own children. You love them all so much. But still Achtung Baby has an effect on me, every time I listen to it, that is incomparable to anything in this world. It's a pity my favourite song on this record (Who's gonna ride your wild horses) has never been played live as far as I know.
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